Naifeh & Oni debut 'Courtney Crumrin' early

Official Press Release

Oni Press is pleased to announce an early debut for COURTNEY CRUMRIN & THE NIGHT THINGS, an all-new comic written and drawn by GLOOMCOOKIE co-creator Ted Naifeh. Originally scheduled to begin in May, the series about a girl named Courtney Crumrin and the mysterious and sinister world of wizards and witches she discovers, is now set to kick off in March!

"Ted was really anxious to get rolling," commented Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack, "but when we sat down with our schedule, it didn't seem like we could fit it in until late spring. Things often change and shift around though and when the opportunity arose to move the premiere up, we jumped at it. Ted's enthusiasm for this project is really contagious. All of us at Oni have caught the bug."

COURTNEY CRUMRIN & THE NIGHT THINGS follows young Courtney as she's forced to leave her comfortable urban existence for a high-to-do suburb and life with her creepy Great Uncle Aloysius in his spooky old house. And while her parents have slipped easily into their upgraded social status, Courtney is still getting accustomed to her snobby classmates and the strange shadowy visitors that often come to visit.

"On the surface Courtney seems like your average, innocent, little girl," added Naifeh. "But beneath her cute exterior lies a grim, sullen, grouchy, and withdrawn person. She's more like her creepy, old uncle than anyone realizes."

"Courtney follows in a long standing tradition of kids getting thrown into spooky worlds that are only slightly removed from our own," Nozemack concluded. "Ted's characters could easily fit in to a Tim Burton film or a J. K. Rowling book, yet they still have unique voices all their own. COURNTEY brings a new sensibility to Oni and we're thrilled to be adding another facet to our ever expanding line."

Fans looking for a sneak peek at pages of Courtney's tale can check out THE GUNWITCH: OUTSKIRTS OF DOOM #3 or visit Naifeh's website at www.tednaifeh.com. COURTNEY CRUMRIN #1 features an all-new wraparound cover by Naifeh and is scheduled to arrive in comic shops March 13, 2002. The monthly comic will be in a standard, black-and-white format.

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