Mythbusters' Build Team Lands New Netflix Show

The former Mythbusters stars that, until 2014, made up the M7 Build Team, have announced their return to television in a new Netflix series titled "Mythbusters in Wonderland."

The show was announced at a panel at DragonCon on Saturday where all three of the former M7 team members were present. According to Nerdist, the series is named "Mythbusters in Wonderland" because of its premise that see the three scientists go for a ‘trip down the rabbit hole’ through the strangest depths of the Internet to attempt feats crazy enough...the Internet thought of it first.

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Those present at the panel got to see a short clip that saw Tory do his best to drink a glass of wine whilst attached to a bunch of electric wires.If muscle stimulation isn’t off the cards for the series, then what is?

During their tenure on the Discovery Chanel, the artists, model-builders and electronics experts performed some pretty astonishing experiments. From dropping a luxury car 3000 feet from a helicopter, to creating an enormous fireball from the famous "Creamer Cannon." It’s not unfathomable that the three ‘science junkies’ will use their new Netflix label (and considerable budget) to go beyond the limits of anything they did on "Mythbusters" and, quite possibly, break some records while they're at it.

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Byron, Belleci and Imahara tumble down the rabbit hole December 9 on Netflix.

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