That's So Raven: 15 Characters Who Got With Mystique

There's no question one of the baddest mutants on the planet is also one of the best looking -- of course, it helps when she can look like anyone. Even in her natural blue form, though, Mystique has got it going on. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she was played in the movies by none other than Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence! While her comic book counterpart doesn't walk around in the buff like her onscreen version, that doesn't mean the rest of the Marvel Universe isn't interested in what she's got... and we aren't talking about her ability to transform into anyone either.

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Mystique has been getting busy with some of the Marvel Universe's most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes since she first hit the shelves with a cameo appearance in Ms. Marvel #16, written by Chris Claremont and penciled by Jim Mooney in 1978. Mystique, also known as Raven Darkholme, has become one of the most important players in the X-Men universe on and off the screen, so it's no surprise she piqued our interest here. Given her exploits in and out of the bedroom, we thought it would be fun to give her boudoir conquests a quick once-over. Don't worry, we will keep it PG here on CBR. Well, as much as we can anyway...

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Believe it or not, Wade and Raven were once married, as was revealed in Deadpool #27, written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan and penciled by Mike Hawthorne. The marriage went down during Wade's participation in the Weapon X Program. Like most of her conquests, Mystique was only using him for access, which she was able to use to steal files from the program.

While the issue doesn't go into too much detail about their exploits in the bedroom, it can be assumed that they had some entertaining time between the sheets. Of course, being married to Wade... or Raven for that matter... couldn't end well. Wade even went so far as to serve divorce papers to his wife. That's a pretty gutsy move, but when you can regenerate anything she might remove, it's probably not too much of a concern for the merc with a mouth.


In X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past, it's clear that there is something going on between Beast and Mystique. While it isn't confirmed in the theatrical versions, the two did end up going all the way together thanks to a reveal in a deleted scene. In the removed scene, the pair is seen rolling around on the floor in their natural blue forms and trust us, they aren't fighting.

This was actually a rather beautiful scene, given Beast's rejection of her natural appearance previously. As the two are seen getting frisky with one another, he remarks that she is beautiful, which helps to redeem his previous statements. It didn't hurt that Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult were dating at the time, making their onscreen chemistry all the more believable, but it is unfortunate that the scene was ultimately cut from Days of Future Past.


This one probably should be in the "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" category, but it truly did happen in the comics. Of course, it probably wouldn't have made it to the page were it not for the characters' onscreen chemistry. It may have been somewhat of a tie to the films or just a way to make readers slap themselves in the face, but after Professor X dies in the books, there is a reading of his will.

In his will, he leaves his school to his wife and can you take a guess at who his wife was? That's right, it was Mystique and you can just imagine what the two got into when they were "man and wife." We are implying that they slept together. It all happened off screen/off the page, but it's implied, much to the delight of Emma Frost and the consternation of his former students.


For this one, we need to hop off the comic book page and onto the silver screen. Unlike their relationship on the page, 20th Century Fox's versions of Mystique and Magneto have the couple paired off in what we can only assume is some serious off-screen hanky-panky. As you may recall from X-Men: First Class, Eric is able to lure Raven on over to his side mostly due to his desire for her true form, whereas Beast was much more appreciative of her Jennifer Lawrence disguise.

Though she attempted to seduce him at one point in the series, we don't get to directly see their romantic interlude, but it is clearly implied that the two were more than teammates as they worked together against humanity's anti-mutant agenda.


This one's a bit more in the uncertain column than actual fact, but there was a time when Mystique was masquerading around as a mutant named Foxx. In order to protect Rogue, she attempted to seduce our favorite Cajun and it got pretty hot... mostly because it took place in the shower. Foxx was trying to prove Remy's infidelity by seducing him and while it isn't clear whether or not the two went through with it, we like to think that it did.

Foxx/Mystique comes onto the Ragin' Cajun pretty hard in the steamy shower scene, but it seems that despite her best efforts, he likely pushed her away. Of course, it's hard to tell given that Remy is seen holding himself against the wall in the final panel, which could mean that he was taking care of himself following the traumatic "assault" or she may have remained after all.


When these two got together, it was for but a brief moment, but their coupling had some lasting effects that were decidedly not beneficial to mutantkind. Their tryst bore the child Graydon Creed, who grew up to become a politician. While most parents would hold some form of pride over this achievement, Victor and Raven were somewhat less than pleased given their son had absolutely zero mutant genes and violently hated mutants.

It probably didn't help that the two gave the child up for adoption, which suggests that had they raised him, Mystique from the future wouldn't have had to eliminate her son by shooting him with a plasma beam that completely disintegrated his body. Mystique hasn't been the greatest mom in the world, but she has had some notable children to be sure.


If there's one aspect of Mystique's character that you can trust will always be true, it's that you cannot trust her. Bobby Drake should have remembered this when he made the mistake of getting involved with the great blue manipulator. Drake believed that Mystique was working on his side for once, but she was in the employ of Mr. Sinister. After altering her appearance to make herself look younger to better match her target's age, she was able to get into Iceman's cold embrace.

Things didn't work out too well for our friendly frozen X-Man as Mystique ended up shooting him and slicing off his arm while he was in his ice form. Bobby should know what happens when you play with fire... especially when you are made of ice. But as we can see from this very list, Mystique is one alluring mutant hardly anyone could ever turn away.


With this one, we do have to mention that their union is only implied and never confirmed. It isn't surprising that Mystique might get down and dirty with her former lover's son, Daken. Daken is very similar to Mystique in that he also has no trouble finding people to sleep with and is known as a Playboy to both men and women.

As we said, this one was implied and you can see what we mean in the image above. The two have a nice conversation as they traverse various levels of undress. The whole scene plays out like a bad sitcom where each person flirts with the other leading to an obvious conclusion. It wouldn't be surprising if the two got down to it so we like to think there wasn't anything keeping them from doing the deed.


Fans of the character know very well that she and Destiny had more than a fling back in the day. It really shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Mystique plays both sides of the field; she can become a man or a woman depending on whichever mood strikes her. Despite her shapeshifting abilities, Raven loved Destiny in her true form and not that of a makeshift man or another woman. This was real.

Mystique and Destiny were best friends, but Raven has admitted that while she has lived a long life and had many lovers, Destiny was her one true love. After Destiny's death, Raven went into a self-destructive spiral and ended up in a hospital due to her mental instability. The grief was just too much for her to bear. After she recovered, she never allowed her feelings to be her undoing and has used sex as a weapon more than anything else.


When you can change into anyone you want, it doesn't become the most difficult task to seduce someone. All you need do is figure out who your target has the hots for and it's off to the races! In Fantomex's case, he thought he was taking the lovely mutant Psylocke to bed when, in reality, it was none other than Mystique... that makes her somewhat guilty of sexual assault (in fact, that's kind of her gig), but we will leave that to the courts to decide.

This was yet another instance of Mystique using her abilities and "sex as a weapon" ideology to get what she wanted. She even tried to kill her mate with a techno-organic virus, which really implies that anyone who sleeps with this woman is probably not going to come out on top (pun definitely intended).


Most comic book readers these days know that Storm is the wife of T'Challa and they leave it at that, but hardcore fans may recall that she was once hot and heavy with Forge. Back in the 1990s, that's the relationship most people associated with Forge. However, he did, at one time, become intimate with Mystique. What was interesting about their coupling is that Destiny foretold of their union despite the fact that the couple didn't like one another at the time.

The pair had something of a tumultuous relationship and while Destiny's dying prophecy suggested she and Forge would become romantically entangled, they were on-again/off-again for a while. Ultimately, Forge moved on and Mystique used him for her various plots, which is exactly what anyone who knew her should have suspected she would do.


This one should be pretty obvious given that Azazel is Nightcrawler's dad and Mystique happens to be his mother. It's not likely these guys got together and went in for some IVF so it's pretty clear they did the blue-shaded nasty at one point or another. The pairing was rather interesting given that Mystique is a shape-shifting mutant and Azazel is a demon, but, in the end, can we really judge? Nope!

The fruit of their union, Kurt Wagner, was tossed into a river by his beloved mother only to be saved by his father who bestowed his offspring onto a former lover to raise him. Their romance has been seen in the comics, but most know of the two prior to their *ahem* indiscretion, thanks to the appearance of Azazel in X-Men: First Class where he was played by Jason Flemyng.


You might think that the ability to turn yourself into anyone you can imagine would be a good thing, but it has a price. For Mystique, she has subjected herself to vulnerable situations given her choices of whom to emulate. In one storyline, she turned herself into one Mallory Brickman, beloved wife of Senator Miles Brickman. While wearing this guise, she fulfilled what she felt were her wifely duties, but eventually gave into her nature and did what you might expect: she murdered him!

It's not surprising Mystique would target a guy like Brickman. Though he started out as an antagonist for Machine Man, his hatred and distrust towards mutants only worked to put him on Mystique's radar. When it became apparent that he didn't commit suicide, she stepped in and helped him towards a more immediate demise in Wolverine #63, written by Jason Aaron with pencils by Ron Garney.


If you've ever wondered how Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner picked up his surname seeing as Azazel is his poppa and Mystique is his momma, look no further than this entry. As we mentioned, Mystique was married at the time of her's and Azazel's union, but we failed to explain that she was married to one Baron Christian Wagner and it is from him that Kurt received his surname. Wagner was unable to give his wife a child, which was the reason she sought a lover elsewhere.

The Baron became suspicious of his wife's pregnancy and demanded a blood test. Mystique reacted like you might expect: she stabbed him to death and buried his body outside their castle. When she was discovered by the townspeople to have blue skin alongside her newborn son, she abandoned her position as Baroness and chucked her kid into a nearby river.


The thought that Wolverine and Mystique getting together may come as a surprise to anyone who has seen the two onscreen as they are almost always fighting. The same is true in the comics as well: they have fought and nearly killed one another more times than we can even count. Actually, Wolverine did kill her at one point, but it didn't really stick. With all that animosity, it seems unlikely they would ever sleep together, but they most certainly have... time and time again!

As two of the oldest Mutants alive, they have had run-ins since as far back as the early 1900s and they most certainly hooked up back then. Fast-forward more than a century and the couple got together again during the House of M storyline. Whether they secretly harbor real feelings towards one another is anyone's guess, but we really doubt it.

What do you think of Mystique's conquests? Sound off in the comments and let us know which dalliance was your favorite!

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