'Mystique #1' kicks off Tsunami DotComic week at Marvel

Official Press Release

Since the April, 2003 'First Wave' of Marvel Tsunami titles were announced,readers and retailers have been asking for more information about and artfrom MYSTIQUE, SENTINEL, HUMAN TORCH, RUNAWAYS, VENOM and NAMOR.

Marvel has heard the requests and has responded. Monday, February 17th kicksoff Marvel's TSUNAMI DOTCOMIC WEEK, 5 days of special previews of April'snew series launches. It begins with an 8-page preview of MYSTIQUE, a newongoing series by writer Brian K. Vaughan and penciler Jorge Lucas, starringthe seductive shape-shifter & sometimes X-Men adversary.

The previews are being picked to present key moments from each of the debutissues to give readers a sense of the unique voice creators like Vaughan &Lucas are bringing to these diverse, easily-accessible new titles.

"The best part of James Bond flicks is almost always the opening sequence,an action-packed finale to a mysterious prior mission," said Vaughan of thepreview. "This dotComic is definitely an homage to those classic scenes, butwith an important twist. Because Mystique is the world's greatest master ofdisguise, readers will never know which character is her. She's a sexy femmefatale who can be anything you want her to be... except predictable."

The MYSTIQUE preview can be read right now at http://dotcomics.marvel.com/lib/launchissue.php?issue=151&wsid=, and issue #1 goes on sale April 23rd.

Look for a new April TSUNAMI dotComic preview every day this week.

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