MST3K Needs Your Help to Become a LEGO Set

"Mystery Science Theater 3000" is set to return to a screen near you sometime soon, but -- in the meantime -- fans can show their support of MST3K by helping the franchise get a LEGO set.

On the website LEGO Ideas, users can submit their designs for potential LEGO sets. The site works like Kickstarter, but without the required money stipulation. Fans show their interest by voting for potential LEGO projects; once there are over 10,000 votes, the sets then receive a review by a product and marketing board. If the board finds that the sets would do well, the projects move into production.

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The LEGO "Mystery Science Theater 3000" project has gained a lot of traction since its inception. Nearly half-way to its vote goal, it is definitely on track to move to the next step.

The description of the proposed set features all of the main characters of the show, including Joel Robinson, Mike Nelson, Cam-Bot, Tom Servo, Gypsy and Crow. There are also proposals for the "villain" characters from the show, like Dr. Erhardt, TV's Frank, Professor Bobo, Brain Guy and both Dr. Clayton and Pearl Forrester. Since there is a revival series in the works, there are also designs for the new cast, including Patton Oswald's TV's Son of TV's Frank, Jonah Ray and Felicia Day's character Kinga Forrester.

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So far as the setting, fans will be able to build their own host room with "Movie Sign" with lights, hallway doors and -- of course -- the theater. There are also several other designs under the updates tab on the page. While many of these may be wishful thinking, they are nice nods to some of the more memorable moments of the show.

The original "Mystery Science Theater 3000" showcased severely bad movies and poked fun at them. The show quickly became a cult favorite and still holds a very high regard among film fans. It is set to make a return this year on Netflix.

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