Mystery Hulk Whips Hair Back And Forth In New "Totally Awesome" Teaser

Marvel is continuing their tease of the identity of the new jade giant rampaging into the pages of the new series, "Totally Awesome Hulk." The series from writer Greg Pak and artist Frank Cho will break from Hulk tradition by not starring Bruce Banner, the alter ego primarily associated with the green behemoth. Instead, the book will feature a new protagonist in the Hulk role -- a protagonist that remains a mystery.

The latest teaser features a silhouette recognizable as Loki's (the second horn is mostly covered up by Hulk's raised arm, see?). It pairs well with the teaser released earlier today that alluded to Loki's brother, Thor. This is the fourth teaser, all of which feature variations on Frank Cho's image, that's been released for the series this week and the fifth overall.

The previous four teasers can be seen below.

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