Mysterio's 10 Most Outrageous Illusions

With the trailer of Spider-Man: Far From Home revealing the movie debut of Mysterio, it’s time to take a look back at Mysterio’s most outrageous illusions from the comics. Multiple people have taken on the role of Mysterio, with the most notable being Quentin Beck, an illusionist and a hypnotist who pursues a life of crime. Mysterio relies on smoke and mirror tactics and hypnosis to try and mess with Spider-Man’s head. Over the years he has used some illusions that are more than a little extreme, and often finds himself crossing the line into downright absurd. The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer shows Mysterio rocking the classic fishbowl helmet, so it will be interesting to see if they draw inspiration from the comics and bring any of his more preposterous illusions to the big screen.

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10 Shrunken Spider-Man

There is nothing that Mysterio loves more than absolutely messing with Spider-Man’s mind, and what better way to do that than to make the web-head believe that he’s been shrunk down to six inches tall? While it’s difficult to see too many practical applications of this illusion, it certainly is quite a feat to pull off. The best part about this illusion is that Mysterio has actually pulled it more than once. One time he even made it appear that Spider-Man was trapped inside of a child’s room like a toy.

9 Making A Murderer

Spider-Man, like many other heroes, doesn’t really do the whole killing thing. Mysterio exploited this when he convinced Spider-Man that he had caused the death of multiple people. The illusion made it seem like Spider-Man webbed a guy firing a gun, which turned and shot down multiple people. This illusion shows Mysterio’s understanding of just what would devastate Peter. It’s a great example of Mysterio using Spider-Man’s convictions against him and playing off of his guilt.

8 Giant Storm Over New York

The sheer magnitude of this illusion makes it hard to believe that Mysterio really could have pulled it off. Spider-Man finds Mysterio at the top of the World Trade Center brewing up a storm that apparently is seen by a quarter of the city. To create a believable storm would be extremely difficult, but one that covers such a wide area seems practically impossible for an illusionist. Mysterio has an affinity for showmanship, and this trick was definitely him showing off.

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7 A Giant Monster Rising From Smoke

Spider-Man: Far From Home

This one is pretty classic for Mysterio, and while we can assume that the creature pictured above is an Elemental in the trailer for Far From Home... wouldn't it be fun if Mysterio was just creating an illusion? There are plenty who believe that the Elementals are simply monsters created by Mysterio to allow him to play the hero.  The beauty in this illusion lies in its simplicity. Sure, Mysterio loves to really mess with Spider-Man’s psyche through elaborate hypnosis and illusions, but sometimes nothing beats a giant monster.  From what we can see in the trailer it seems to be working on screen as well.

6 Wolverine's Nightmare

One of Mysterio's most horrifically successful illusions led to the character of Old Man Logan.  In an alternate dimension, the villains decide to help each other by going after different heroes.  Mysterio tricks Wolverine into thinking that he is being attacked, and Logan goes on a rampage.  In a truly awful moment, Wolverine discovers that it was all an illusion, and that he had killed his friends - the X-men now lying dead all around him.  It was a heart-wrenching scene brought about by a deadly illusion.

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5 Multiple Mysterios

Making dozens of himself appear is one of Mysterio’s favorite tricks to pull. It's definitely one of the more obvious choices when it comes to using illusions. Though it seems simple it still begs the question of just how exactly he pulls it off. Mysterio also never seems to be able to resist the urge to gloat and monologue something along the lines of “how will you ever be able to find the real me?” Spider-Man would normally be able to find his way out of this easily with the use of Spidey-Sense, but Mysterio is able to counteract his abilities with the use of a gas.

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4 Venom Galactus

This illusion may take the prize for the most over the top. Mysterio makes Spider-Man think that some of his greatest enemies are coming after him. After Spidey defeats Green Goblin and Hobgoblin handily, Venom appears from the smoke. After hitting Venom with a few punches, the symbiote falls onto the body of none other than Galactus. The two merge to create a serious monstrosity that is oddly disturbing.

3 Doctor Mysterio

This illusion is the pinnacle of Mysterio getting inside of Spider-Man’s head as he literally takes on the role of a shrink. Mysterio has fake villains attack Spider-Man only to disappear, making Peter believe he might be losing his mind. Stepping in as his psychiatrist, Mysterio tries to convince Spider-Man that he’s cracking under the stress and needs to give up his heroics. It’s an incredibly elaborate plan that somehow almost works.

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2 Aunt May’s Death

While Mysterio’s illusions tend to be silly and comical, the villain sometimes can be extremely cruel. One of the most devastating instances of this is when Peter is convinced that Aunt May has died. Shocked to find her in an open casket, Peter is told that she suffered a massive cardio-infarction. This illusion shows how Mysterio will hold nothing back and use his tricks to attack Spider-Man in any way he can.

1 Angry Birds

This illusion is a variation on the classic “multiple Mysterios.” He finds himself facing off against the Red Ghost and his super-apes, and creates a dozen copies of himself all around them. What makes this particular instance so outrageous is that it’s revealed that Mysterio is nowhere near the battle. He’s actually just using holograms while enjoying a game of Angry Birds.

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