'Myst' Franchise Expands to Include Legendary TV Series

Legendary Entertainment has closed a deal with the creators of Myst to adapt the video game franchise into a television series, Variety reports.

Myst creators Rand and Robyn Miller's game-development company Cyan will be involved in the adaptation. It hasn't been made clear whether this series will be developed for traditional or digital channels. Wherever the show ends up, Variety reports the Millers sought a television adaptation in order to turn the game into a "true transmedia franchise," with the series possibly being used to expand on plot points established in the video game series.

The first Myst game arrived in 1993 and became a surprise hit; it was the bestselling PC game until unseated in 2002 by The Sims. Players enter the game's immersive world as the Stranger, a protagonist equipped with a book that allows him to travel to the titular island.

Since its debut, the Myst franchise has grown to include four sequels (Riven, Exile, Revelation and End of Ages), the open-source massive multiplayer online adventure game Myst Online: Uru Live and a series of novels.

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