MYSPACING COMICS: Comics More Popular than John McCain?

Welcome to MYSPACING COMICS, CBR News' tracking of trends and "friends" on MySpace.com -- the nation's most trafficked website -- as they relate to the comic book industry, most specifically with publishers and creators. This monthly feature endeavors to share our findings, chat with newsmakers and explore profile movement -- be it up, down or sideways.

Readers must be loving what Brian Michael Bendis and company are revealing in "Secret Invasion," Marvel Comics added 1,342 friends this past month. The mega event has its own page as well with friends posting whom they trust. Those deemed trustworthy of late? Logan, Clint Barton and Doctor Doom. Not coming for dinner? That would be Iron Man, Storm and Doctor Strange.

The distinguished competition, DC Comics -- fueled no doubt by Grant Morrison and JG Jones' universe-spanning "Final Crisis" -- has its nation of followers marching in line to Executive Editor Dan DiDio's drum, as well. The publisher enlisted more than 1,000 friends in August despite latest chapter of "Final Crisis" coming out nearly four weeks ago.

Suffering a bit of a body count this past month was Optimum Wound Comics. While their friend count continues to lead the publisher category -- at 90,000-plus -- in the last 30 days, the MySpace pioneers dropped 668.

Dark Horse, as per usual, enjoyed another stellar month as its main profile added 739 friends for a grand total of 63,825, while its web-based comics anthology MySpace Dark Horse Presents welcomed an additional 833 friends for an impressive total of 32,410.

On the creator side, Siya is closing in on 50,000 friends with an impressive 49,104 and counting. The talented young indie comics artist told CBR News her fans should keeping checking out her page as there is some big news coming soon. "I'm not at freedom to speak about my current projects, but I should be able to in a couple of weeks," Siya said. "I wish I could tell you more."

What she could talk about was the fact that her fans on MySpace "rock." "I appreciate them very much, not only for their encouraging comments but because they are supporting the arts too," said Siya, whose first published work in comics was for the "Grimm Fairy Tales Annual" by Zenescope.

While Siya was tight lipped about what she had coming up, New York Times bestselling novelist and former "Justice League of America" writer Brad Meltzer has been sharing details about his new novel, "The Book of Lies," with his 10,000-plus friends for months via his MySpace page. "Between the blog on MySpace, my Invisible Clubhouse on Facebook and my own site, I feel like I know who reads my books," Meltzer told CBR News. "I mean, I truly know them. They're people just like me. It's a long way from being the sole kid in my school who liked comics."

And then tipping his hat to some key plot points from "The Book of Lies," which will be arriving in book stores this week, Meltzer added, "[These are] people who understand that Superman isn't the best part of the story. The best part of the story is Clark Kent. The idea that all of us, in all our ordinariness, know what it's like to want to rip open our shirt and help someone."

Continuing with the creators, there was a minor shakeup in the Bottom 5 as Roman Dirge has moved ahead of Brian K. Vaughan by a couple of hundred friends to grab sixth spot.

MySpace Comic Books now boasts 247,296 friends. That's nearly four times as many as John McCain but only half as many as Barack Obama, who has nearly half a million. Take with that what you will.

In the name of non-biased reporting, independent Ralph Nader has nearly 5,000 signed up to the cause.

Comicdom's voice of independence, Image partner Robert Kirkman, has about half that.

TOP PUBLISHERS (Total friends, monthly shift)

1. Optimum Wound Comics: 90,390 (-668)

2. Marvel Comics: 64,845 (+1,342)

3. Dark Horse: 63,825 (+739)

4. MySpace Dark Horse Presents: 32,410 (+833)

5. DC Comics: 28,085 (+1,134)

6. TOKYOPOP: 21,586 (-93)

7. American Mule Entertainment: 19,333 (+227)

8. Top Cow: 16,592 (+188)

9. DC Nation: 15,679 (-83)

10. Virgin Comics: 15,212 (-7)

TOP CREATORS (Total friends, monthly shift)

1. Siya: 49,104 (+396)

2. Tara McPherson: 34,987 (+761)

3. Stan Lee: 27,546 (+1,201)

4. Jim Lee: 22,928 (+433)

5. Warren Ellis: 22,343 (+184)

6. Roman Dirge: 16,502 (+232)

7. Brian K. Vaughan: 16,235 (-117)

8. Brian Michael Bendis: 15,731(+105)

9. Steve Niles: 12,097 (+161)

10. Brad Meltzer: 11,461 (+39)

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