The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of 10 DC Villains

The DC villains might be harder to typecast for Myers-Briggs® personality types than some of the other comic book characters. When we think about it, the Myers-Briggs® is intended for the mentally stable, and some, if not all, of these villains are decidedly not.

Labeling these characters is just for a bit of fun — we can definitely still see the types that some of these villains fit into. It becomes increasingly obvious that some of the Myers-Briggs® personalities occur far more often in villains than in heroes… (INTJs, take no offense. I’m one, too. We just occur in smart villains, because of smarts… right? Isn't that how this works?)

From The Joker to Two-Face, let's get inside the minds of some of our favorite baddies.

10. Harley Quinn: ESFP, The Entertainer

Harley Quinn herself would have probably been familiar with these personality types, as she was a psychiatrist who was assigned to The Joker. This obviously proved to be her downfall (although I’m sure she wouldn’t call it a downfall).

Harley underwent such a massive change, but through it all, it appears she’s probably an ESFP. There’s a lot of debate surrounding this lady, but she seems to love to put on a show and clearly recharges by socializing. That being said, she’s definitely an extrovert. All in all, the ESFP personality seems to fit super closely for this villain.

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9. Poison Ivy: INTP, The Logician

And then there’s Ivy, the woman who ends up very close to Harley (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) but almost couldn’t be more opposite. Let's just say they only have one letter in common because Poison Ivy is definitely an INTP.

INTPs are inventors and tend towards the more Ravenclaw side of things. If you know what I mean, these types have a real thirst for knowledge, a habit of keeping themselves to themselves unless it’s something they feel extremely strongly about (like the ecosystem, in Poison Ivy’s case).

As one of the more together villains of the DC universe, I would argue that she’s an unmistakable INTP. Not all villains are just crazy characters without a cause!

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8. The Joker: ENTP, The Debater

The Joker: easily the hardest villain to type. He’s just so off the rules and blatantly not even close to human anymore; it’s hard to even give him a personality type, but there is one that fits...

He’s an ENTP.

It might seem like he’s impossible to type, but hear me out. ENTPs love a challenge, and they love finding out how the world works. They love to be around others but they have that curiosity so often associated with introverts, and they’re so clever. The Joker fits all of this and is so far from your typical villain.

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7. Two-Face: INTJ, The Architect

INTJs are a type super commonly associated with villains. Our low empathy, our lack of tact at times, our habit of focusing too much on the facts and not on other people’s emotions... Oh and let's not forget about our ability to scheme because we think things through and plan them out.

These personality types can definitely be used for evil (though I, er, don’t, just to be clear).

Two-Face is one of these villains who fits the INTJ tropes. Poor Harvey Dent didn’t want to end up like this, and his powers could have been used for good forever. Unfortunately, you either die a hero or…

6. ...And The Riddler: Another INTJ

The Riddler is another INTJ! I told you there were multiple of these among villains — their powers can be used for evil! Apparently, it’s really tempting to turn evil if so many INTJs have turned to the dark side. It’s a true wonder I haven’t yet!

The Riddler used to be a far more two-dimensional character that was harder to type but recently, he’s been given an obsessive backstory. He has been made to be far more intelligent and driven than just your average criminal, which has given us the ability to see his Myers-Briggs® type.

Anyway, his riddles make him the perfect, obvious INTJ.

5. Lex Luthor: ENTJ, The Commander

Lex Luthor is very interesting. He could almost be an INTJ, too, but one letter definitely has to be altered to make this guy accurate: he’s an ENTJ, a true commander. He sees Superman as a threat to the world and has actual goals and opinions that make him more than a mindless villain, making him an –NTJ. But there’s definitely something downright evil there to put him into the villain category altogether. He’s also a genius, which is another reason he should be put into the ENTJ category; those guys are clever, for all their potential faults.

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4. The Scarecrow: Another Commander

Another ENTJ you’ll find is The Scarecrow.

The Scarecrow, an enemy of Batman, deals in fear and uses it against the average human which is exactly where his –NTJ comes from. INTJ and ENTJ are debatable again here, but I would type him as an ENTJ for the sheer fact that he definitely takes power in manipulating people. Sure, he doesn’t like to be around them for the right reasons, but — being around them certainly seems to recharge him? So I guess he should totally count as an extrovert, even if he doesn’t come across as a particularly pleasant one?

3. Catwoman: ISTP, The Virtuoso

And we're back to some Gotham City Sirens with Catwoman!

Breaking the archetypes of INTJ and ENTJ villains, Catwoman is an ISTP. ISTPs tend to be masters of anything that they turn their hand to and are bold experiments, which is what puts Catwoman firmly in this category. They’re somehow both spontaneous and rational, creative and practical all in one. These types of ISTPs are great in a crisis. Catwoman manages to combine the best of all of these and sure, she doesn’t exactly use it to be a superhero, but you can’t help but admire her, right? No? Just me out here slightly loving the villains?

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2. The Penguin: ESTP, The Entrepreneur

ESTPs love to live on the edge. They’re smart people who are very perceptive and, for that reason, tend to be great judges of character.

Sound like anyone? Yep. The Penguin.

He’s a little different from other Batman villains in that he doesn’t come across as insane, or necessarily criminal. Well, he is a mobster, but it’s not criminal in the same, erratic way. Instead, he seems to be very together — he just doesn’t use his intelligence for good things. In a way, this makes him one of the scarier villains because there’s logic and reason there, he’s just a very questionable person.

1. Ra's al Ghul: INFJ, The Advocate

The “Head Of The Demon,” Ra’s al Ghul is another common enemy of Batman, but he can be found across all of the comics, facing other heroes such as Superman. Ra’s is a great strategizer and it could almost put him into INTJ status but instead, I’d actually say he’s an INFJ.

It seems weird to type a villain as an INFJ, I know — but he is an idealist. His ideal world is just… pretty dystopian because he thinks he’s actually saving it by doing this. Hey, I never said he was right or sane, he’s just an INFJ who’s gone a bit wrong.

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