10 Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Sailor Moon Characters

Have you ever noticed how often the solar system needs to be saved? At this point, it's getting kinda tiresome. Just like a toddler with a nuclear device, it can't be trusted to look after itself. Thankfully, it doesn't have to. If you read, watch, or think about the Sailor Moon series as though they're factual accounts of real-life events (who doesn't), our solar system is in the safe hands of a dedicated team of teenagers. Teenagers who are led by the titular ice cream-guzzling, dentist-fearing, butt-kicking schoolgirl. It's only fair that we take a cursory look at the psyches of these universe defenders, and see where we can slot them on the Myers-Briggs® personality framework. Kind of like the perfectly reasonable adults that we are. While we're at it, we'll vaguely psychoanalyze a couple of the antagonists too because there's no reason this nonsense shouldn't be objective.

10. Sailor Moon: Thoughtful Idealist - INFP


As the primary protagonist for the series, Usagi Tsukino was always going to possess the kind of personality that would drive the heart of the story. At the same time, though, she remains pretty relatable to the audience. As the titular character, she represents the INFP at their very best. She's devoted and deeply empathetic (even being shown as somewhat of a crybaby), with the idealist's propensity toward being loyal and virtuous. After all, she later discovered that her life on earth began in a near-sacrificial way when her mother sent her to be reincarnated to live out her destiny as our planet's sovereign. But, let's face it, the best parts of Usagi Tsukino, and what prevents her from being an irritating goody-two-shoes, are those negative INFP traits. She's somewhat lazy—preferring her video games and sickeningly sweet treats to her other responsibilities—she hates carrots, and she has no head for mathematics. In short, she's human, which is exactly what you want in your superheroic savior.

9. Sailor Mercury: Conceptual Planner - INTJ

Moon is relatively competent, but to be honest, she doesn't have much in the way of technical expertise. This is where Sailor Mercury comes in handy. As the resident INTJ, she has a logical, systems-minded approach to protecting the solar system. In addition to her powers and magical objects, she makes extensive use of her honest, made-right-here-on-earth-by-people supercomputer, which is exactly the kind of analytical touch that the INTJ values.

Also, take a peek at the various titles she's taken on during the run: Soldier of Wisdom, Soldier of Water and Intelligence, Soldier of Love and Exams. Sure, that last one is a little peculiar as love and exams don't tend to go together (except in dodgy adult entertainment), but wisdom, intelligence, and exams are all things in which INTJs tend to excel.

8. Tuxedo Mask: Practical Helper - ISFJ

Sure, he may have the least effective disguise since Superman checked into the optician, but Tuxedo Mask also happens to be one of the more reliable characters in the Sailor Moon pantheon. He's not terribly complex, essentially seeming to exist primarily to swoop in and lend a hand whenever the Sailor Soldiers find themselves in a bit of bother. This places him pretty squarely in the ISFJ bracket. People with this personality type are practical, service-minded, and co-operative. Tuxedo Mask is a character whose purpose is a support figure to Sailor Moon. In fact, even from his early manga appearances, he has had the greatest impact in helping her achieve new levels of strength and growth.

7. Artemis: Objective Analyst - INTP

Like every other person in the world, we live to assign personality types to cats. This is why it would be a crime not to include Artemis in this list. Like most healthy, well-rounded people, we'd argue that Artemis actually straddles a couple of personality types. Most of his traits, however, could be attributed to the INTP category. While he has a duty to perform as Sailor Venus' guardian, he is more than a little bit lazy. Like most INTPs, he has no patience for small talk; he's more prone to hanging back a little and letting the Sailors figure things out for themselves unless it becomes absolutely necessary. Artemis is also analytical and objectively critical. Although, he's sometimes a little more critical of Sailor Venus than is strictly necessary, but that might be because he's concealing a bit of a crush on her. An alien cat with a crush on a teenage girl? That's not even slightly odd.

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6. Wiseman: Responsible Realist - ISTJ

Before you go jumping down our throats at our suggestion that a major Sailor Moon antagonist is a responsible realist, hear us out! The ISTJ personality type has a tendency toward reasonable, task-focused, orderly behavior; all of which Wiseman has displayed throughout his arc. There is no possible way he could have successfully manipulated the members of the Black Moon Clan into attacking and practically destroying Crystal Tokyo without those ISTJ powers. Like most with this personality type, he also prefers to work alone. But to be honest, if you're a skin-stripped skull in a hood whose essence has been merged with a forbidden planet, there's gonna be very few other people you can really connect with on a personal level.

5. Sailor Mars: Decisive Strategist - ENTJ

Argumentative (particularly with Sailor Moon), assertive to a fault, and utterly self-confident — Sailor Mars is your typical ENTJ personality type. Though she displays a certain level of detachment to her Sailor colleagues, she is certainly not in any hurry to be lonely. She has a long-standing, close relationship with the pair of crows who reside at her grandfather's shrine. This, of course, is a perfectly reasonable thing to do; we have a budding relationship with some sparrows who live at the bottom of the garden... While she is deeply spiritual, she is also entirely logical and straightforward. As an ENTJ, she is a global thinker, harboring an enthusiasm for ancient writing paired with a critical view on modern society.

4. Sailor Neptune: Versatile Supporter - ISFP

Among the more sophisticated and graceful characters in the series, Sailor Neptune is likely best slotted into the category of ISFP. She espouses the fierce dedication that those in this category are known for. She harbors the immovable, concrete resolve that helps to define the ISFP. Her precognitive skills help to make her unusually observant; she knows in her bones that the sea is stormy. Neptune frequently displays her affinity for nature, her power drawing energy from the deep waters. Of course, nobody could deny that she was also eminently practical. You'd have to have no qualms about wielding your $5-million Stradivarius violin as a weapon, wouldn't you?

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3. Sailor Uranus: Logical Pragmatist - ISTP

Sailor Uranus is quietly confident, and that doesn't only come from her six-foot stature giving her the ability to tower over most people who would try to argue with her. While not exactly reckless, she is adventurous and daring in the ways that we all wish we could be. She was a race car driver at the age of 16, which is an intimidating prospect even for an ISTP. Like most in her personality category, Uranus is fiercely independent. She resists regimentation with little regard for what society expects of her, and she'll rock an androgynous aspect whenever she pleases. There's not a darn thing you can do about it, either.

2. Sailor Saturn: Insightful Visionary - INFJ

What? You thought Samuel L. Jackson was the coolest purple-wearer on the planet? To say Sailor Saturn is a complex character to narrow into a personality type is a slight understatement. She's part-cyborg (at least in the manga), and was possessed by the Daimon, Mistress 9, along with secretly harboring the ability to destroy worlds. Nevertheless, much of her behavior (including when possessed) falls into the INFJ type.  She is sensitive, insightful, and has visions of impending disasters. Saturn is conceptual and symbolically focused, which is hard to avoid when you're the personification of the utter annihilation of all life in a solar system if it becomes necessary.

1. Prince Demande: Thoughtful Idealist - INFP

Prince Demande is your run-of-the-mill puppet ruler. He's rather complex, apart from the fact that nobody can agree on how his name should be spelled (Demand, Demond, Diamond?). The aspects of his personality that find him slotting nicely into the INFP category are largely those in which made him the ideal candidate for manipulation. He is utterly devoted to the cause of destroying Crystal Tokyo for their apparently blasphemously long lives. Demande has also been known to be somewhat sensitive. And by somewhat, we mean so sensitive that he attacked and imprisoned the Neo-Queen when she spurned his amorous advances. His reaction to finding out he'd been brainwashed was in an attempt to destroy the space-time continuum. So yeah... pretty sensitive.

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