The Myers-Briggs Personality Types Of Riverdale Characters


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personal questionnaire that essentially tells you what personality type you are. What kind of person are you, really? The outcome can be rather complexed, with 16 possible personality types. However, once the test is completed, it's eerie how accurate the results are. Once we completed our own personality type, it's interesting to see how our favorite characters pan out against us. In reference to The CW's hit Riverdale, there are so many different personality types — it makes you wonder if you're more like Serpent bad boy Jughead Jones or a pathological liar like Mr. Cooper (or should we say the Black Hood?). If you know what Myers-Briggs type you are, let's see which character you're most similar to...

10 Archie Andrews: ESFJ (The Consul)

Archie has changed a lot in the past three seasons, but his morals at his core are still the same. As an ESFJ (extroverted/sensing/feeling/judging), Archie is popular. This type of personality is typically the head cheerleader or the quarterback of the football team, which is exactly what Archie was (you know, when he played high school sports and wasn't fighting crime). ESFJs are also extremely social, which kind of goes hand-in-hand when you're popular. But they're also people-pleasers, caring, and loyal. Seeing Archie's dedication to his father and his loyalty to Veronica, this makes Archie a clearcut ESFJ.

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9 Veronica Lodge: ENTP (The Debater)

Veronica Lodge wants everyone to know she's nothing like her corrupt parents. However, she goes about this in a funny way by deceiving people and taking her authoritative last name for her own needs. Nevertheless, Veronica is an ENTP (extraversion/intuition/thinking/perceiving). Similar to a lawyer, ENTPs love to enforce an argument when they know they're right, and they'll do everything in their power to make their point known. (Um, Veronica, anyone?) Also known as 'debaters,' ENTPs follow their intuition and have fun doing so. In the show, she's kind of the only person who really plays Devil's advocate, thinking logically instead of off emotions.

8 Jughead Jones: INTJ (The Architect)

Oh, Jughead Jones. He's so deep and yet so passionate. As an INTJ (introversion/intuition/thinking/judging), he's what Myers-Briggs would call a "strategic thinker." In fact, he's so introverted, you wouldn't even know he was there unless it was some sort of rally on behalf of the Serpents. And while Jug has two sides to him, when we see him typing away at Pop's with his dirty beanie on his head, sipping stale black coffee — it's clear he's just an introverted bookworm who has a deep lust for knowledge. Similarly, INTJs have a mysterious aura around them, which is the epitome of Jughead Jones. We never really know what he's digging for until he rants about it to whoever's close enough to listen.

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7 Betty Cooper: ENFJ (The Protagonist)

Betty Cooper is the stereotypical "girl next door": she's classic, respectful, and smart as all heck. However, I don't think many "girl next door" types have a murderous father and a mother with a dark past — but that's beside the point... As an ENFJ (extraversion/intuition/feeling/judging), Betty is a leader. She doesn't care if she has 100 followers or one; she's going to stand by what she's passionate about. Following in her parent's footsteps with a love for journalism, Betty is constantly following leads and digging for the truth. Especially in a town as corrupt as Riverdale. Like many other ENFJs, Betty would make an astounding teacher, politician, or someone with authoritative power; especially considering her affinity for making the community a better place. Betty is definitely a firm believer in the people.

6 Kevin Keller: ESTP (The Entrepreneur)

Who could ever dislike the sheriff's son, Kevin Keller? He's so beloved by everyone who meets him, and his lighthearted sense of humor really breaks up the rather dark show. As an ESTP (extraversion/sensing/thinking/perceiving), Kevin is a natural entertainer. It doesn't matter if he's having a BFF night with Veronica or looking for love in the depths of the woods, Kevin always has people who crave his energy. Funny enough, his passion for life and people is followed by a likelihood of dancing with "risky behavior." This isn't out of self-doubt, of course, it's because ESTPs live in the moment. And that's definitely Kevin Keller; learning from his mistakes as he goes forward.

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5 Cheryl Blossom: ENTJ (The Commander)


You cannot deny that Cheryl Blossom is hands down the "commander" of Riverdale. This fiery young woman is bold, strong, and the epitome of an ENTJ (extraversion/intuition/thinking/judging). Regardless of how she sees herself or her problems at home, Cheryl exudes confidence and charisma. In fact, if you were a student at Riverdale, you would never know she had such a dark family life until the rumors at school started flooding. She always puts on a brave face and keeps meddling forward to reach whatever goal she set out for herself. ENTJs love a good challenge, and as we can see by the show, when there's something (or someone) in her way, she knocks them down to get what she wants. Knowing her personality, I wouldn't be surprised if she started her own business or went into politics herself.

4 Reggie Mantle: ISFP (The Adventurer)

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie.


This high school jock is most definitely an ISFP (introversion/sensing/feeling/perceiving); a person who pushes the norm. Although we don't see too much of Reggie, I have a feeling that's going to change. His cocky personality and need to get involved to defend makes him someone worth watching. As an ISFP, he's spontaneous — someone who pushes the buttons and surprises people in good and bad ways. Remember when he randomly teamed up with Hiram Lodge and was trying to shoot Fangs Fogarty, thinking it was him who killed Midge? It's this kind of risky behavior and dancing with the devil that makes Reggie an adventurer.

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3 Alice Cooper: ISTJ (The Logistician)

Alice Copper started off season one as a nagging mother who didn't trust her daughter. Then we slowly started falling in love with her by season two. But now that she's all about that "funny farm" life in season three, so we have no idea what Alice Cooper is thinking. Nevertheless, these qualities make her an ISTJ (introversion/sensing/thinking/judging). Someone who prides herself on integrity and practicality, Alice puts all her effort into what she's passionate about and doesn't go off rumors — she's all about the facts. Thinking logically, if she has an intuition that something's funny, she goes straight into detective mode until all her questions have been answered. As a mother, she's patient but certainly runs a non-nonsense household.

2 Fred Andrews: ESFP (The Entertainer)

Fred is everyone's favorite dad on the show. He's caring, he's supporting, and the poor man has been through Hell and back for the safety of his son. Poor Fred Andrews needs a break! But that's exactly the kind of person he is. As an ESFP (extraversion/sensing/feeling/perceiving), Fred doesn't mind the attention as long as it's for the right thing. He's one of those entertainers that holds a luncheon for the community, or that time he threw brunch for most of the South Side. A giving man, Fred does what he can to lift others up. He's sociable for sure but enjoys the small pleasures in life. He's simple. Fred's not like Hiram Lodge who enjoys bigger, better, and faster everything. He works hard for what he has and gives back when he can.

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1 Hermione Lodge: ENTP (The Debater)

Does it surprise anyone else that the new Mayer of Riverdale, Hermione Lodge, is an ENTP like her daughter? While Hermione has a ton of secrets in her closet, something tells me it's not always what she wants. She is married to Hiram, after all. Debaters are natural people of power, which is why it's so fitting she's in politics (with a ton of untold secrets). But she's no dummy. Just because she's married to someone who has it all figured out business-wise, does not mean she's working blindly. Hermione knows what she's capable of, and that's getting her point across in a quiet way. Veronica may be a louder, more "in your face" kind of ENTP, but Hermione kind of lurks in the shadows as she accomplishes her goals.

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