Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Steven Universe Characters

Today we’re going to do a bit of an experiment — it'll be part geology, part astronomy, and part psychology. We’re going to take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, a psychological framework primarily designed for living human beings, and apply it to the characters of Steven Universe. The animated series stars, primarily, a fictitious race of sentient Space Gems, making some great television. 

We’ll break down the Gems to their basic minerals and take a closer look at a few of Beach City’s finest. The colorful cast of Steven Universe can be found all throughout the personality spectrum, so we have plenty of examples to pull from.

10. Steven Universe: The Campaigner - ENFP

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One of the things that makes lists like these so fun is taking the opportunity to get to know some of our favorite characters on a deeper level. It's here that we recognize patterns that arise with some of our other favorite works. Steven, for example, is yet another in a long line of carefree and extroverted protagonists like Naruto and Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender. It makes a lot of sense that ENFPs are often found leading the show as they are capable of rallying allies to their cause even through the screen of a TV or laptop. Steven is a loving and creative individual that is very in touch with his emotions. He's able to communicate with others most effectively through this connection.

9. Connie Maheswaran: The Advocate - INFJ

INFJs are the rarest personality type, coming in at less than one percent of the entire population. Connie, much like Steven, is also incredibly empathetic and more than willing to pick up the cause and fight together with the Gems. INFJs work best when they have a banner to fight for — something to guide their passionate determination. Advocates are the first to stand up and fight for a worthy cause, and you can be certain they’ll be the last to leave the cause. Connie and many other INFJs like her have a habit of being perfectionists, which can hold them back in the long run if they’re unwilling to make compromises.

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8. Garnet: The Logician - INTP

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Garnet makes such a great de facto leader of the Crystal Gems because she is a cool-headed, thoughtful, and intelligent INTP. Logicians are natural strategists that feel right at home in the ever-changing landscape of intergalactic warfare. Garnet is logical and perceptive, which makes her great at all the 'saving the world' stuff, but it can often come at the cost of any sort of emotional effort or connection. A trait Garnet shares with her fellow INTP Sapphire. There must be something about that future sight that really anchors these personality traits to her core.

7. Amethyst: The Entertainer - ESFP

Amethyst is right at home being the center of attention and if she’s not, then she’s more than ready to put on a show to become it. ESFPs are empowered by the spotlight, soaking it in like a flower and photosynthesizing into kinetic energy. Amethyst is bold and practical, but she can also be very sensitive and easily bored. Despite what she was grown for, Amethyst is actually against conflict when it comes to those she's closest to. She'll do just about anything to avoid a fight with a loved one. ESFPs, beyond all else, love to have a good time with other people. That might be why Pearl has such a hard time with Amethyst’s “lifestyle choices.”

6. Pearl: The Logistician - ISTJ

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Pearl is the sensible, structured, and dutiful hand of the Crystal Gems. While Steven is doing his best to befriend everyone they meet, Garnet is planning her next move, and Amethyst is just trying to get a laugh — Pearl is doing all the heavy-duty background work. ISTJs make loyal and trustworthy friends as they are not the type to beat around the bush. Logisticians get right to the root of whatever is out of place and will take care of it in the most efficient manner possible. Making sure that all the Gems are sticking to the plan and working together as they should is no easy task — especially with Gems and Gem/human hybrids like Amethyst and Steven on the team.

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5. Greg Universe: The Performer - ESFP

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Another ESFP on our list, Greg blossoms in the spotlight. Who could forget such classic hits as “Don’t Cost Nothin’” and “Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart”? Greg may be a humble father and car wash owner, but had you known him back in the day as Rose Quartz did, you’d have fallen just as hard as she did. Life's always an adventure with an ESFP around. They are filled with endless amounts of energy and have a passion for life that is hard to match. They spend most of their time living in the moment, drawn in entirely by all the possibilities the world has to offer.

4. Lapis Lazuli: The Mediator - INFP

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Lapis Lazuli really likes the idea of social interactions but is actually tired out rather easily by social situations. She would usually rather be home watching Camp Pining Hearts. One of the more traumatic events of Lapis Lazuli’s life was the time she spent keeping Jasper at bay for the sake of the Gems. On the surface, this can be brushed off as traumatic simply because of who she was keeping restrained. But beyond that, she is in direct conflict with her personality type. Mediators strive to produce harmony and synergy wherever they go and would never dream of forcefully restraining someone or holding them back in any way. Even if it is someone as rotten and angry as a Gem like Jasper.

3. Ruby: The Entrepreneur - ESTP

Ruby takes the introverted thoughtfulness and perception of her fusion with Sapphire, Garnet, and puts it all on display for everyone to see. When Ruby jumps in to save Sapphire from Pearl on their first meeting, that’s really all she has as far as a plan goes. She doesn’t even think about what will happen next. She simply acts and hopes to figure it out as it unfolds. These qualities are what make ESTPs excellent partners for someone like Sapphire, who is always focused on what’s coming next. ESTPs are trailblazers known for carving their own paths through society rather than sitting back and playing by the rules.

2. Rose Quartz: The Protagonist - ENFJ

ENFJs are natural born, altruistic leaders. They are understanding and empathetic, idealistic and charismatic, but I’m sure as Steven can attest, these idealisms comes at a cost. Rose Quartz was the leader of the rebellion, the face of the Crystal Gems, and as such, she took the brunt of the burden when it came time to shoulder the consequences of their actions. Steven probably puts it best when talking to Lars. “I know she saw beauty in everything. In stupid stuff like this--even in jerks like you!” Steven may not have known her, and he may be a little less structured than his mother, but he’s certainly taking after her in all the best ways.

1. Onion: The Architect - INTJ

It honestly wouldn’t be that surprising to me if Onion ended up becoming the big bad of the entire series. Onion is quick, imaginative, and always has something cooking on the back burner. INTJs, much like their INTP cousins on the MBTI®, can often come across as cold and distant. But that’s only because they are. Architects are often found lost in thought, working over some new idea in their head. Onion knows exactly what he wants and is almost definitely working on a plan to get it at any given time. INTJs are decisive and rational beings, so if you’re trying to trade for a Ranger Guy, then you’ll have more luck appealing to their sense of logic than tugging on their heartstrings.

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