Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of iZombie Characters

The CW wraps up crime-solving, brain-munching hit, iZombie, with its final 13-episode season airing this year. With the zombie virus having infected almost everyone, we’ve seen our favorite characters take on a huge variety of weird and wonderful personality traits depending whose brain they snack on in any given episode. But who are they really? What makes them tick? Before the show (based loosely on the Vertigo comic series created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred) shuffles toward its final end, let’s examine some of the most important—not yet devoured—brains to have featured in the series through the Myers-Briggs® Personality Types.

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10 Major Lilywhite - ISFP

Major is compassionate and loyal. He’s a dedicated friend to Liv, despite their rocky on-again, off-again relationship. His career choice as a social worker proves he’s an advocate for the underdog. This desire to help people, combined with his strong sense of justice and spontaneous nature, means he often lands himself in trouble.

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He tried to track down the Candyman (which resulted in him losing his job) and was later forced into becoming the Chaos Killer as a way to protect Liv. He never committed murder though, instead freezing the targeted zombies in an effort to save them - a true gentle giant.

9 Clive Babineaux - ESTJ

Clive’s responsible and logical nature led to him being promoted to homicide detective for Seattle’s police department. He isn’t afraid to take charge of a situation and is driven by a desire to prove himself as a worthy detective amongst his co-workers.

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Analytical and systematic, he likes things done by the book, preferring facts and figures over speculation and the inexplicable - which might explain why he took so long to realize people were turning into zombies around him, choosing instead to believe that Liv was “psychic-ish”. It might also explain how he has managed to remain human all these years.

8 Dale Bozzio - INFP

Dale Bozzio and Clive Babineaux in "Dead Beat" episode of "iZombie"

Dale is an independent, inquisitive FBI agent. She has strong values, matched with a dorky personality. She first came to Seattle to investigate the serial murders linked to the Chaos Killer case. Looking to successfully catch the culprit without stepping on too many toes, she grew close to Clive. Her integrity led to their relationship being strained when Clive sabotaged the carefully built case she had put together against Major. Her desire to make people happy - especially Clive - often conflicts with her own sense of values, like opening up their relationship, but her charming and empathetic nature always lures him back.

7 Blaine DeBeers – ENTJ

Blaine DeBeers in "iZombie"

Always on the lookout for his next scheme to make a quick buck, Blaine is an opportunistic manipulator who loves living the high life. The original dealer of the Utopium drug which sparked the outbreak of the zombie virus, he immediately thought up new ideas to exploit the rich, working until he gained control over the entire city as their sole brain-supplier.

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Although there have been hints of remorse for his actions, he doesn’t let emotions get in the way of his goals, barely shedding a tear when he murdered his beloved grandfather. Can there be any redemption for a character this cold?

6 Chase Graves - ENTJ

izombie Chase Grave Lilywhite

Is Chase a smart villain biding his time, or a troubled soldier? As of the end of Season 4, we still can’t quite be sure. The CEO of private military corporation Fillmore-Graves, he is a no-nonsense tough-man who is unflinching in doling out punishment to those he believes deserve it. He appears to be driven by pride, striving for success, often blinded by his ambition rather than looking at the bigger picture, like his attempt to build Zombie Island. He’s observant, quick to pick up on anyone or anything disrupting his plans - which usually ends badly for those standing in his way.

5 Peyton Charles - ESFJ

Peyton iZombie

Liv’s best friend and roommate, Peyton is a warm, upbeat woman. She is a caring friend who values the importance of people, going so far as to organize an intervention for Liv when she first became infected. She is often the one who arranges plans, encouraging her roommate to be sociable - spin class, anyone?

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Her focus on friendship can sometimes mean she is too trusting, which leads to her own feelings being hurt when she discovers Blaine used her during their brief relationship. Ambitious and self-assured, Peyton buried herself in work rather than moping over Blaine, advancing in her career.

4 Isobel Bloom - ESFP

iZombie Isobel Bloom

ESFP personality types often consider the meaning of their existence to be linked to bringing harmony and support into people’s lives, looking for ways to help in any situation. The terminally-ill young Isobel accepted her fate and instead looked to see how she might be able to help others.

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The first-known human to be immune to the zombie virus, she openly submitted herself to be tested by Ravi, and even requested that Liv have her brain when she died. With her brain proving to be the cure itself, her early death allowed her to help from beyond the grave, curing Dale.

3 Don E - ENFP

Don E. in "iZombie"

Originally Blaine’s henchman, Donald Eberhard - or Don E to his friends and, well, everyone else - quickly showed off his quick wit and free spirit. He’s always on the lookout for a good time, such as rocking out playing air-guitar with a new friend in an empty club. But underneath the outgoing, playful personality is a drive for seeking out new opportunities. He built the Scratching Post from the ground up. Don E eventually takes over Blaine’s Utopium distributing business, and later plots against his former boss by unearthing and defrosting his villainous father, showing there’s reckless cunning behind his wide smile.

2 Ravi Chakrabarti - INTP

Despite his love of logic, Ravi’s curious nature often leads him into trouble. He questions new things, taking changes in his stride. He instantly wants to learn about the zombie virus, and diligently conducts experiments in an effort to discover more and hopefully find a cure. His enthusiasm can’t be ignored, with his high-energy personality often keeping Liv’s spirits up, and quick-thinking keeping her out of trouble. An avid player of MMORPGs and naming his test-rats after Star Wars movies, his love of fantasy goes hand-in-hand with his ability to quickly adapt to new situations which makes him an excellent ally - and friend - for Liv.

1 Olivia “Liv” Moore - ISFJ

In season one, Liv remembers that she used to have ambition, be passionate and inspired, but is now just hungry. An introvert at heart, she was rarely the adventurous type pre-virus. Used to her own routines, she initially struggles to adapt to her change. Her kind, gentle nature conflicts with the need to eat brains, and she often shocks herself when she inherits a cruel personality. Her attention to detail makes her a great detective, although she does have a tendency to overthink situations. Whilst she’s still hungry for brains, she’s regained the ambition, passion, and inspiration she lamented when she first became infected.

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