The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Young Justice Characters

The heroes of Young Justice are a diverse and lively group. But what is it that makes a group of young people pick up a mask and join the fight against evil? What traits bring a young human or alien to confront their greatest fears, face great danger, and pit themselves against some of the most dangerous villains in the DC Universe? Whether it’s the quippy and talented Dick Grayson or the caring and compassionate M’gann M’orzz of Mars, we’ll take a deep dive into what’s really driving these young heroes to wake up every day and fight the forces of evil.

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10. Robin (Tim Drake): The Logician - INTP

Young Justice Robin Character Design

Of all the Robins that have been under Batman’s tutelage, Tim Drake is perhaps the most qualified, the most like Batman (that won’t stop us from liking Dick Grayson more, however). Tim is incredibly intelligent, resourceful, and capable of creating complex plans on the fly. Tim, much like Bruce, doesn’t allow himself to be dragged down by emotions. He’s much more concerned with the logic behind a decision, never letting himself become clouded by how something may feel. Tim’s an incredible detective, a brilliant tactician, and while he’s not often led by his emotions, he’s an incredible friend to his teammates and can be trusted to pull a win from thin air (seemingly) when they need it the most.

9. Superboy (Kon-el/ Conner Kent): The Adventurer - ISFP

young justice

It’s not easy growing up in a test tube while being an imperfect clone of Earth’s greatest hero, Superman. Conner, however, manages to grow past this initial hardship and become someone truly capable of protecting not only his closest friends but also the rest of the world. Conner, unlike Tim, is often driven by his emotions, for better or worse. We see him accepting help from Lex Luthor (his half-father along with Supes) even knowing that it isn’t a great idea, dangerous even. When he’s not letting his emotions (usually rage) fuel his actions, Conner can actually be quite charming and charismatic. Just ask M’gann.

8. Miss Martian (M’gann M’orzz): The Defender - ISFJ

Young Justice Miss Martian

Miss Martian is perhaps one of the most suited to be a hero on the whole team. Not only is she incredibly powerful and resourceful, but she’s also very compassionate and caring. Not just for her friends, but throughout the series, she expresses and genuine care and concern for nearly everyone she meets. She’s introverted, thoughtful, and she’s often led by the empathy she feels for just about every living thing. Had M’gann not decided to become a hero, you can bet that she’d be somewhere else on Earth doing her very best to help those in need or those who are suffering. Whether you’re Martian, Human, or even grown in a test tube, M’gann will be there trying to ease their suffering.

7. Aqualad (Kaldur’ahm): The Logistician - ISTJ

Kaldur’ahm is sensible, logical, and structured. He’s the kind of Atlantean that could be good at just about anything he tried, and thankfully what he’s most interested in is saving the world. Kaldur’ahm isn’t afraid to dive into the depths and play the villain if it’s what’s required of him to complete the mission. He’s strong and proud and often exactly the Atlantean needed when things are really starting to get to their worst. He may not be deeply in touch with his emotions like some of his other teammates, but he’s capable of leading his team to victory. And when the chips are down he’ll do whatever it takes to help his friends and save the citizens of both the surface world and his home below the sea.

6. Beast Boy (Garfield Logan): The Campaigner - ENFP

Young Justice Beast Boy

Beast Boy is kind-hearted, goofy, and an amazing friend always looking for a laugh and a good time. He may not be the guy the team relies on for devising a strategy on how to fend off an oncoming alien invasion, but he’ll certainly be there to help out when the time comes to fight for what’s right. Garfield is incredibly charming, seeming able to befriend anyone. He’s also very genuine and seemingly couldn’t lie if his life depended on it. That being said, he’ll do just about anything necessary to help out those closest to him. Unless that means sacrificing the last slice of pizza.

5. Bat Girl (Barbara Gordon): The Executive - ESTJ

Whether it’s in her role as Bat Girl, Oracle, or the eventual commissioner of Gotham PD, Barbara Gordon is a woman built of discipline, structure, and hard work. Barbara simply cannot sit idly by while crime and villainy run rampant throughout Gotham and the rest of the world. Whether it was a trait she inherited from her altruistic father or a product of her training with Batman, Barbara’s sense of justice and her eagerness to actively fight for what’s right make her one of the greatest heroes and mentors the team from Young Justice has.

4. Tigress (Artemis Crock): The Entrepreneur - ESTP

Young Justice Artemis

Maybe it was the tumultuous way in which she grew up that inspired a major part of Artemis’ personality. Having lived in such a radical and violent environment for such a long time, Artemis is used to things not going according to plan. She’s quick-witted, capable, and always prepared for whatever the future has in store. It makes a lot of sense that of her villainous family members, Artemis’ was the first to truly question this path and strive to break free from its shackles.

3. Kid Flash (Wally West): The Visionary - ENTP

Kid Flash from Young Justice

Wally West, like another hero on this list, is an ENTP. He’s very extroverted, intelligent, and logical; a combination of traits that makes it very easy for him to talk himself out of just about any situation. Wally’s gift of the gab and logical thinking can come at a cost, however. He can be very argumentative simply for the sake of argument and he can be very insensitive when it comes to the illogical thinking of his teammates. That being said, when he’s not busy running around the world or arguing with his teammates, Wally is a powerful and resourceful hero capable of doing great things for the sake of humanity with his gifts.

2. Zatanna Zatara: The Mediator - INFP

young justice zatanna

Zatanna is rarely one to play by the rules. If she’s not duplicating herself to sneak out of the house, then she’s convincing the team to “kidnap” her so she can help out with a mission or two. She may be a great hero, but there are some things, like family, that are much more important then what’s right or wrong. There’s not a lot that Zatanna won't do for the sake of her friends or family, which means that when her father’s life is in jeopardy she has no qualms about leaving her friends behind.

1. Nightwing (Dick Grayson): The Debater - ENTP

In a lot of ways, Dick Grayson is everything that Bruce Wayne should’ve been. He’s a very close second to Bats himself, but beyond that, he’s managed to grow from the trauma of his parent’s murder. It may have been the fact the Bruce took him on and taught him how to channel his anger and resentment in a healthy (albeit butt-kicking way) that has allowed Dick to grow into a healthy, functioning hero. Dick is always ready to mix in a few verbal jabs with the actual jabs, and he’s never too far from a plan of attack. There’s a reason the Dick is routinely elected the leader of the teams he chooses to be a part of. Who wouldn’t be ready and willing to follow a healthy version of Batman?

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