Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Justice League Dark Characters

Nobody does magic like DC Comics. And nobody does DC Comics magic like the Justice League Dark. They’re a kind of sister team to the regular Justice League, specially created to face off against mystic, supernatural threats. We took a look at DC’s best magic team and sorted them into Myers-Briggs® Personality Types, in order to get a little bit more into their characters. After all, there are a ton of awesome members in the JLX-Files, and we think you’ll agree that they’re worth dissecting. So put on your charms and fishnets, here are the Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of the Justice League Dark.

10. John Constantine - ENTP

Constantine Comic

To describe John Constantine as an opportunist is a bit of an oversimplification. However, it's still very much true. John always takes full advantage of whatever's in front of him, That's a defining trait of an ENTP, just like an energetic approach to problems and remaining aloof for most situations. John's got the ability to come up with an action plan like other ENTPs, although in his case, you might just call that scheming. Whether he's working to save the world or just himself, John is constantly full of ideas and ways he can get people to go along with them.

9. Wonder Woman - ENFJ

You might be surprised to see Wonder Woman on this list, but she's a fully initiated member of the Justice League Dark in DC's most recent version of the team. But the change in her team doesn't change her unshakable morality or status as a hero. Wonder Woman leads the team because of the same qualities that make her an ENFJ. She has a leader's self-assurance and ability to learn others, plus the natural bearing of someone used to inspiring people. If you think about it, the magic corner of the DC Comics universe is a lot like the DCEU. It was getting too dark and depraved, full of misery and lacking enough hope. Then Wonder Woman arrived.

8. Shade, The Changing Man - ESFP

Shade the Changing Man

This curious addition to the Justice League Dark team came out of the New 52 storyline featuring the Justice League's magic cousin. Shade was originally a shapeshifting character created by Steve Ditko, then rebooted in the '90s as a man with a reality-altering vest. In both incarnations, the second of which transitioned into the JLD, Shade's character was defined by his adaptability. To fight the forces of madness threatening space and time, you have to be willing to both commit and change plans wherever necessary. This strange balance of devotion and adaptability is a huge part of being an ESFP, which is why we thought he deserved this spot above anyone else.

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7. Man-Bat - ISTJ

6 Man-Bat

To be fair, the character we're classifying here is Dr. Kirk Langstrom, the human alter-ego of Man-Bat. After all, it would be difficult to draw out the personality traits of a were-bat (although we are open to your suggestions). Langstrom, like many ISTJs, is a scientist at heart. He is objective in the way he gathers information, constantly curious about what makes things tick, and analytical to an almost inhuman point. Like other scientist-turned-monster characters, Langstrom is a guy with a deep, dangerous need for knowledge. That's his tragic flaw, and it's also the reason we put him here.

6. Enchantress - ISTP

Enchantress is, in this writer's humble opinion, one of the most underrated characters in the DC Universe. She's a Lovecraftian magic user, a near-human from a forgotten age both blessed and cursed with reality-bending abilities. And it's those abilities that land her here. ISTPs are all about their skill set. They enjoy honing them to their most effective point, and then using them to face (or in Enchantress's case, cause) a lot of different problems. Because of her abilities, Enchantress made for a great villain in the New 52 JLD run, and probably should've made for a better one in Suicide Squad.

5. Detective Chimp - INTP

Detectives Detective Chimp

Part of the fun of the current Justice League Dark run is the hilarity of Detective Chimp. He's is the most logic-driven character in the book (maybe in the DC Universe), but he is also a monkey dressed as Sherlock Holmes. It's that logic, and not so much the other part, that makes him a fully-blown INTP. They are analytical and technical, able to solve problems by seeing patterns where others don't. In fact, there's no one in the current DCEU who can do what Chimp does. Maybe it's time Warner Bros. started looking for an actor that can play, well, a monkey dressed as Sherlock.

Totally kidding, they don't have to look. It's Andy Serkis.

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4. Madame Xanadu - ISFP

madame xanadu dc

Madame Xanadu was kind of the Professor X of the New 52 Justice League Dark. She was the team teacher, the wisest and most level-headed of a group full of wildly different individuals. As such, we're pretty sure she's an ISFP. ISFPs encourage others to be their best selves, usually serving as their inspiration to work hard and be honest. She is empathetic and unselfish, attracted to a position where she can act as a kind of servant-leader. Just like the X-Men's Founding Father. Although, she definitely is older than Professor X. Madame Xanadu has lived for over the course of many centuries, and Patrick Stewart's only made it to, like, four.

3. Deadman - ENFP

It's a terrible dad joke to say that Deadman is a "free spirit," but it's also very true. Boston Brand proves time and again that he's an independent guy, one who doesn't care what other people think of him. This is true of most ENFPs. They're not opposed to other people around, but they won't take orders from them. Actually, this is kind of why Deadman (and other ENFPs) can be somewhat annoying in a team situation. Their individuality can make them unreliable. Still, ENFPs tend to also know how to be liked. You might not want them to help your team play a game, but you can count on them to be the life of the party.

Yes, that was another terrible Deadman joke.

2. Swamp Thing - ISFJ

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing, unlike many supernatural creatures, has had pretty consistent employment. Granted, it's not an office job or anything. Since his creation, Swamp Thing has always devoted himself to his role of Protector of the Green. This sense of loyalty to the earth and duty in his position is what makes him an ISFJ. Like those folks, he places a high value on commitment. It is important, even vital to him that he does his job well. This responsibility almost always serves as part of the motivation for his character. If you want to get Swamp Thing to help you out, tell him the natural world is in danger. That usually gets him.

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1. Zatanna - ESTJ

Zatanna is never afraid to speak her mind. Actually, she's not afraid of saying just about anything, especially if it's in reverse and will send a demon back to Hell. Everyone's favorite DC magician is assertive and passionate, just like other ESTJs. She has a strong sense of order, but she is not completely rigid in her beliefs. In true ESTJ fashion that's because she possesses both empathy for the people currently around her and a moral system defined by a lifetime of lessons. Though you can usually find her on the Justice League Dark, Zatanna's ESTJ qualities make her a great addition to any team. Including, possibly, the Birds of Prey.

Looking at you, Warner Bros.

Who are your favorite Justice League Dark characters? Where do you place them on the Myers Briggs® personality chart? Let us know in the comments section below!

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