9 Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Batman's Villains

Each and every Batman villain is deceivingly unique, one-of-a-kind, and almost impossible to label. Ironically enough, the Myers-Briggs® test is only done on the mentally stable, and clearly, most of our favorite baddies are not exactly the sanest. They've all pulled some pretty wild stunts that would never go over well with the non-evil folks. However, this list is done with all due respect to their insanity and devious perspectives on Gotham City. What a crazy bunch!

It's very difficult to put such immensely complicated characters in a box, so just for the fun of it, here are some of our favorite Batman nemeses displayed in a psychologically relatable manner.

9. Bane: ISTJ, The Duty Fulfiller

A practical genius and a world-class fighter, Bane's matter-of-fact mind led him to augmenting his incomparable physical strength with a special chemical solution called venom (the ultimate steroid). It's venom that made him an unbeatable force and one of Batman's strongest foes.

ISTJs are logical, practical, and earn success by their thoroughness. They are practical and extremely focused; they will stop at nothing until they get what they want (and in this case, Batman), no matter the distractions.

Bane’s high determination to perish his foes makes him a true ISTJ, even if it takes him a long time to accomplish his goal.

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8. The Riddler: INTJ, The Scientist

Riddle me this: I am analytical, determined, and original with an exceptional ability to turn my theories into solidly executed plans, who am I? The answer is simple: an INTJ.

The Riddler is one of the many villains that fit into this type of personality. Showing high competence and knowledge, INTJs have super high standards for themselves, as well as the performance of others. Their incredible minds can easily be used in the evil department in high capacity, which is why many villains, unfortunately, do fit in that category.

The Riddler's INTJ personality lead him to become one of Batman's few archnemeses that literally keeps popping up every time.

7. Scarecrow: INTP, The Thinker

Scarecrow himself might offer debates to this kind of analysis due to being a former brilliant psychologist that doesn’t really like to follow the rules. A former respected professor, Jonathan Crane lost all of his credibility when he got super obsessive with his experiments and took it way too far. This was a big factor in his descent to madness.

Just by his story alone, you can tell he is an INTP that took it way too far! INTPs are logical, creative, and are driven to make their theories become a reality without any regard for human life. This, of course, makes them great villain material.

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6. Ra's al Ghul: INFP, The Idealist

Furious at humanity, Ra’s al Ghul’s whole plan is to wipe the human race as he sees that this is best for the world. Knowing that alone makes the INFP personality-type a perfect fit for him.

INFPs are reflective, quiet, and seek idealism in all parts of life. They have an ingrained system consisting of values that they live by and never stray from. They are also super chill until you threaten one of their values. In this case, they turn into immortal villains who believe humanity is a disease roaming the planet that should be rid of. One way to accomplish that goal, of course, is by fighting Batman.

5. Harley Quinn: ESFP, The Entertainer

Harley Quinn is by far one of the most entertaining and interesting characters in the whole DC Universe. Her fun-loving and quirky personality traits make her a definite ESFP.

ESFPs sure make things way more fun for others by enjoying even the darkest moments and staying present. They also love to make new friends and enjoy being the center of attention when they walk into a room. Although Harley isn’t getting much attention from The Joker, she somehow stays loyal to the core along with acquiring some of his incredible charisma and life views. Knowing this, these are some of the reasons she fell in love with him during their time in the asylum in the first place.

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4. Killer Croc: ESTP, The Doer

ESTPs are action-oriented risk takers that live fast-paced lives. They focus their energy more on 'doing' and less on 'thinking.' Also known as “The Doer,” ESTPs tend to be very impatient and always want immediate results. They do not abide by any rules — especially if said rules get in the way of what they truly want.

Killer Croc is all that and more. With revered super-strength, he has a scary crocodile-like appearance given to him due to a rare genetic condition that got even worse over time. Through all the gene mutations, this lead him to be less smart and all the more a powerful adversary for Batman.

3. The Ventriloquist: ENTJ, The Commander/ESFJ, The Consul

The Ventriloquist is a hard personality to label because, at times, he actually has two. Imprisoned by a multiple personality disorder, Arnold Wesker is helpless and hides behind an evil dummy by the name of Scarface that he is a servant to.

This is why Wesker is an ESFJ, while Scarface is an ENTJ. ESFJs are the caregivers that value the needs of others over their own, resenting loneliness and solidarity.

On the other hand, ENTJs are organizers and leaders who like to give orders. They become furious of those who are inefficient and incompetent. Some people are suspicious of Arnold’s case and have theories, saying that he is the one that controls the doll and uses it as camouflage to justify his horrendous actions.

2. Mr. Freeze: ISTP, The Mechanic

Mr. Freeze’s story is a tragic one. His beloved wife’s (Nora) terminal illness led him to freeze her in suspended animation to later find a cure for her incurable illness. This showed extreme loyalty and devotion to the love of his life, as well as the incredibly genius ideas he thought up. Accomplishing this too-good-to-be-true outcome proves that he is a true ISTP.

ISTPs are reserved, quiet, and interested in how things are put together and work. They possess great mechanical skills and are a super loyal bunch. ISTPs also do not mind breaking some rules for the sake of getting what they want.

1. Catwoman: ENFP, The Inspirer

Similar to her relationship with Batman, Catwoman is a complicated woman, to say the least. It is pretty difficult to put her in one box but somehow, we found one that fits just right, and that box is ENFP.

ENFPs are creative personalities that are able to do almost anything that interests them. They are easily seduced by glamour, excited by new endeavors, and are too bored when it comes to the details. They have an open mind and a vast world of abilities and interests. Nothing will stop them from acquiring all the jewels of life that shine oh so bright!

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