The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Death Note Characters

Death Note: a manga, an anime, multiple live-action movies and shows... It gained popularity quite a while ago and never seemed to slow down since. Especially with rereleases everywhere — the most recent one being on Netflix. Although each medium it appears on has its controversies, the characters seem to retain the same basic personalities. It's these distinct personalities that drive the plot.

Some of the characters are admirable, while some are not. They all have their strengths and weaknesses — so why not explore them and find out exactly which one matches your Myers-Briggs® type? The results may just surprise you.

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10. Light Yagami: INTJ, The Architect

Light Yagami, also known as Kira, is a source of controversy when it comes to his Myers-Briggs® type. People debate INTJ vs. ENTJ all the time, but personally, I’m going to put him down as an INTJ.

Although it’s easy to see the commanding side of him, he didn’t need the credit for what he did — not initially, anyway. As long as it was being executed (haha, pun), he didn’t need everyone to be worshipping the name Light — specifically just his alias. He also seemed to prefer to be alone rather than draw energy from people.

So, INTJ it is!

9. L: INTP, The Logician

L is actually easily mistaken for an INTJ. He’s closed off, logical, and guarded — but not so much that he’s an INTJ. He’s actually more of an INTP because what matters most to him is knowledge. He doesn’t execute plans (although, he can when he has to!) so much as he finds out about other people’s and learns everything about them. After all, he successfully found out about Light, didn’t he?

INTPs are innovative and know when they have to stick to the rules and when they have to break them for the sake of knowledge. L fits this perfectly.

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8. Chief Yagami: ISTJ, The Logistician

It’s easy to confuse INTP and this type: the logician vs. the logistician. They almost sound the same, but Chief Yagami is quite different from L, and definitely more of an ISTJ.

He’s very reliable throughout the whole series and can be depended on to search for the truth. He does his best research even if he’s not quite as adept at finding things out as L tends to be. He’s practical and works entirely based on facts. Of course, he didn’t notice Kira was under his roof the whole time, but he was trying his best and seems to be one of the less corrupt characters in the series.

7. Ryuk: ENTP, The Debater

Can you assign a Myers-Briggs® type to someone who isn’t human?

If you can, Ryuk is an ENTP.

It seems that throughout the series, he can’t resist posing moral debates and challenges. He loves to follow Light around, and seems genuinely curious about what humans will do with the death note itself. He doesn’t seem particularly emotionally attached to anything or anyone but rather, is looking for intellectual stimulation. So if we can assign Myers-Briggs® to personality types, it’s only logical to assume that Ryuk himself is an ENTP.

I wouldn’t want to take him on in a debate, though...

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6. Watari: INFJ, The Advocate

Watari is one of the more pure characters in the series. An older man, he works with L and seems to genuinely care for him, which is probably a hard task since L is constantly poking his nose in dangerous situations. He doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of self-care, but anyway...

Watari is an INFJ. He seems to keep himself to himself but genuinely cares about L and all of the people around him; he's someone who just wants the best. He's an idealist, as INFJs often are. To be honest, I just wanted Watari to be safe and happy, always…

5. Misa Amane: ENFP, The Campaigner

Misa was made very differently in the Netflix live action (don’t ask me about this, I have a lot to say and feel strongly about her changes), but in the anime and manga, she was a definite ENFP. She was very sociable and tended to hang onto Light despite him constantly hinting that he didn’t want Misa around (or just simply wanted to be alone). She rarely seemed to be hurt by the way he brushed her off and was happy to keep smiling and hanging around him — all of which makes her a pretty staple ENFP, the campaigner type.

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4. Near: Another INTJ, The Architect

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Near was one of the successors to L and is a definite INTJ, one letter-type away from L himself. He didn’t seem to be particularly emotional, with far less of personal attachments to people. He, on his own, was not good enough to uncover Kira in the anime, but he was one half of a team who did and was undoubtedly very intelligent.

Like all INTJs, Near’s strengths lay in being able to come up with a logical plan and see it through. He was the perfect choice to be one of L’s successors, and his intelligence is exactly what got the job done.

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3. Mello: ESFJ, The Consul

Mello, L’s other successor, was almost the dead opposite of Near, which is interesting since the two of them got the job done and successfully found out who Kira was. Clearly, it takes balance!

He was actually originally envisioned as L’s son, which is funny because I can’t really imagine L with kids. Regardless, he has a pretty interesting past, as someone who grew up in an orphanage for intellectually gifted children, and actually ended up joining the mafia. As an ESFJ, he is also a curious choice for a successor to L. But, along with Near, he was apparently a personality type very much needed to solve the case.

2. Matsuda: ISFP, The Adventurer

Matsuda, bless his heart, is a questionable police officer. Particularly at the beginning of the series, he tended to impede the investigation more than he helped it by being clumsy in his way of going about things. However, he improved as time went on, and no one could deny that he had good intentions. He was just a bit of rookie.

In heart, he’s absolutely an ISFP. He’s an adventurer who means well, always ready to dive in and help out — even if his methods aren’t as logically thought out as one of the more –NTJ types. I just want to protect him, to be honest.

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1. Kiyomi: Another ESFJ, The Consul

Death Note, sadly, is somewhat lacking in prominent female characters to type, but Kiyomi Takada is one of them aside from Misa. She’s Light’s former girlfriend who also ends up as a spokesperson for Kira — already making her sound like a pretty questionable personality. And she is. She very much believes in Kira’s ideals, but she’s also a very smart woman.

In a way, she’s also very eager to help, though. Her methods may be questionable, but she truly believes she’s helping to better the world with her beliefs and actions. This is what makes her a pretty textbook ESFJ.

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