The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of DC Superheroes

I always find it really interesting to know the Myers-Briggs® type of fictional characters. I’m both obsessed with said fictional characters and psychology was one of my majors, so it’s probably a combination of both, but like most other people, I also love knowing which characters are just like me. It’s not always flattering, of course—especially for me being an INTJ—but it’s always interesting. And on a list of superheroes, it’s a win/win, right? How could it not be flattering?

Of course, this is just one person’s opinion, but you should definitely read through this list of main superheroes in the DC comics and see if any of them match up to you.

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10. Batman: INTJ, The Mastermind

First up is my type, and probably the most famous superhero of all DC; the one who’s had a ridiculous amount of movies made about them. The truth is, Bruce Wayne is an absolutely indisputable INTJ. INTJs are practical, methodical, and good at suppressing their emotion to get the job done. They don’t necessarily have a lot of people skills or make particularly empathetic mentors, but they tend to be very intelligent and logical, making them very effective at carrying out their plans. All of this just screams Batman, who mostly keeps his personal life private, but is always there to execute brilliant ideas (with the help of his money, of course).

9. Wonder Woman: ENFJ, The Protagonist

Wonder Woman has always been an incredible DC superhero, but she’s had an explosion recently due to her entering the DCEU with the stunning, strong Gal Gadot portraying her. With her boost in popularity, there’s been a new light shone of her character, which is definitely ENFJ.

They are outspoken, charismatic, and hold their morals in high regard, which just screams Diana Prince. Diana tends to be popular with people and very likable, but she also has ethics that she tends to stick to above all else. She follows those morals to the bitter end, making her an almost textbook ENFJ.

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8. Superman: ISFJ, The Defender

Superman is an oddly divisive character in DC, with people tending to really love him or not care about him at all. Regardless of what you think of him though, he’s pretty obviously an ISFJ.

Superman is a defender, and as ISFJs love peace and harmony, this makes him a perfect fit for the category. They also tend to be enthusiastic and generous, both roles that Superman gladly fulfills. Although he can be charismatic, he definitely keeps to himself enough to be considered an introvert, though. ISFJ tends to be the type that’s considered to bring out the best in others, and there’s no denying that this hero does just that.

7. Zatanna: ISFP, The Adventurer

Zatanna is a character that isn’t quite as well-known as the above three, mainly for the simple reason that she hasn’t made much of an appearance on the big screen yet and is a much bigger character than anything else. Those who do know her—and know her well—will agree that she’s an ISFP. ISFPs are essentially adventurers, and often don’t seem like introverts due to their warm and outgoing nature. They tend to be confident and don't shy away from too many people, but make no mistake, although they might fool you, they’re definitely introverts, and Zatanna is one of these particularly deceiving types.

6. Starfire: ESFJ, The Consul

Starfire is an alien superhero, much like Superman, and one of the Teen Titans. Like Zatanna, she doesn’t have much of a screen presence yet, but this doesn’t mean she’s any less of an interesting character in the comics; she’s a definite ESFJ. Moving away from the introverts now, Starfire tends to be one of the far more obvious extraverts of the comics — there’s no mistaking her for anything else. ESFJs revel in the spotlight, and if any of the DC characters have a tendency towards this, it’s 100% the dynamic Starfire. I wish I had Starfire’s confidence, to be honest.

5. Aquaman: ENTJ, The Commander

Aquaman is another character who’s been given a new lease of popularity due to his appearance in the DCEU. A key figure of Justice Leagueand with his own movie coming out next month—Jason Momoa has given this character a lot of attention. Even in the comics, he’s pretty great, to be honest.

Aquaman is definitely an ENTJ. He’s an extrovert who commands people well and can border on being pretty controlling. ENTJs are as obvious extraverts as the ESFJs mentioned above, they just tend to be more controlling than social. Jason Momoa was actually a perfect fit for this type… he cuts an intimidating figure.

4. The Flash: INFP, The Mediator

The Flash has taken many different forms: the comics, the TV universe, the DCEU… And for that reason, he’s become a very popular character in many different forms. People love the Flash, and for good reason.

Fans can also relate to him a lot. He’s one of the slightly rarer personality types, with INFPs being the ninth most common out of 16. INFPs are almost the stereotypical introvert. They’re reserved, quiet, and not particularly comfortable talking about themselves. They love logic and patterns. They don’t tend to always be comfortable in social situations. Doesn’t that all scream Flash?

3. Green Lantern: ESTP, The Entrepreneur

Green Lantern is predominantly a comic book character, though there was actually a movie. No one really likes thinking about the movie though — there was even a joke about it in the latest Deadpool movie by Ryan Reynolds, who was in the Green Lantern movie itself. Whoops!

Nevertheless, he’s a great character in the comics. He’s an ESTP, governed by a need for social interaction, like a lot of extraverts. ESTPs are very hands-on and tend to be impulsive, to move without thinking, not stopping to think about the patterns and logic before they dive into the newest thing.

2. Cyborg: ISTP, The Virtuoso

The comics about Cyborg are very worth reading. An interesting superhero, he had a movie role in Justice League too, which is awesome that he’s breaking into the DCEU as a super interesting character. But I won’t spoil too much about him for those who are still learning. I will say, however, that he’s definitely an ISTP, one of the more common personality types.

Mysterious and rational, but also spontaneous, ISTPs are hard to predict and get to know because they don’t seem to have too much consistency. But the truth is, they just tend to keep their rationale hidden. Much as Cyborg does.

1. Tim Drake: INTP, The Logician

Tim Drake was the third Robin and has quite a history to him. If you’re looking in the DC comics for a definitive INTP, this guy is definitely it. INTPs are said to be the most logical minded of all the personality types, which fits Drake really well. They’re good at detecting liars and reading people, but also good with general, laid out on paper, plain old logic, too. They flourish in areas where this can be expressed and developed. Just reading about Tim Drake makes him the absolute perfect for this personality type.

It's nice to see that the DC universe represents introverts and extroverts in equal measure!

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