myebook.com launches, offers free ebook creation and distribution tools

Official Press Release

myebook.com (beta), a newly launched, web-based, ebook community site gives everyone the tools to create book content and get it out there for free. And straight away it's proving to be a hit with comic book publishers.

Every aspect of publishing your content is covered, from creating, to sharing, to reading, in by far the slickest and simplest way seen so far.

Simon Whitehall, head of myebook communications, commented: "Forget web 2.0, we've just turned the page to chapter 3.0. With myebook.com, we've made it possible for anyone to upload, or create from scratch, beautifully simple or adventurously complex page designs and covers online, in no time. What's more, you can publish your book with a single button and release it to the world before the (virtual) ink's dry! You can create as many publications as you want. And it's all free."

"Comic book creators love it. The system is a great environment to create and publish comics and graphic novels. The power and richness of the design features are out of this world, certainly by web standards."

Readers may well feel it all sounds a bit too good to be true. So where's the small print?

"There isn't any. The only limitation is your imagination. An over-used cliche but never more appropriate than here. Create, publish and share. We simply want you to 'get it out there." he exclaimed, reiterating the strap line given to the project.

But does that mean you need to have the intellect of The Dark Knight Detective to figure it all out?

"On the contrary, the whole service has been designed so that any mere mortal can use it. No superhuman programming skills required! That's the cool part about it."

The team behind it all feels that the service has undoubtedly stolen a march on the rest of the publishing industry. Whilst judging a book by it's cover is never advised, spending a few minutes at the site will convince even the most hardened bookworm.

"Like the digital music revolution, myebook aims to give back total control to the content creator and the reader. It provides a way to publish what they want and connect with their audience directly. It's incredible."

He added. "We're years ahead of the market for sure. You simply can't draw-up such a rich, yet simple set of services like this and get it out in a week. It takes years. Reading between the lines, we think we've got it right."

And before the traditionalists take to the altar, fear not. The company is not trumpeting the death of print. No, they're quick to point out that whilst print itself is great, it's the advantages of the traditional publishing and distribution model that are fading fast. Currently the myebook team is exploring options for letting users order hard copy editions of its content.

To read more, and to 'get it out there' today, simply visit http://www.myebook.com

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