My Uncle Jeff joins the Alternative Comics family this Summer

Official Press Release

Gainesville, Florida, April 30, 2003: Alternative Comics announced that it will release the new edition of Damon Hurd and Pedro Camello's Eisner Award nominated picture novella, My Uncle Jeff, debuting the first Alternative Comics edition at Comic-Con International: San Diego this August.

Nominated for the 2003 Eisner Award for "Best Single Issue," this touching and compelling narrative tells the true story of a young man who encounters his favorite uncle for the first time in ten years and reflects on a childhood hero through adult eyes. This is a work that resonates with emotion, pain, love, and true sentiment. My Uncle Jeff is the debut release of beta, a series of graphic novels by Damon Hurd.

My Uncle Jeff is by Damon Hurd and Pedro Camello; $3.95; 32 pages; ISBN: 1-891867-56-3.

"With this extremely personal story, Hurd has masterfully taken a man who looks as if he has nothing and shows us that he has everything he really needs." ~Nathan Melby, The Comics Buyer's Guide

"My Uncle Jeff is exceptional, without a doubt the best comic I've read all year." ~Brian Miller, Savant

"This thoroughly personal, honest is so much more than just a slice-of-life comic. Its philosophical approach to life and family is the sort of thing that everyone should read." ~Randy Lander, The 4th Rail

"…nothing less than a moving masterwork" ~Diamond Dialogue

"In just twenty-eight pages, Hurd writes a tale of surprising psychological complexity." ~Ryan Paul, PopMatters

"Rarely do two creators weave a tapestry of a comic as well as here." ~Andrew Cheverton, Borderline

"It's a beautiful story and worthy of every word that has been said about it and even more. If you haven't read this, then by all means pick it up. It is an amazing comic that is not to be missed." ~Derek Martinez, Ramblings

"It's an excellent read that left me pondering my own family interactions." ~Johanna Draper Carlson, Comics Worth Reading

Damon Hurd is twenty-four years old, happily married to someone far smarter than him, and lives too far north of New York City. Besides writing and reading comix, he frequents jazz clubs, and brews amazingly good beer. One can usually find him at pubs in a little town called New Paltz where he sucks at pool, but excels at drinking. beta includes the recently released, My Uncle Jeff, as well as the forthcoming works, A Sort of Homecoming, and The White Elephant.

The Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards are considered the "Oscars" of the comic book industry. They are handed out each year in a gala ceremony at Comic-Con International: San Diego, the largest and oldest comics convention in the United States, drawing over 63,000 people last year. Ballots will be going out in early May to some 4,000 comics publishers, creators, and retailers. The results will be announced in a gala awards ceremony at Comic-Con: International: San Diego on the night of Friday, July 18 at the San Diego Convention Center's new ballroom.

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