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My Top Ten (Marvel October) Covers

by  in Comic News Comment
My Top Ten (Marvel October) Covers

Here are the Marvel solicits for October, and here are my Top Ten covers for the month!

Honestly, I totally forgot that I didn’t do this one yet. I got caught up in SDCC that week and never thought about it until now.


Jason Pearson has been doing a lot of fun cover designs for Deadpool.

I especially love the fist bump for the card design. Very cute.


I think I would dig this Dave Johnson cover for the last issue of this volume of Punisher Max a bit better if I considered Punisher synonymous with New York City.

Still, it’s a lovely cover.

I want to critique the cover for misleading us about tall the Punisher is in the comic! “There better be some Jimmy Olson-esque growth serum involved in this comic book!!” That’s what I’d say if I were being foolish.


I think Alex Garner hits just the right note of over-the-top evocation of Sci-Fi serials with this Guardians of the Galaxy cover.


Really clever cover idea by Rafael Albuquerque, who has been absolutely amazing on these Hercules covers lately.

There’s an even better one ahead!


Skottie Young’s sense of design and style is just beautiful.

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man is lucky to have him doing covers for the book.

Cloak and Dagger never looked so good (Of course, that’s based on nothing, really – they might have had some amazing covers in the past by other great artists – what’s the best Cloak and Dagger cover that you can think of?).


“WHAT?!? Dark Reign ISN’T going to last forever?!?!?!?”

I don’t even think this cover really works that well for a Deadpool cover, but I just love how intentionally over the top it is.



This Travis Charest Astonishing X-Men cover is actually comparably weak to some of the amazing covers he’s had in the past, but it’s still a very nice cover.

A very good “hey, check this book out! It’s going to be on time now!” attention-getter.


I love the mood Francesco Mattina gives this Thunderbolts cover.

And it even ties in with the STORY (the Widow’s face being obscured)! How awesome is that?


Albuequerque strikes again with a very nifty Hercules cover!

The contrast between Cho thinking and Hercules getting into a ridiculous jam is awesome.


Great to see Peter Bagge’s Hulk cover finally get published.

It’s great.

The Red Hulk variant is even more awesome.


Skottie Young comes up with a good design, then decides, I guess for the heck of it, to also come up with striking and well-drawn characterization work!

I am glad that Young is getting the mainstream attention now – he deserves it. He’s amazing.

Okay, that’s my top ten! What’s yours?

NOTE: This will be the last My Top Ten Covers for now. A commenter made a pretty decent suggestion for how to do a workable version of Judging Books By Their Covers, so I think I’ll go with that starting later this month.

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