My Top Ten (Marvel June) Covers

Here are the Marvel solicits for June, and here are my Top Ten covers for the month!

10. I really dig the old-fashioned vibe for this time-traveling Uncanny X-Men cover by Yanick Paquette (some of the best cover work from Paquette in some time), but I think the facial expression by Beast really seals the deal for me with this cover.

9. Boy, when Yu's pencils are tight, they are certainly a sight to see.

Another good example, by the way, of showing the action BEFORE the "real" action. Classic stuff there.

8. Straightforward idea, but Skottie Young puts enough of his own special spin on it that it still stands out.

7. Okay, to start with, as you might have noticed by now, I seem to be quite partial to covers featuring a ton of arrows being shot at a character. I think it's a great visual idea.

What's unique about this Bermejo Elektra cover, however, is that he actually seems to show how it is feasible for someone to survive such a barrage - he makes it look reasonable that Elektra would be able to deflect all those arrows.

Good stuff.

6. David Williams does all he can on this cover to get you to be interested in Dazzler.

I particularly love how he draws her in a slightly different style - what a brilliant design choice.


Of all the comics Marvel could possibly reprint (in a TWO VOLUME SERIES, no less!), how the heck did they come up with Fighting Chance as their next project?

Fighting Chance was a sad ending to Mark Gruenwald's run, which had a lot of good moments to it (when the book's numbering still began with the number 3).

5. That's some great balance with the Pet Avengers covers!

I particularly love the way he makes all of the pet interactions with each other seem realistic AND dynamic!

4. One of the many cute things about Skottie Young's Wonderful Wizard of Oz covers is the dialogue made out of pictures that he's been doing.

Young is just one of the most delightful designers of a cover there is out there.

3. If you ever have an occasion where a cover with a ton of heroes all charging together would make sense, Alex Ross IS quite good at that type of thing.

I've actually been quite impressed with most of the covers for this series.

2. Not only is this a cool drawing by Jason Pearson, but it is also a clever gag and it even ties into the topic of the issue!!!

That's awesome right there - Pearson is one of the few big name guys who will come in and bust his ass for a cover and actually work in the topic of the issue rather than just doing a pin-up (not that pin-ups are bad all the time).

1. Paolo Rivera takes the cake this time around, though, with this ultra-fun Young Allies cover, where he manages to not only make the book look Alex Schomburg-esque, he also managed to make it a fun cover period, while also throwing in some 1940s style action.

This rejected cover sketch for the issue that Rivera posted on his blog would also probably have been very cool looking.

That's my top ten! What's yours?

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