My Top Ten (DC September) Covers

Here are the DC solicits for September, and here are my Top Ten covers for the month!


I think Phil Noto treads the line between "striking cover image" and "sexualization of a teenage girl" wonderfully on this Batgirl cover.

Well done, Phil!

9. I am a bit unsure exactly what KAKO is showing us on this Greek Street cover, but damned if it isn't interesting looking as all heck!

8. I love Joshua Middleton's facial expressions - you add in the neat target motif and the end result is a fine Supergirl cover.

7. John Paul Leon does two really impressive things with this DMZ cover.

One, he makes the center image "pop" nicely - but two, he then takes advantage of that "popped" image to place upon it something to make the image more interesting - the whole "PRESS" thing mixed with the machine gun.

That's the hook of the cover and he manages to call as much attention to it as possible - it's really a strong piece of artwork.

6. Very striking cover by Jock for Scalped.

It reminds me of some of Marcelo Frusin's great Loveless covers.


Okay, less making fun and more a serious question here - the baby on this Blackest Night: Titans cover by Ed Benes - is the fact that the baby's head placement does not match the reflection a mistake or is it intentional?

You gotta love the fact that Guillem March added a few lines on this Gotham City Sirens cover to make it look like Poison Ivy was wearing clothes.

You know, because otherwise, that cover wouldn't look classy.

5. Very funny Jack of Fables cover by Brian Bolland.

It is particularly cool because it ties in directly with the story inside. Bolland is really good at taking ideas from the book's plot and doing the best with them.

4. This Walt Simonson Vigilante cover is incredibly eye-popping.

What a way to work in a guest star!!!

I imagine the logo for this issue will be lower on the book.

I remember someone criticizing the cover for The Unwritten #1 because the logo would obscure the best part of the cover, but when the book came out, the logo was lower in the cover so as to not obscure the cool stuff. So, typically, I think we should give the production department at these companies a little credit for some common sense.

3. I love the dynamic nature of this Scott Gross cover for Looney Tunes.

The lava pops really nicely.

I am sure that we'll see some post-production addition of a pithy statement on Daffy's sign.

Really good cover that truly captures the feel of Looney Tunes cartoons.

2. If this Jock Batman Confidential cover was just a cool Batman pose, it would likely still be on my Top Ten.

But the way he has an awesome Batman posed cover while working in the plot of the story (Batman goes to Russia!) makes it that much more impressive.

1. J.H. Williams has just been absolutely nuts on these Detective Comics covers since he started doing them.

This one is no exception - a beautiful cover design, an interesting cover idea and an impeccable execution of the design and cover idea.

Williams is a freakin' national treasure.

Okay, so that's my top ten! What's yours?

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