My Top Ten (DC June) Covers

Here are the DC solicits for June, and here are my Top Ten covers for the month!


This is a compelling debut by Daniel LuVisi as the cover artist on Secret Six.

I like the detail in each character's personality, and I like that they're facing the left side of the comic - that's a rare thing for a cover artist to do in a design, so I like the oddity of it all.


Simonson has been seemingly alternating on the Vigilante covers he has been doing - sometimes he'll do these striking types of covers, where his design stands out from the crowd (even while it is basically just a pin-up) and other times he has done some generic looking action shots.


I'm loving the sort of sketchy vibe that Dustin Nguyen is going for on this Streets of Gotham cover.

It's nicely and darkly evocative.


J. H. Williams is so awesome that he takes a fairly generic "hero leaping forward" cover and adds enough personality so that it still stands out - and I love the work he does with the bottom panel - perfect for a comic that has a back-up feature in it.


I really dig the way that Jock is almost showing his faith in the reader, hoping that the colors clashing against the black background will make them see what he is doing with the lines.

I think it could stand to be a bit MORE obvious (readers tend to be kinda blind), but overall, a well-designed Scalped cover by a great artist.


Come on, as soon as you heard that they were going to be doing a Batman book based on female characters, how could they hire anyone but Guillem March to draw it?

Anything else (save for Ed Benes) would have been sheer lunacy!!

5. I like the way that Scott Gross plays with the seemingly confined nature of the fight poster to get a (pardon the pun) striking cover image on this Looney Tunes cover.

4. A strong return by Simon Bisley to monthly cover duty on Hellblazer!

3. What really makes this cover is the facial expression Quitely gives Robin.

That right there makes the cover pop just by itself.

2. Two covers in, Yuko Shimizu has done a remarkable job creating interesting covers that directly tie in with the concept of writing.

Unwritten is off to a good start, cover-wise!

1. Vincent Deporter, likewise, is off to a great start with his Scooby Doo covers.

What a clever approach to a Scooby Doo cover - it's well-drawn, and it's unique enough that I can see it standing out to a fan of Scooby Doo - the idea of the unmasking is so ingrained within the concept of Scooby Doo that anything that plays with that idea is really going to connect with fans of the character/show.

That's my top ten! What's yours?

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