My Top Ten (DC July) Covers

Here are the DC solicits for July, and here are my Top Ten covers for the month!

Oops, I accidentally published Chad's (not yet finished) bit earlier instead of this one. My apologies!

10. I've really been enjoying Dave Johnson's Unknown Soldier covers.

I really like the mixture of the three "weapons" that make up the "Easy Kill."

8. You have to love the facial expression that Amanda Conner does with Power Girl on this cover.

The body language is great, too. I just wish as much time was spent on the rest of the cover, which is fairly detached from the great work Conner does with Power Girl.

9. A great cover idea by Robert Pope for the final issue of Cartoon Network Block Party.

Nothing better than letting everyone say goodbye one last time! I hope there's some sort of follow-up to this series.

7. Another strong Jock cover for Scalped.

Although I wonder if the "floating objects" bit by Jock might not get a little tired soon...

6. Take Scott Gross for instance - he doesn't do the same type of cover twice. Last month we had a straightforward cover style that he did a bit of a "fourth wall busting" with, while this issue's cover we have a straightforward racing cover, only done in the traditional Looney Tunes fashion, it is not traditional at all!

The angles used by Gross really make the cover pop.


I think this says it all about this Blackest Night tie-in by Ed Benes...

Way to make Guillem March's covers look classy.

5. Cristiano Cucina does a really nice job getting to the heart of Jonah Hex with this cover.

Jonah Hex is a comic where a lot of gruesome stuff happens, and Jonah Hex is a character who can live within this world without it really affecting him - and Cucina gets that all across nicely with this cover.

4. Vincent Deporter continues his string of impressive Scooby Doo covers with this eye-popping fireworks cover.

Talk about making a book stand out from the crowd - nothing like fireworks to get people's attention, and to work it into the story of the cover? Very clever work.

3. I love the way that John Paul Leon intermixes the smaller panels, almost like thought balloons, on this DMZ cover.

He frames the scene beautifully.

2. J. Bone is back with another awesome Super Friends cover!

It's an image that's been used by other artists, which is the only reason this is not #1, because otherwise, J. Bone just nails this cover, particularly the way he pays attention to all the little details, like that cover he did awhile back showing each of the individual Super Friends using their specific power to try to free themselves from a jail cell - this cover is a lot like that, personality-wise.

1. For last month's Detective Comics cover, I was impressed with the way that J. H. Williams added a lushness and a eye-popping quality to a pretty standard cover idea.

Now take that style and apply it to a totally "out there" cover idea?

You get the following awesome cover...

That's my top ten! What's yours?

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