My Top Ten Comics of 2015

Here is my list for the top ten comics for 2015. No honorable mentions this year, but suffice it to say that there were TONS of honorable mentions, just like there are every year, as I read a whoooole lot of good comics. I actually didn't get CBR's call for the top 100 comics list until the last minute, so I had to throw this list together pretty quickly, so I might be missing deserving candidates, but once I sent it in, I figured, hey, close enough! So my write-ups are pretty short.

10 Jem and the Holograms

If I'm biased, what of it? This is a well-told, charming series by Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell with well-crafted, endearing heroes and believable villains, with excellent designs by Campbell (and impressive artists on the book when Campbell ISN'T drawing it, too!)

9 SuperMutant Magic Academy

Jillian Tamaki's collection of tales here are hilarious while still accurately capturing the lives of teenagers with much-appreciated honesty.

8 Paper Girls

In just a handful of issues, Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang have introduced us to four very compelling protagonists and given us a bizarre but compelling scenario for the series.

7 Squirrel Girl

"What, you think I won't fight a dinosaur? Are you CRAZY? All I want to do is fight dinosuars." That quotes perfectly sums up the magnificence of Ryan Noth and Erica Henderson's Squirrel Girl. If only we all could want to fight dinosaurs as much as she does.

6 The Fade Out

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips routinely deliver one of the smartest mystery comics around.

5 Story of My Tits

Jennifer Hayden fully immerses us into her life and as a result, we feel all that she feels in this stunning memoir filled with love and loss and then more love.

4 The Arab of the Future

Riad Sattouf brings us along for an entertainingly amusing story of how his father's weak-minded approach to life negatively affected his family. It is shocking the candor that Sattouf manages to share and it is even more impressive the way that he is able to frame it all as an entertaining story.

3 March Book 2

John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell continue their virtuoso recapturing of Lewis' remarkable life. Powell is magnificent in this volume.

2 Step Aside, Pops

Kate Beaton can deliver, in one strip, more astutely humorous commentary than others can do in a whole book. So imagine a COLLECTION of Beaton's strips? Well, you have yourself quite a good time there.

1 Fante Bukowski

Noah Van Sciver gives us the sensational character find of 2015 in the person of Fante Bukowski, a man so obsessed with his idols that he changed his name to match theirs, although he never quite got around to making himself a good enough writer to live up to their example - but he doesn't quite get that and that is all the fun of Van Sciver's brilliantly told story.

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