My SPX 2012 photo diary

Another Small Press Expo has come and gone, and I have the empty wallet to prove it. My official SPX report appears at Comic Book Resources. You can also hear me blathering on about the show with Joe McCulloch and Matt Seneca over here. Short recap: It was a great show, arguably the best SPX I've been to in a long while.

Despite my self-induced reputation as a horrible photographer, I opted to take photos at the show anyway.

They had these little Mylar balloons tied to all the Ignatz Award nominees so people could easily find them. Neat idea.

Adrian Tomine signs copies of his new book New York Drawings. There were long lines both days for Tomine.

Box Brown's Retrofit Comics booth had a number of nice-looking offerings, including the SP7 anthology, RL by Tom Hart and SF #2 by Ryan Cecil Smith.

This was British publisher Nobrow's first time at SPX, and it did very well, selling out of a number of comics on the first day.

Aidan Koch was hawking copies of her book The Blonde Woman, which is just lovely and well worth your attention.

Sequestered next to the Koyama Press table, the always-charming Dustin Harbin had a new issue of his Diary Comics available for sale.

Bill Kartalopoulos didn't just put together one of the best-ever SPX programming schedules this year, he also had the best jacket at the show.

Benjamin Marra is nobody's fool. If you think otherwise, I suggest you read this.

Lilli Carre's new book Head or Tails was one of the first things to sell out at the Fantagraphics table.

And speaking of Fantagraphics, here's associate publisher Eric Reynolds ...

... and here's Fantagraphics co-publisher Kim Thompson. I would have taken a picture of Gary Groth, but he scares me.

Dan Clowes signs books. About all of this year's special guests had long lines of people eager to get an autograph, and Clowes was no exception.

AdHouse publisher Chris Pitzer, left, and Ethan Rilly are very excited about the debut of Rilly's Pope Hats #3.

I tried to take a number of pictures of the panels I went to, and they all came out horribly. This is from Ryan Holberg's panel on Osamu Tezuka's breakthrough manga New Treasure Island, and how he was influenced by Disney comics from the 1940s. It was fascinating.

Carla Speed McNeil shows off original artwork from her Finder series. She's been going to SPX since it started way back in 1994.

Michael DeForge is distracted by a stray Ignatz balloon while signing copies of Lose #4.

And we'll leave you with a photo of the man responsible for this year's success -- or at least a good deal of it -- SPX executive director Warren Bernard. Nice job, sir.

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