My SDCC Wish List

The annual media madness that is San Diego Comic-Con has begun, bringing with it the annual expectation of big announcements, revelations and teases that will keep the worlds of television and movies busy for the next few months, at least. But what kind of announcements...? Here are five I'd like to see.

Peace In Our Time

Yes, yes, I know; Twilight fans are "spoiling" Comic-Con by... I don't have a clue, being really into their thing and not into everyone else's, or whatever. But it would be nice if this ended up being the year where Comic-Con as a whole got over all its anxieties: Not just the Twi-Hards versus everyone else, but also the "Movies are destroying Comic-Con" crowd, the Manga vs. American Comics crowd, and everybody else. Let's just rejoice in a rainbow of nerd for once, huh?


Marvel Spills The Beans

We know that there's going to be a second Thor and a third Iron Man following next year's Avengers, but what else? Even though there's apparently going to be no big Avengers panel this year, it'd be nice if Marvel decided to share some secrets about what other movies are coming up, and when we could expect them. Also, what news can be shared about their various TV projects...?

Life After Harry Potter

Warners has had an uneven summer so far, with the success of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 spoiled slightly by the failure of Green Lantern. Will there be an announcement about The Flash? Will we hear news about Man of Steel or see footage from The Dark Knight Rises?


Rory And Amy And Melody, Year Three

The one announcement I'd really like from Comic-Con this year - and the one I doubt I'm going to get? That Amy and Rory (and even baby Melody) Pond are signed on for a third season of Doctor Who. We know that both showrunner Stephen Moffat and star Matt Smith will return next season, but Amy and Rory... Not so much. Given the current plot, I wouldn't be surprised if they're done with by the end of the sixth season, but I can hope, right...?

The Next Big Thing

Most importantly, I'm looking forward to the announcements that I can't predict: Something that no-one knows is coming, and yet news that takes the entire convention center - and then the internet, and finally the world (Note: Hyperbole may be used in that last sentence) by storm. Surely there's a movie deal that can be announced can no-one has heard rumors about yet. If not: Hollywood - You have four days to make one happen.

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