My New Music Blog Project! Come Read!

We're commenting on Entertainment Weekly's list of "The 100 best albums from 1983 to 2008."

Being that it's an Entertainment Weekly list it's not very diverse. Or very good.

But Blogger Johnny Bacardi posted the list and I felt mystically/spiritually compelled to comment/rip on it. At length. And somehow I roped Jonathan Bogart who's done some really good music writing in the past into helping me.

So we're going five by five, down the whole list, through George Michael and Tupac and Christina Aguilera and Tom Waits and Nirvana and Madonna (And sorry Greg. No Abba.) all the way to number one.

Some teaser quotes on the first batch o' five.

# 100:

    And [the video]does change the context, by showing us who's the real star here.

    GEORGE MICHAEL'S ASS! guest starring George Michael.

# 97: That narrative, of course, is that Britney Spears is a blank slate, a plastic doll which various producers, critics, and the fascinated, gluttonous, self-righteous public can dress up in whatever costume they wish - and only her complete vacuum of personality has enabled her to successfully embody the spirit of the age.

# 98:

Whhhoooo! P! J! P! J! P! J! I'm listening to the even numbered albums tonight, and this more than (crossed out) almost (crossed out) EXACTLY makes upfor Death Cab back at # 98. It's nice to see someone who's recorded work I'm intimately familiar with, and also am kind of in love with a lot.

# 96: I'd dispute Mark's characterization of this as "emo," though; at least compared to crap like Dashboard Confessional, it's far more melodic and interested in sonic details that emo tends to bury under layers of "passionate" guitars, and Gibbard's lyrics are less self-pitying than oblique (which is a triumph, in my book). In fact, there's a family resemblance to the Shins (and why the fuck isn't Chutes Too Narrow on the list?

So, hey. Come read! Argue with us! Leave comments! It'll be fun.

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