'My Little Pony' Themed Café Opens in Japan

As a culture, the Japanese love to celebrate pop culture in some pretty unique ways. Now, one restauranteur in the Tokyo, Japan's Harajuku neighborhood (home to the famed Harajuku clothing style) has created a way for fans of "My Little Pony" to share in their equestrian obsession over a cup of coffee or some marshmallow and banana chocolate chip pancakes by opening the world's first "My Little Pony" theme café (via MentalFloss).

This nostalgic eatery isn't just  decorated in bright colors and pictures of Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle, though. Everything at the café has some sign of "My Little Pony", from the "I Want  a Pony" message burnt into the toast to the little card stuck in the pork and orange cheese pancake. Even the latte features a pony design sprinkled right on top. And what would a theme shop be without souvenirs? Collectors can pick up limited edition merchandise like keychains, tote bags, and notebooks all decorated with your favorite ponies. What's more, there's an actual, real live pony waiting outside to greet new customers.

Unfortunately, the doors to the café will only be open for a limited time, with the final day of business being November 29. If that's too short notice for you to book your flight to Japan, take solace in living vicariously through the plethora of images that have shown up on twitter. Check them out below (via Rocknews24). You can also visit the café's own website.

ε=ε=ヽ(* ・∀・)ノε=ε=ヽ( ・ิω・ิ)ノ<ブログ! 『「MY LITTLE PONY(マイリトルポニー)」の世界初のキャラクターカフェが原宿に期間限定オープン!』 http://t.co/rl7Y13EEle pic.twitter.com/xAfWbWqjux

— 表参道&青山インフォメーション (@omotesando_info) October 15, 2015

ついにオープン! MY LITTLE PONY Cafe! 開店前から並んでいただきありがとうございます!! 午後も皆様のご来店お待ちしております。 pic.twitter.com/UAudUyFpv1

— マイリトルポニー【公式】 (@mylittleponyjpn) October 13, 2015

店内もとーっても可愛かったよーー♡ pic.twitter.com/iLYgRmyfL4

— 佐々木未来@わんこそば111杯! (@mikoiwate_351) October 13, 2015

10月13日からMY LITTLE PONY Cafeが原宿に期間限定オープン! 原宿のパンケーキ専門店SUNDAY JAMがMY LITTLE PONY Cafeに変身! かわいいオリジナルメニューやグッズも発売!お楽しみに♪ pic.twitter.com/vTl2P5qxxH

— マイリトルポニー【公式】 (@mylittleponyjpn) October 9, 2015

パンケーキもいただきました♥️ラブリーな色合い(=゚ω゚)ノ pic.twitter.com/UUj1ozx70Y

— 三森すずこ10.21 Light for (@mimori_suzuko) October 13, 2015

MY LITTLE PONY Cafeはスイーツも充実☆ カラフルなミルキーレインボーパフェを食べて夕方からも元気いっぱい! pic.twitter.com/yjE1TyvNmx

— マイリトルポニー【公式】 (@mylittleponyjpn) October 13, 2015

レトロポニーがアートされてるカフェラテ(=゚ω゚)ノラスク付き♥️ pic.twitter.com/2v0rmJfC8i

— 三森すずこ10.21 Light for (@mimori_suzuko) October 13, 2015

オープニングイベントでのトワイライトとポニー♪ #umajo pic.twitter.com/cfxglVPjmW

— UMAJO (@umajo_jra) October 13, 2015

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