5 My Hero Academia Characters That Midoriya Can Beat (& 5 That He Can't)

My Hero Academia follows the journey of Izuku Midoriya as he aims to become the greatest pro-hero of all time, just like his idol All Might. Starting his quest without any quirks, Midoriya received the One For All quirk and became its 9th user, after All Might himself. After putting his body through hellish training under All Might's guidance, Midoriya has gotten stronger, and his dream of becoming the greatest hero is no longer just a dream.  Although to achieve this dream, Midoriya has to get stronger than his rivals and foes alike, until he stands on top of them all. In this list, we'll name five characters that Midoriya has already surpassed on his journey and five more that he's yet to surpass.

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10 Can Beat: Setsuna Tokage

One of the most energetic students from class 1-B, Setsuna Tokage made her debut in the Sports Festival arc of the series. Even though she made an early appearance, her real power wasn't revealed until the training exam arc, where she led her team against Bakugo's team. Tokage's quirk, Lizard Tail Splitter, is strong, but against Midoriya's One For All, it pales in comparison. Even though Tokage studies her opponents thoroughly to find their weaknesses, Midoriya is shrewd enough to know how to deal with her, and if Bakugo could knock her out, so can he.

9 Can't Beat: Shigaraki Tomura

The successor to All For One, Shigaraki Tomura is one character who Midoriya cannot even hope of defeating right now. While Midoriya's progress has been stellar, Tomura has exceeded him by leaps and bounds. Through re-awakening his quirk, Decay, Shigaraki has become strong enough to lay cities to dust. He was able to defeat Redestro, and even brought someone as strong as Gigantomachia to heel. Midoriya cannot even compare to him right now and would need a miracle to beat Shigaraki in a fight.

8 Can Beat: Tenya Iida

Taking the mantle of Ingenium from his brother, Iida is the representative of class 1-A. His quirk, known as engine, allows him to move at blazing speed and kick his enemies with tremendous force. Strong as he is, he has no chance of beating Midoriya in combat. Midoriya's One For All grants him speed that is more impressive than Iida's. Everything about Midoriya, from strength, to speed, to reflexes, to mental ability, is superior to Iida's, and even though we're sure he'll put up a decent fight, Midoriya will end up making quick work of him.

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7 Can't Beat: Shoto Todoroki

The son of the current No. 1 Hero, Shoto Todoroki is one of the brightest students at U.A. According to Endeavor, he has the potential to surpass All Might, which speaks volumes about his power. His quirk, known as Half-Cold Half-Hot, allows him to use both ice and fire powers. Todorki has already fought Midoriya once and emerged victorious. Since then, he's excelled at controlling his skills, and his flames have reached the same level as Endeavor's. Beating Todoroki is going to be an arduous task for Midoriya unless he improves further.

6 Can Beat: Katsuki Bakugo

Everyone's favorite hero, also known as King Explosion Murderer, Bakugo Katsuki is the rival of Midoriya. Just like Midoriya, he aims to become the No.1 Hero. Both Bakugo and Midoriya progress equally, and a fight between them would be, more or less, even. However, with Midoriya's awakening of Black Whips, it appears as if he's pulled ahead slightly. Bakugo can still give Midoriya a run for his money, but with two quirks at his disposal and a chance of awakening six more, Midoriya's chances of beating him are reasonably high.

5 Can't Beat: Mirio Togata

Going by the hero name of Lemillion, Mirio is one of the Big Three of U. A. His strength is paramount, and even among the pro-heroes, he's considered to be the man closest to the All Might. Mirio's quirk of Permeation allows him to slip through things at will. After rigorously training it for years, Mirio has reached a level that Midoriya isn't even close to right now. Even without his quirk, he put a great fight against Overhaul. Regardless, it is safe to assume that if Midoriya fights Mirio, he has no hope of defeating him. At least not in the foreseeable future.

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4 Can Beat: Hitoshi Shinso

Hitoshi Shinso is a student of class 1-C at U.A High School. Recently transferring to the Hero Department, Shinso has trained his ability meticulously over the course of a year. His ability of brainwashing gives him an edge over almost everyone. However, that won't work against Midoriya. The two have already fought once at the sports festival, and Midoriya isn't someone who can get fooled by the same trick twice. Even if Shinso's physical attributes have improved severely thanks to Aizawa's training, Midoriya is miles ahead of him and will make quick work of him.

3 Can't Beat: Overhaul


Overhaul, the main antagonist of My Hero Academia Season 4, belongs to the Eight Precepts. He is a competent fighter, and his quirk, also known as Overhaul, makes him a frightening opponent for anyone. Even when faced by threats as significant as Mirio, Overhaul held his own to some extent. While he did lose to Midoriya, it was only possible because of Eri's help. Without her, Midoriya had no chance of even grazing him in combat, let alone defeat him. Midoriya would have to improve drastically to beat him somehow.

2 Can Beat: Yo Shindo

One of the few decent hero students who are not from U.A, Yo is from Ketsubutsu Academy High School. While not a lot is seen of his ability, it is known that he's capable of creating tremors with his quirk, Vibrate. Yo was strong enough to pass the provisional hero license exam and even cooperated with Midoriya to pass. However, with his level of power, it's not possible to defeat Midoriya. Yo's ability certainly is useful, but Midoriya's blazing speed and monstrous strength make him the worst enemy for someone like Yo, who prefers to keep his enemies at bay. If this fight were to ever happen, you won't see Yo on the winning side.

1 Can't Beat: Hawks

The current No. 2 Hero, Hawks, is one of the youngest pro-heroes in My Hero Academia. Even though he's second to Endeavor, Hawks is actually just six years older than Midoriya, which is shocking, considering how strong he is. Hawks has previously assisted Endeavor in his fight against the upgraded noumu, and he displayed his skill quite artfully. At his current level, Midoriya stands no chance against Hawks in a fight. No doubt, Midoriya would need a couple of years of training to be able to put up a battle against the winged hero. As such, you won't see him surpassing Hawks anytime soon.

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