My Hero Academia: 10 Hilarious All Might Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

There's no doubt that All Might is the hero every kid aspires to be. He is a symbol of world peace, he's got a bright and charismatic smile, and he brings hope to the next generations of heroes in the My Hero Academia universe.

But what most loyal All Might fans don't realize about their idol is that his life is not as glamorous as they make it out to be. From fighting crime and overexerting his body with his One For All quirk, All Might has suffered the consequences of becoming both a severely weakened old man and a popular victim of internet memes.

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10 Profile Picture vs. Tagged Photo

Part of All Might's job as a famed hero is to put up a front for the media. He makes public appearances in his large muscular body with that charming smile of his, but when no one's looking, he transforms into something very different and unrecognizable.

Similarly, people of the internet have a tendency to portray themselves in a more put-together manner than their natural state. For example, they might pose at their best angle and use photo filters to take the perfect profile picture. But sometimes, their true forms are exposed when their friends intentionally or unintentionally take photos of them without the filters and good angles.

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9 The Effects of School

In the heat of battle, All Might can sustain a high amount of power and appear at full strength. But after taking a beating in a hard-fought match, he appears extra raggedy and feeble as if his body could give out at any moment.

This is sadly a metaphor for many students who attend school. Coming fresh out of summer vacation, students are well-rested and motivated for the long school year ahead. Some students may even dress up and get a little fancy for their first day back. Once homework and exams start piling up, however, school becomes an everyday struggle that takes a toll on the body.

8 Fighting With Your Sibling

A gruesome fight against Toxic Chainsaw left All Might with a critical injury. Many of his organs, including his stomach, were destroyed in the battle, and he's had to have multiple surgeries because of it. He shares this secret with Deku but never plays the victim in the incident.

In contrast, it's common practice for young siblings to wrestle around until someone starts crying and playing the victim. If one of the siblings has a scratch or bruise, they may show it to their parents and exaggerate the truth of what really happened. Saying that their "organs were destroyed" may be a stretch, but it might earn their sibling a long timeout!

7 All Might As Cards Against Humanity


When a character has two physical extremes and no in-betweens, they're never going to hear the end of it. More often than not, All Might is clowned for the drastic difference between his buff hero form and his sickly weak form. This is one of those times.

At his best, All Might is indeed a lively handsome man who radiates with justice and charisma. But at his worst, his poor worn-out body definitely gives off "moderate-to-severe joint pain" vibes. While the black card embodies the All Might everyone glorifies, the white card couldn't be closer to the real All Might.

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6 Protecting Deku's Mother

As a legendary hero known by all, All Might is a man with a lot of influence and power. For this reason, a common meme has emerged where All Might gives a PSA of what to do and not do.

In this specific example of the meme, All Might advises fans to leave kind words of support for Deku's mother, Inko, and not direct any hate toward her. While Inko becomes visibly chubbier and wrinkled with age, a lot of it may be due to her immense love for her son. She has always supported Deku's dream of becoming a hero, and when he was told that he was quirkless, she felt guilty and worried about her son's future. The distress may have aged her, but at the end of the day, Mama Midoriya has a lot of love to give and deserves the world.

5 All Might As Hannah Montana

Surprisingly enough, All Might and Hannah Montana have more in common than one would assume from an anime character and a Disney pop star. They're both blonde, one's a superhero and the other is a superstar, and they're both well-loved by their fans. They aren't the same person, but they're both living a secret double life.

While All Might masks the true weakness of his body with his quirk, Hannah Montana conceals her true identity as Miley Stewart with a wig to live a normal life. Although their intentions may differ, it goes to show that the truth behind our heroes are not always as they seem.

4 Face Swap With Deku

Deku may be All Might's disciple and successor of the One For All quirk, but the two characters don't really share any physical resemblances to each other. All Might's physical features are very chiseled out and defined, while Deku's features are softer and rounder.

In a hilarious scene from the anime, the two heroes recall the fateful moment when Deku received the One For All quirk from All Might. Deku does a perfect job of mimicking All Might's face as he reenacts the part where he was given the strand of hair to eat. But after All Might's face was put onto Deku, fans were left wondering what Deku's face would look like on All Might. Now they know.

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3 I Am: HERE

Every famous hero needs a signature catchphrase. Spider-Man's is "My spidey senses are tingling," the Hulk's is "Hulk Smash," and Dora's is "Swiper, no swiping."

All Might's catchphrase is simple: "I am here." In sticky situations when all hope appears to be lost, All Might confidently shouts his catchphrase and proceeds to battle it out with his opponent. Rather than taunting his opponent in a cocky manner, it seems All Might announces his presence more to revive the strength and hope of those around him. With a smile on his face, he wants his comrades to know that everything will be okay.

2 An Older Yugi Muto?

At first glance, All Might's hair looks fairly unique within the realms of anime. But upon further review, it turns out he shares the same hairstyle as Yugi Muto from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. The only real difference is the coloring.

The meme, however, solves the color problem by giving All Might some red and black hair in the back and keeping the fringe blonde in the front. With only slight adjustments to the hair color, All Might literally looks like an older version of Yugi, and the resemblance is unreal.

1 You Can Become A Hero!

via: @zsarsalad

Deku's dream was always to become a hero, but he started to question himself after finding out he was born without a quirk. It wasn't until he met All Might that Deku regained some confidence in his decision to become a hero.

Realistically, however, the chances of him becoming a hero without a quirk were still very slim. While the anime gives Deku an optimistic and empowered response to All Might saying he could become a hero, this fanart meme by @zsarsalad has a more pessimistic take. Resembling the Mocking Spongebob meme, Deku sarcastically imitates All Might and has a hard time believing his dreams could ever become a reality.

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