10 Freakiest Quirks In My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, Ranked

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular shonen series this generation, taking over for past giants like Naruto and Bleach. It's so beloved in fact, it even has its own spinoff series that Horikoshi, the creator of MHA, loves as well! My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is a story on a smaller scale, it's about street-level crime and part-time "heroes."

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There's no destined #1 Hero or god-like superman main characters in this (though they do make cameo appearances). Basically, Vigilantes is to MHA what Daredevil is to the Avengers. And, because this takes a different approach to Hero Society, the author can work with weirder, less powerful quirks as well! So let's take a look.

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10 Slide And Glide: Starts Out Weird, Crawls His Way To A Better Quirk

Shockingly enough, the protagonist of MHA: Vigilantes is at the bottom of this list. Koichi Haimawari, otherwise known as The Crawler, the Cruller, or even just Nice Guy, is the main guy under the spotlight. Koichi's Quirk is called "Slide and Glide" and seems incredibly basic.

Basically, as long as his body has 3 points of contact with a surface, he can glide across it. There's a lot more to it, but basically, he's at the bottom because it becomes quite a useful Quirk once he develops it further. But throughout the first half of the story, it's nothing more than a neat party trick.

9 Four-Armed Gigantification: Or At Least We Think That's What It Is

Next, we'll take a giant leap to an equally giant villain, Mario Kugutsu. This mild-mannered "toy-salesman" ends up going rampant due to taking a drug called "Trigger" that he himself had been peddling out.

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On the surface it seems like a standard Gigantification Quirk, but, as the towering Mario begins to play with cars and make engine noises, it becomes apparent he doesn't look the same and he also now has four arms. It's an odd quirk not only because of the man-child using it but also the fact that it doesn't seem to follow any centralized logic.

8 Bloodcurdle: Guess Who's Back?

There are a number of MHA characters that make appearances in Vigilantes, including Midnight, Erasurehead, Fat Gum, and even All Might himself. One who no one expected to see was Stain.

MHA: V actually delves into Stain's failed career as a Vigilante named Stendhal, and his slow descent into the form Deku fights. But, this doesn't make his quirk any less freaky. Bloodcurdle, the ability to freeze in place the people whose blood he's tasted. Stendhal relies on his quirk a bit less than his future form does, but still, what an offputting ability.

7 Soccer: That's Right, It's A Quirk Called Soccer

Any fan of the series has probably noticed by now that MHA doesn't follow reality too closely when it comes to appearances. Some people have freakishly long proportions, others have animal heads, and some just look like rock people. But, usually, there's a reason for their looks.

Normally, it follows the theme of their quirk, but not for Emperor Yotsuura. This one-time villain has the face of a penguin and the quirk of a soccer star. Basically, whenever he's dribbling the soccer ball, he has the abilities of a pro soccer player, making him able to weave in and out of crowds like a champ. Watch out All-For-One, looks like there's a new top villain in town.

6 Suicide Bomb: It's Exactly What It Sounds Like

This next power is mostly handled in a lighthearted, comedic tone, but the Quirk itself is quite dark. Suicide Bomb is the name of a Quirk used by a minor villain Midnight takes down early on in the story. Basically, this poor kid has a bomb for a head, and he can blow himself up, taking those around him along for the ride.

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It's one of the few examples we've seen of a one-time use Quirk! But who knows, maybe it isn't single-use? Maybe he could train this stupidly unfair quirk and make himself into a decent Sidekick. We could easily see him working with Bakugo in the future, that's for sure.

5 Enigma: Her Quirk Is Literally An Enigma

One of the absolute best aspects of Vigilantes is how it shows us Ilda's brother Tesei/Ingenium before Stain crippled him. We get to see why Ilda idolizes him, how he fights crime, and how he runs his agency. Enigma is one of the many sidekicks in team Idaten.

What a perfect name, because she really is one. Enigma is a tiny girl with some...unique pupils, and her Quirk makes just about as little sense as her appearance. Basically, Enigma can turn gigantic, stretch her limbs, and create clones of herself. It's a lot of powers that seemingly follows no theme?

4 Snip Clip: The Strongest Crab-Based Quirk Of Them All

Officer Kaniyashiki or Monika for short, is by far one of our favorite characters from MHA: V. She's hilarious but shockingly, also has an insanely strong quirk for someone who isn't certified as a Hero. Monika's ability is called Snip Clip, and it fits incredibly well with her Crab-based puns and overall appearance.

Basically, anything that gets between her index and middle fingers, she can cut. It could be metal, stone, or even a person, Monika can cut it with ease! The Pro-Hero Fat Gum even shows us later on that her quirk also applies to her legs, essentially turning her into a giant pair of scissors!

3 Queen Bee: The Bees Aren't Even The Freakiest Part

Finally, we've gotten to the weirdest of quirks, the animal ones. And no, we don't mean people with animal-based powers. Quirks are different from superpowers in most stories, not only because of how odd they can be but also because they're not restricted to just humans, animals can have them too.

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The most primary example is, of course, the principal of UA High, but apparently, insects can get them as well. Kuin Hachisuka isn't actually the one using the Queen Bee quirk, it's a literal bee inside her head! Gross we know, but these bees she controls also work as syringes and ways to inject trigger across the city.

2 Monster Cat: So, Does It Just Eat The Bus Or?

Next animal sporting a quirk is this adorable little tabby cat! Aww, look at it sitting up on top of that bus! Wait, what's it doing? And now it's a bus. Monster Cat is the name of this Quirk where the tiny little kitty literally engulfs and "takes over" any inanimate object.

That's right, this freakish creature is obviously an homage to Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro, but it also plays a sizeable part in one of the arcs of Vigilantes. Also, we should specify, this Quirk isn't specific to buses, Monster Cat could become a building, a streetlight, or even a house if it so chose.

1 Thomas The Train Engine: We're Humming The Song Right Now

Lastly, there is this freak of nature. He's only around for a couple of pages, but there's no way he wasn't getting the top spot. Just look at him! What is his quirk even? Is it a Thomas the Train-Engine based quirk?

Or did he just get a train-based one that happened to make him look like a nightmare version of this childhood icon? In any case, it's freaky, it's uncomfortable, and it's by far the #1 weirdest quirk on this list. Honorable mentions, of course, go to memorable characters like the guy with the long leg, the martial arts class with their rocket fists, and even Koichi's mom who has a flyswatter Quirk.

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