My Hero Academia: 10 Weakest Quirks (So Far)

We've seen dozens upon dozens of different characters and quirks throughout the course of My Hero Academia. And we know that this has barely scratched the surface in regards to all of the quirks around in this world.

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That being said, there are some quirks that are very clearly well suited for making heroes. And then there are quirks that are weak. What is surprising about the weaker quirks is how they've been turned into something interesting and useful, thus allowing certain characters to have a chance at being a hero (or villain). It's unexpected but shows how much creative thinking makes a difference in this world. Though if we're being completely honest, there are just some quirks that will always appear weak, no matter how they're compensated.

10 Sleep Gas (With No Immunity)

One would think that getting a quirk that produces gas would be pretty useful. Especially to an antagonist interested in taking out lots of players at once. But that quirk becomes a liability when you're not immune to the gas that you produce. And that is exactly what Mustard had to face.

Part of the League of Villains, he produces a gas capable of knocking people out. But he's forced to wear a gas mask, as he can't afford to breathe in the very gas his body produces. Talk about a double-edged weapon.

9 Tail

No offense to Mashiarao Ojiro, but you've got to admit that his quirk is one of the weaker ones we've seen from Class 1A. That's not to say he hasn't found a good way to make use of it. More like he was given the short stick.

Ojiro's quirk quite literally gives him a tail, and from what we've seen, nothing else. The tail is muscular and sturdy, capable of balancing him and giving him several other advantages. But it's still just a tail.

8 Electrification (With Overuse)

Electricity in and of itself would probably be a useful quirk. Especially when one can use it like a taser – that seems like a nice and nonlethal way to take down villains, don't you think? The problem comes with the cost of using said quirk.

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Denki Kaminari has a quirk called Electrification, and it can be as useful as you'd expect. The problem is that when he overuses it, there's a cost. It fries his brain along with his enemies, leaving his a little goofy. This would, theoretically, put him at risk during a major or drawn-out battle.

7 Mild Object Attraction

Mild Object Attract isn't the official name for this quirk, but we never were told the official name for Inko Midoriya's quirk. Inko is the mother to the famous Deku (well, famous to us fans of the manga and anime).

Her Quirk allows her to pull smaller items towards her hand. But it appears that it takes several moves to actually call anything directly to her hand, so it'd be more piratical to just go and pick up whatever it is. We understand why she opted not to pursue becoming a hero, given what was available to her (that and her anxiety, of course).

6 Anivoice

Any animal lover will be quick to tell you that having the ability to talk to animals sounds like the best quirk ever. And it probably would be a lot of fun – as long as it actually is as charming as it sounds like.

That being said, it isn't the most powerful quirk out there. We've seen Koji Koda use his quirk, Anivoice a few times now. But it seems like he can push it a lot harder than he currently has. As it stands, this quirk hasn't blown us away.

5 Invisibility

Okay, we've all thought about how invisibility as a superpower could be useful at times. But in those daydreams, you've likely assumed that being invisible would be something you could control – as in, you'd be visible when you wanted to.

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Toru Hagakure is invisible all of the time. That's her quirk, and while she has been quite effective at finding ways to use her quirk to her advantage, you've got to admit that the cost for this quirk is pretty pricey. Especially for somebody who likes attention as much as Toru. She must feel so lonely.

4 Mushroom

Konoko Komori's quirk allows her to grow mushrooms. Yes, you read that right. She can grow mushrooms on herself, the surfaces around her, and even on other people. They don't last forever though – only a couple of hours.

Komori has actually learned to make her quirk quite useful. She's done things such as growing mushrooms inside a person's body and spammed the spores within her surroundings. But you've got to admit that it would have taken her lots of time and thought to push her quirk that far. And she's still probably got a long way to go.

3 Pop Off

Pop Off is the quirk that belongs to Minoru Mineta. It allows him to grow and pop off (hence the name) these purple balls. They grow on his head, and they're actually quite sticky. They'll stick to anything – expect Mineta. Oh, and did we mention that if he pulls off too many of the purple balls his scalp will start bleeding? Yeah, that's a thing.

That's a fairly underwhelming quirk, all things considered. If Mineta wasn't so bright, this quirk wouldn't be much of anything at all. As it is Mineta has found a few ways to make it useful for him. But even then, he has a long way to go before he becomes a hero.

2 Gecko

Shuichi Iguchi is part of the League of Villains. He's possibly one of the more noticeable characters in the group, since he basically looks like a human/lizard hybrid. Fans have been speculating about what his quirk is for some time now. Up until recently in the manga, we'd never even seen it used.

As it turns out, his quirk, Gecko, lets him stick to things. Yes, that is quite literally it. And now we understand why he never relied on that quirk. Instead, he had to develop skills in order to get where he is today.

1 Large Fists

And finally, the weakest quirk on our list belongs to Itsuka Kendo. Kendo is the class president for Class 1B, and she's extremely bright. And that's fortunate, given that her quirk is actually pretty disappointing.

Kendo's quirk is known as Big Fist. She can make her hands massive. Admittedly, she gets enhanced strength along with the growth in size. But still, it's a lackluster quirk all around. If not for the brains behind her character, it's unlikely that she would have gotten as far as she has.

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