My Hero Academia: 10 Strongest Characters In Vigilantes, Ranked

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is the popular spin-off manga that looks at hero society from a different angle. Instead of viewing this setting through the eyes of the world's newest upcoming heroes, Vigilantes goes for something a bit more routine.

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The story follows the week to week life of a couple of oddball do-gooders that fight crime illegally like a part-time job. Because the conflicts are usually a bit more mundane, the Quirks in this series are much less "powerful" as well. This is where we get to see all the goofy, creative, and frankly freaky Quirks. But there are still some characters that really pack a punch regardless. So, let's take a look!

Disclaimer, some BnHA mainline characters appear in Vigilantes from time to time but we won't be counting them for this list, so no Erasure Head, All Might, Midnight, etc...

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10 Monika Kaniyashiki: The Crab-Centric Cop Who Barely Makes The Cut

Starting off we have one of the most well-rounded characters in Vigilantes, Monika! Her first appearance in the manga is while she's acting undercover as a local "idol," but in actuality, she's a weirdly quirky cop who works quite closely with the Pro Hero Fat Gum. Monika is an oddball who is seemingly obsessed with crabs, crab-based puns, and stopping crime, but her Quirk is no joke.

Snip Clip gives Ms. Kaniyashiki the ability to cut anything between her fingers or even her legs! The actual description in the manga says "anything" so maybe Monika could even cut through Red Riot? In any case, in the hands of someone more dastardly and less hilarious, this power would be terrifying.

9 Soga Kugizaki: The World's Most Punk Hedgehog

Soga is one of the first characters we meet in Vigilantes, but not in the most...positive light. Soga starts off by picking on the main character Koichi relentlessly with his porcupine-like spikes, even attempting to kill him. Basically, think of Spike from X-men or Kimimaro from Naruto.

Soga makes a change after being thrashed by Knuckleduster and is currently working on redeeming himself. Still, considering how each of his spines is like a knife to a normal person, Soga's quirk is pretty scary, even more so if he had continued down the dark path he was on.

8 Mario Kugutsu: A Toy-Freak With A "Gigantic" Glaring Flaw

"Trigger" is one of the biggest contributions to the canon introduced in Vigilantes. It's a drug that temporarily enhances a person's Quirk, making weaker abilities suddenly much more fearsome. Mr. Kugutsu is one of the peddlers of the drug, handing it out for free in order to gather data for the people he works for.

But, after using it on himself we're able to see this meager toy salesman's Quirk. And...we're still not sure? It seems like a Giganticfication Quirk, but for some reason, he's entirely bald, black, and has extra limbs? An odd one for sure.

7 Abegawa Tenchu Kai: Otherwise Known As The Yakuza Avengers

These gag-characters are only seen in Chapter 9+ Alpha of Vigilantes, but they're pretty great. Weirdly enough, they're some of the rare instances of characters being straight up killed in MHA canon, since Stendhal/Stain is the one who fought them. These Yakuza bosses are knock-off versions of the Marvel Avengers, and it's hilarious to see.

There's one who throws a shield-like manhole cover with super strength. Another with some sort of armor Quirk, who looks like a small version of the Hulkbuster. One who gets big and strong, and finally a construction worker with some serious hammer skills.

6 Kuin Hachisuka: A Quirk With Never-Ending Utility, Even If It's Disgusting

So slight spoilers ahead for the beginning of Vigilantes, but we're not sure whether this counts as Kuin's Quirk or not. Basically, Kuin is a hostage to a parasitic bee lodged in her head with the Quirk Queen Bee. This Quirk allows the user to control the entire hive of bees with pinpoint accuracy.

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However, these aren't normal bees, they're some sort of weird hybrid between insects and syringes, being able to inject anyone with any substance, at any time. Now, in a one on one fight, Queen Bee isn't too terrifying, but her potential as a terrorist or large-scale villain is honestly almost limitless. Which is why we're glad she's so focused on messing around!

5 Oboro Shirakumo: Hopefully Not Too Similar To Naruto's Oboro

This Journey To The West-inspired hero has only shown up relatively recently in Vigilantes. Oboro is a character from Aizawa/Erasure Head's past that was pretty close to him during his time studying at U.A. Oboro is the jokester of his class, with his head constantly in the clouds, literally, thanks to his Quirk that allows him to create said cumulonimbi.

Now having the ability to create clouds doesn't sound all too scary, but just think about characters like Nami from One Piece or Storm from X-men, who can do some real damage with clouds. Oboro seems to be the same.

4 Knuckleduster: The Prime Example Of A Quirkless Hero

Knuckleduster is the pinnacle of what Deku could have been if he never became All Might's successor. Knuckleduster is a rough-and-tumble Vigilante that somehow or another trains the weak and meager Koichi and works with him on the side. Duster has an obvious past that's actually a pretty big spoiler, so we won't mention it, but regardless, he's Quirkless.

Knuckle doesn't fight with any combat-based abilities or anything like that, he's got two Knuckledusters on his fists and he always hits too hard. Obviously, the guy is built and has years of training behind him, but it's just so great to see someone Quirkless so high on this list!

3 The Next-Level Villains: Almost Disqualified For Doping

Now, this isn't exactly fair. First, this entry is about multiple characters, and secondly, they've been enhanced! Later in the story, it's made clear that whatever shadowy organization is manufacturing "Trigger" is also kidnapping people to use as lab rats. These people are modified all for the purpose of being able to handle more of the drug in their systems, making their Quirks hundreds of times more powerful than they originally were.

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It's why little dweebs like Teruo Unagisawa, who could only turn into an eel, are now lumbering monsters with electric capabilities. These Next-Level Villains are a perfect example of how laughable quirks can be seriously dangerous if they're buffed enough.

2 Number 6 Or The O'Clock Clone: Za Warudo?

Other than maybe our #1 slot, this is by far the most overpowered Quirk in Vigilantes. So much so, it feels like there is a gap between the powers usually seen in this spin-off and this one. The Shadowy Villain, also known as Number 6, is the holder of the Quirk, but not necessarily its true owner.

O'clock is a Hero from a bygone age that is absolutely a spoiler to talk about, so instead, we'll mention that his Quirk is by far the fastest "mach-speed" ability in MHA canon, even faster than Ilda, his brother, or Gran Turino! In fact, this Quirk lets the wielder move so fast, that it looks like time has stopped!

1 Captain Celebrity: A Bit Of A Weirder Quirk Than One Would Expect

And finally, while a bit cliche, our #1 strongest character has to go to the Superman/All Might Knock-off, Captain Celebrity! This Hero shows up quite early in Vigilantes as a Pro from the States who is working on re-branding in Japan. Captain Celebrity is the most cookie-cutter Hero imaginable. He has the ability to fly, super strength, and super durability.

That said, his Quirk is actually quite a bit more interesting. Now, the super strength and flight abilities are still unclear, but Skyline's extra hardy durability actually comes from a "barrier" of sorts that he controls and can extend in order to protect him and others from any sort of external harm!

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