10 Things The My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Movie Adds To The Canon

My Hero Academia is a manga series created by visionary Kohei Hoskikori. It's surprisingly his fourth published work and he's been a fan of other shonen stories like One Piece and Dragonball Z ever since he was a kid. That's why it's so heartwarming to see just how popular his brainchild has become.

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Just to name a few accomplishments, the anime is getting a fourth season soon, it has it's own spinoff manga done by an entirely different mangaka, there are multiple games and side stories, and it even got a movie with a theatrical release! Two Heroes is the name of said film and, this story was actually overseen by Hoshikori. Now its obvious that this doesn't mean everything in the film is canon, but it does mean that some things can be regarded as canon until proved otherwise, and that is just what we plan to do.

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10 All Might's Backstory Got A Bit More Fleshed Out

The first and most important thing about this movie is we get a bigger look at All Might's past before he was the Symbol of Justice. There's another side story called All Might Rising that goes into detail why Toshinori goes to America, but for now, he's in California fighting crime with his sidekick, David Shield!

It's great to see a young All Might. Sure he's not too different from his UA teacher appearance, but we can tell he's more brash and hopeful in what little dialogue he has in these flashbacks. Plus, getting the story from a previous sidekick of his is fitting considering that's also what will be happening in Season 4 of the anime.

9 An Expo Exists Solely Dedicated To Tech For Heroes

E3, CES, heck even Comic-Con, there are numerous gatherings in the real world where people gather to show the latest and greatest strides in technological progress, and MHA is no different. I-Expo is their version of CES except that it is completely centered on Support Item tech.

Whether that's only for heroes, or just to help the daily lives of normal Quirk-bearing citizens, we don't know. But, it's nice to see the sidekick and support side of MHA getting some limelight for once because it's very rare otherwise. And it's not just a bit of limelight either, this expo takes place on a manmade island in the middle of international waters! That's pretty huge.

8 One Of All Might's Old Sidekicks, David Shield, Is Behind I-Expo

David Shield is one of the characters introduced in this film along with his daughter Melissa and it turns out that David is the one who makes All Mights suits! Well, at least, the ones that last the longest. We find out a lot about David through both the film and the extra edition of My Hero Academia that Horikoshi made to celebrate the film's release.

Basically, Melissa is also Quirkless, just like Deku was. But, instead of trying to become a hero anyway, she becomes a genius-level support item inventor! It's a great way to show an alternative path Deku could've taken if he had not met All Might, considering how creative and smart he is.

7 Godzilla? More like Pro-Hero Godzillo!

So, there have been multiple interviews, one-shots, and little paragraphs at the back of Shonen Jump about Horikoshi's inspirations. It's obvious that he's a fan of Western Comics, and he himself has said that Spider-man is his favorite hero.

So, with an Eastern anime representing Western aesthetics, would anyone have expected a Godzilla-based Pro Hero? We certainly didn't! And sure, it's a one-off gag in the film, but we'd love to see Godzillo return in the main story. Maybe Deku visits America for training, and Godzillo's there as part of an international branding campaign? Just an idea!

6 All Might Does Have Normal Eyes, Or Did Anyway

Okay okay, maybe this isn't something people were all too unsure about. But, just think for a second. We never see All Might with normal eyes! they're always cast in this weird heavy shadow that makes him feel like he belongs from a comic in a different style.

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But now, with the flashbacks in this film, we can see that the #1 Hero actually did just have normal eyes, and most likely still does? Kind of weird that All Might hasn't really changed much appearance-wise but now his brow apparently casts a heavy shadow on the whites of his eyes? Eh, who really cares, it's memorable!

5 Equipment That Stops Deku From Breaking Himself

So one of Deku's biggest issues, as MHA continues, is that One for All is an insanely strong Quirk. So strong in fact, that it destroys Deku's body to even use. His arms only have so much strength left, and if he keeps snapping them like twigs, they'll be permanently disabled! He's already tried to avoid this by adapting Ilda's kicking style into his Iron Soles, but isn't there anything else that can help?

Well, turns out, Melissa Shield actually can! She gives Deku the Full Gauntlet in Two Heroes, and it's a retractable glove that dampens the damage Deku causes to his arms. To be fair, it breaks after a certain amount of uses. But if this tech has already been introduced, then maybe Deku doesn't need to wait until he's proportionately buff in order to use 100%!

4 There Are Places That Get Special Permission For Open Quirk Usage

One of the biggest aspects that's debated by icons like Destro and All For One in MHA is the usage of Quirks. For generations, it seemed like Quirk-based violence ran rampant. Nowadays, Heroes are the only ones "licensed" to use their Quirks in public.

But, I-Expo is different. I-Island is where this event takes place and during said festivities, people are fully certified to use their Quirks in public! Of course, this is only possible thanks to the many Pro Hero's at the expo, as well as the insanely complex security system in place on the island. But still, nice to know that there are instances where people can let loose.

3 Quirk Amplification Is Real

Again, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes covers a lot of the finer points of Hero Society. It talks about vigilantism, street-level crimes that Pro Heroes usually ignore, and even how difficult it is to live in a Quirk-obsessed world. But, one of the biggest things Vigilante adds to the canon is that Quirk Amplification exists through using a drug called Trigger.

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And Two Heroes actually does the same thing! The main villain of the movie, Wolfram, actually uses an invention made by David Shield in order to boost his control over metal to Magneto-level proportions! Quirks are like muscles, and just like how muscles can be artificially enhanced, so can Quirks.

2 The Double Detroit Smash

So, slight spoilers for people who aren't caught up on the Anime, but All Might has fully passed his Quirk onto Deku. He can no longer use One For All and reduced to being in his skinny form 99% of the time. But, since Two Heroes takes place before the events of Kamino, thats before All Might retires.

And luckily, the team and Hoshikori wanted to include a moment that we'd never be able to see otherwise, a team-up attack between All Might and Deku. That's right, in Two Heroes, these two combine One For all into a big slamming punch they like to call, the Double Detroit Smash. And oh boy, is it beautiful.

1 All-For-One Really Likes To Screw With All Might

And the last little thing that Two Heroes adds to the MHA canon is not all that surprising, and that is the fact that All For One is a jerk. Sure, we knew he was the real brains behind Shigaraki's actions, and that he raised him up almost purely as a way of cutting All Might deep down. But, before Kamino, he didn't really actively play a part in anything.

But, Wolfram, the villain of the film, reveals at the end that he was given multiple Quirks thanks the All For One. Which basically means that this purely-evil supervillain literally just goes around helping people out who want to hurt All Might. And wow is that so on-brand for him.

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