My Hero Academia: 5 Classmates Todoroki Defeat (& 5 He Can't)

The students of Class 1-A are the draw of My Hero Academia, and there's no denying that each of them has a unique quirk and backstory to keep viewers interested. But it's only natural that some students are stronger than others, and, when we meet Shoto Todoroki, it's clear that he's one of the most powerful of the group.

In fact, it's hard to imagine that any of the other students can hold their own against Todoroki, especially when he has two quirks that function so well together. His fire side makes it easy to use long-range attacks, and his ice quirk allows him to keep opponents at a distance long enough to wipe them out. With that combination, he's a formidable opponent, but there are a few members of Class 1-A with the ability to take him on.

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10 He Can Defeat: Tokoyami

Tokoyami has one of the strongest quirks out of the students of Class 1-A, and we've seen just how dangerous Dark Shadow can be during season 3's camp arc. Still, Dark Shadow does have a weakness: light, and that's exactly why Tokoyami can't hold a candle to characters like Bakugo and Todoroki.

All Todoroki needs to do is use his left side against Tokoyami to get rid of Dark Shadow; without that, Tokoyami can't win against the other boy. After wiping out Dark Shadow, Todoroki would be using two quirks against someone who can't even use one—and it's easy to imagine how that would play out.

9 He Can't Defeat: Midoriya

Yes, Todoroki has beaten Midoriya before, but that was back in season one before Midoriya began mastering his control over One for All. At full strength—or even at 8 percent—Midoriya is far more powerful than he was during the Sports Festival arc. Even then, he held his own against Todoroki pretty well for someone who needed to break his own fingers to do so.

We've seen Midoriya break apart Todoroki's ice attacks with One for All when it was much weaker, so it stands to reason that he'd still be able to do so—perhaps even better than before. It's been pointed out that Todoroki relies too much on his quirk and not enough on combat skills, while Midoriya has plenty of practice improving his combat and strategizing talents. When the two face each other again, we think Midoriya will come out on top.

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8 He Can Defeat: Asui

Asui's quirk and combat skills are enhanced by water, but that presents a problem for her if she were to ever fight Todoroki. Sure, she can use any water around her to her advantage, but the same can't be said about ice, and Todoroki can easily freeze any of the water Asui intends to use.

As far as combat skills go, Asui isn't particularly talented in that area, and it's unlikely she'd even be able to get close enough to Todoroki to attack with him using both of his sides.

7 He Can't Defeat: Bakugo

Bakugo has already defeated Todoroki in combat during the Sports Festival, though fans can argue that he wouldn't have been able to do so if Todoroki had used his full strength during their fight. But, even if Todoroki were to use his left side, Bakugo would still present a challenge to him. Bakugo's explosions allow him to attack at a distance, and they enable him to dodge attacks easily.

As far as Todoroki's ice quirk goes, Bakugo has already proven that he has no problem breaking through those defenses. Plus, given that Bakugo seems to be more skilled in hand-to-hand combat, it seems likely he'd be able to defeat Todoroki even if the other boy wasn't holding back.

6 He Can Defeat: Iida

Iida is one of the few students in Class 1-A who could potentially defeat Todoroki, but it'll take a lot more training before he can manage it. The two faced off during the Sports Festival, and Iida came close to winning, though he forgot that Todoroki can manage both long-range and close-range attacks, falling into the other boy's trap at the last minute.

Having learned from that experience, it's hard to say whether Iida could defeat Todoroki in the future. His speed would certainly make it easier for him to land a blow, even with Todoroki using his ice to defend himself. Still, Iida is limited when it comes to distance attacks, and that's an area where Todoroki shines—meaning there's still a good chance Iida would lose again.

5 He Can't Defeat: Uraraka

We've never had the opportunity to see Todoroki and Uraraka compete against one another. (Get on that, My Hero Academia creators.) But, given that Uraraka can hold her own against Bakugo, it stands to reason that she might be able to do the same against Todoroki. Her skills have improved notably since going through an internship, meaning that she's stronger than when she lost to Bakugo during the Sports Festival.

During that battle, however, Uraraka proved that she could lift the debris from Bakugo's explosions and aim them back at him. It seems possible that she could do the same with Todoroki's ice, and she could also use her anti-gravity to avoid his fire attacks.

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4 He Can Defeat: Ojiro

Ojiro's quirk isn't all that impressive or flashy, something he laments about early on in the series. Ojiro has a tail that allows him to move around and gives him some extra leverage in combat, but a physical quirk like his doesn't hold up well against long-range, elemental attacks like Todoroki's. For one, he wouldn't be close enough to even engage in hand-to-hand combat with the other boy.

Viewers have actually seen firsthand just how easily Ojiro is put out of commission during Class 1-A's first training exercise, when Todoroki freezes him in place.

3 He Can't Defeat: Hagakure

Hagakure doesn't get a ton of action time during My Hero Academia, but her invisibility quirk is perfect for surprise attacks on her opponents—and, with his physical quirks, Todoroki has no way of sensing Hagakure in battle. During the USJ attack, Todoroki even admits that he had no idea she was in the same zone as him, only realizing after she says so.

During their first training exercise, Todoroki also only freezes Hagakure because Shoji is able to tell him exactly where their enemies are, negating the advantage of her invisibility. So, unless Todoroki can aim his attacks everywhere at once, there's a good chance Hagakure could sneak up on him. Like we said, his combat skills could use some improvement.

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2 He Can Defeat: Kirishima

A battle between Todoroki and Kirishima would likely become a test of stamina, with whoever can hang in there the longest winning. Kirishima's hardening quirk is one that allows him to play defense against explosions and fire power, but, as Bakugo proves during the Sports Festival, there's only so long that Kirishima can keep his hardening up.

When he's using both of his quirks, it seems that Todoroki can fight for much longer than Kirishima can before becoming fatigued. He can fend off the other boy's offensive attacks with his ice power. Even if Kirishima can break through the ice, there's only so long he could chase after Todoroki before he'd need to give up.

1 He Can't Defeat: Yaoyorozu

Yaoyorozu can create anything she wants with her quirk, assuming she knows the molecular components of the item. That could come in handy against Todoroki, whether she created something that could melt his ice or something that could put out his fire. Of course, she could also just create Aizawa's scarf again; we know that Aizawa was able to trap Todoroki with it once before, blocking him from even using his quirks.

If Yaoyorozu could pull off something similar, she could definitely take Todoroki on. We know she's got the wit to come up with a plan, and now that she's through doubting herself, she could find a creative way to work around his quirks and come out on top.

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