My Hero Academia: 5 Superheroes All Might Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't)

Superheroes and anime characters are some of the most beloved creations of all time, with millions of fans around the globe just as quick to purchase a manga series as they would a comic book. Though uncanny similarities exist, it's an unfortunate fact that our tights-wearing caped crusaders will never cross paths with any Saiyans, Hokages, or Quirk-users.

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Then again, this reality doesn't mean we can't pose hypothetical crossovers, especially when series like My Hero Academia already remind us of some of our favorite DC and Marvel protagonists. In that same spirit, let's explore how Pro Hero All Might (Toshinori Yagi) at his prime would fare against 10 superheroes from the aforementioned franchises. Over the course of time, most superheroes have been reincarnated with overpowered abilities and there's no way to address them all in a timely fashion, but these comparisons will be made based on their most notable strengths.

10 Can Defeat: Hulk

All Might and Hulk share two obvious traits: mind-blowing strength and incredible durability. However, that's where the similarities end. While Hulk's power increases with his mounting anger, All Might's pure strength is leaps and bounds more damaging than Bruce Banner could handle.

Toshinori has speed and stamina on his side, and that alone would guarantee his success versus the Hulk. Besides, the famous All Might charisma would push Hulk's buttons so much that he would inevitably mess up and provide the anime character with a profitable opening. Remaining levelheaded enough to strategize is a strategy within itself, so the big green guy is at a disadvantage here.

9 Can't Defeat: Thor

This one might seem like a given, especially since Thor is literally a God. Nevertheless, All Might wouldn't go down without an admirable fight. The two share ridiculous strength, excellent durability, impressive speed, and brilliant reflexes. Mjolnir would presumably be Toshinori's biggest nightmare in this case.

Thor's iconic hammer can manipulate the weather and even open portals to other dimensions. It's a destructive weapon that few would stand a chance against, including the MHA legend. Another frustrating aspect for All Might would be that Thor benefits from the same indomitable willpower, so there's not really anything that would put him above the Asgardian.

8 Can Defeat: Captain America

Though most Marvel buffs would hate to admit this, Captain America wouldn't be able to hold up against All Might in a confrontation. Steve Rogers is a beloved hero with formidable stats, but at the end of the day, he's restrained by his human traits. The Super-Soldier formula didn't make him super-human enough to withstand All Might's punches.

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Cap's shield, made of Vibranium and Adamantium, would be the key factor that determines how long he endures the Pro Hero's attacks. The shield is virtually indestructible, but a split second of vulnerability is just what All Might would need to Detroit Smash Captain America into another dimension.

7 Can't Defeat: Black Panther

As far as raw power and skill levels go, Black Panther is completely outdone by All Might. Like Captain America, his super-human enhancements wouldn't be enough to withstand an attack of One For All's caliber. However, Panther Habit is T'Challa's saving grace in a matchup like this.

The Vibranium microweave mesh is built to rob the momentum of incoming objects, which spells trouble for Toshinori's punches. Black Panther's suit comes equipped with claws that can break through metal and his weapons of choice are Vibranium energy daggers that can be utilized for an array of devastating attacks. All Might would ultimately fail against the combination of T'Challa's equipment and divine empowerment.

6 Can Defeat: Iron Man

Has enough time passed since the tragic events of Avengers: Endgame to talk about someone else that could defeat Iron Man? Regardless of the answer, it's time to admit that One For All is a borderline unlimited, stockpiled Quirk that could topple Tony Stark.

Sure, Iron Man's suit comes laced with daunting functions that we're all familiar with by now, but All Might's pure strength is parallel to that of a nuclear device. While powerful, Stark's suit lacks the resistance levels of Black Panther's Habit. Iron Man's energy shield would withstand All Might's blows for a bit, meaning the hypothetical encounter wouldn't be a short one. The stamina of both heroes would be tested, but the cards are ultimately stacked in All Might's favor.

5 Can't Defeat: Doctor Fate

While not the most popular superhero on DC's roster, it wouldn't be fair to snub the mystical community from this list. All Might's raw potential is intimidating, but he would be far beyond his depth against someone like Kent Nelson. The Helmet of Fate could be accredited for the majority of his magic, but his competence extends past that.

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Doctor Fate's catalog of Helmet-funded skills read like someone tossed every mystical spell together just for fun: Invisibility, Astral Projection, Transmutation, Immortality... the list goes on. Assuming his armor is removed, Kent Nelson would still be immortal, telekinetic, and could withstand military weapons and large explosions. Unfortunately, One For All simply wouldn't fare well against the occult.

4 Can Defeat: Nightwing

As an expert acrobat who underwent extensive physical conditioning, Nightwing would undoubtedly keep All Might on his toes. The pair would battle for a considerable amount of time, especially since Nightwing is a skilled tactician and has mastered just about every weapon you could imagine.

However, after all is said and done, Nightwing has no superhuman abilities and is restrained by his understandable weaknesses. Though he was rigorously trained by Batman, his reflexes and stamina aren't solid enough to fend off All Might forever. One For All is way out of his league, but it would be entertaining to watch him put All Might through the wringer before he could land a blow.

3 Can't Defeat: Batman

Though he shares several traits with Nightwing, Bruce Wayne's prowess and natural resourcefulness propels his capabilities to ridiculous heights. Batman is arguably the only human that could outsmart All Might and take him on a rollercoaster ride of frustration before ultimately besting him.

All Might is known for his indomitable will, but Batman is equally as determined and disciplined—if not more. His five senses are amplified beyond belief and Commissioner Gordon has openly mentioned that Batman could potentially have a sixth sense of sorts. Bruce also knows how to instill fear in others and wouldn't hesitate to pull all the stops to overwhelm All Might.

2 Can Defeat: The Flash

This outcome would be circumstantial since Barry Allen is depicted as either brutally overpowered or reasonably balanced. The Flash has been known to suffer from exhaustion and nausea as a result of his abilities. His skills have also been portrayed as unstable in the past. Regardless, he would have to push himself to fully break All Might's will.

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The greatest image one could conjure up involves The Flash crashing face-first into All Might's fist. The sheer shock would likely paralyze him enough for a string of follow-up One For All blows. It's also worth noting that All Might has been known to travel at insane speeds, easily surpassing the 300 MPH mark. Sure, it doesn't sound impressive when compared to Barry's staggering agility, but it's fast enough to ensure that One For All would give The Flash a run for his money.

1 Can't Defeat: Superman

Yes, we're aware that this isn't a fair match. After all, Superman is one of the most god-like beings in DC's entire universe. Nonetheless, it would be a missed opportunity not to pit the Symbol of Peace against the Symbol of Hope. All Might is basically My Hero's own Man of Steel, so it's not a stretch to picture the two on the same battlefield.

As per usual, the presence of Kryptonite would be a game-changing factor in this matchup. However, in terms of raw strength and power, All Might would have his work cut out for him. While he would give Superman a hard time, it's practically guaranteed that the anime hero would be defeated in the end.

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