My Hero Academia: The Strongest Villains in History, Ranked

Ever since the first Quirk appeared in the world of My Hero Academia, Villains and Heroes (formerly known as Vigilantes) have thrived because of its powers. While Heroes try to maintain the peace and save those in need, Villains do their best to disrupt it with vicious plans in their minds, or worse, just on a whim.

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The story has seen the rise and fall of some significant villains in the series, some of which were so powerful that just a mention of their name instilled fear among people. Here are the 10 strongest known villains in the history of My Hero Academia.

10 Wolfram

Wolfram My Hero Academia Two Heroes

The main antagonist of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, Wolfram was quite a formidable Villain who possessed a Quirk that allowed him to manipulate metal according to his will. Through All For One, he also got a muscle augmentation Quirk that enhanced his abilities drastically. Although not that powerful by himself, he made use of the Quirk Amplification Device created by Dave to become several times stronger than he was originally.

With his newfound abilities, Wolfram grew to a level where he could match, and even overpower All Might in battle. To take him down, Midoriya and All Might had to unleash their maximum power, which says a lot about his capabilities with the Quirk Amplification Device.

9 Oji Harima

Oji Harima is one of the most infamous villains in the world of My Hero Academia. Although most of the information on him hasn't been revealed by Kohei Horikoshi, we do know that his actions had earned him the moniker of "Peerless Thief". According to Gentle Criminal, Oji Harima is a villain who belongs to the same class as the likes of All For One, which automatically makes him one of the biggest known threats to society.

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His appearance resembles that of a Clown, which almost sums up everything that we know about him. It is likely that Oji Harima will make an appearance in the future of the series, which is when we'll be able to gauge his powers properly.

8 Destro

Chikara Yotsubashi, also known by the villain name of Destro, is said to be one of the most powerful villains in My Hero Academia. Although he never made an appearance in the series, Gentle refers to him in the same manner as All For One, hinting at the immense power that he must have possessed.

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He led the Meta Liberation Army at one point, the goal of which was to freely allow people to use their Quirks as they wanted. Somehow, he was defeated and sent to prison where he wrote about his ideals and committed suicide later on.

7 Re-Destro

Rikiya Yotsubashi, also known as Redestro, was the former leader of the Meta Liberation Army and is one of the strongest villains in the My Hero Academia series. With his Quirk, known as Stress, Rikiya can turn all the stress in his body into raw power. The more angry or frustrated he grows, the stronger he gets, making his Quirk essentially broken to an extent.

With 100% stress output, he could flatten a decent chunk of Deika City. Rikiya possessed enough power to defeat Shigaraki Tomura until the latter re-awakened his Quirk. Right now, he serves under Shigaraki a member of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

6 Nomu

The Nomu have been a great threat to the common people and the Heroes alike. Their strength varies greatly, with the ones that showed up at Hosu being weak, and the likes of the U.S.J Nomu or the High-End being extremely powerful. The most powerful Nomu so far in the series remains to be High-End which fought Endeavor and Hawks recently.

Unlike other Nomu, the High-end is sentient and, at the same time, much stronger than the others. With his powers, High-End was capable of pushing back Endeavor, who needed help from Hawks and had to push beyond all his limits to emerge victorious in the fight, and even then, he carried grave injuries.

5 Gigantomachia

Easily one of the strongest Villains in the series, Gigantomachia is a member of the League of Villains who, at one time, worked as All For One's personal bodyguard. Gigantomachia's strength is such that the entire League of Villains couldn't put a scratch on him after days of trying to take him down.

Furthermore, the Police and the Pro-heroes didn't prove to be enough to capture him. Although his full strength hasn't been revealed yet, whatever little it is that we know is enough for him to guarantee a spot in the Top 5. Gigantomachia could end up higher on this list in the future.

4 Kai Chisaki

The leader of the Shie Hassaikai and the main antagonist of his arc, Kai Chisaki is a heinous villain who had both the heroes and the villains sweating at one point. His Quirk was known as 'Overhaul' (which was also his villain name), and it gave him the ability to reconstruct and deconstruct anything that he touched at will.

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Just a touch from Chisaki's hands was enough to kill anyone, as seen when he disintegrated the League of Villains' Magne. After fusing with his subordinates, Chisaki grew even further in terms of strength and could hold his own against Midoriya at 100% of One For All.

3 Shigaraki Tomura

Shigaraki Tomura is the current leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front, and also a legendary villain in the making. Until recently, Shigaraki didn't have the feats to be put so high up the list, but after he reawakened his Quirk in the fight against Redestro, Shigaraki deserves this spot. Using his newly acquired abilities, Shigaraki can now spread decay without even touching things completely, and at a much faster rate than before.

With a mere display of his powers, he destroyed half of Deika City on his own, and would've continued to completely destroy it had Redestro not given up. Shigaraki is currently undergoing surgery to get even stronger than he is now, and the fans certainly can't wait to see what else he has in the bag.

2 All For One

Arguably the worst criminal in the world of My Hero Academia, All For One is a legendary figure who is strong enough to fight against All Might. In his encounters with the Number One Hero, All For One has lost twice, but at the same time, he's also survived both of them. In their second fight at Kamino, All For One displayed the ability to push back the Number One even at 100% of his powers.

With multiple Quirks at his disposal, his potential could've been limitless. After his defeat, All For One was sent to Tartarus. Nonetheless, he remains to be one of the strongest Villains in the series, if not the strongest.

1 Nine

A Villain who is compared to the likes of All For One, Nine is the main antagonist of the upcoming My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie. His power is so grand that it is said to be potentially above the level of All For One, which is mind-boggling. Although his strength hasn't been completely revealed yet, from what we know, Nine possesses the power to steal Quirks, just like All For One.

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It is said that he has managed to get his hands on a total of eight Quirks so far. Moreover, Nine is also seen using an ability that lets him emit purple radiation from his hands.

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