My Hero Academia: 10 Things Fans Didn't Know About Shouto

My Hero Academia has seen skyrocketing success since the manga’s debut in 2015; and since then, it has introduced us to a variety of beloved and “quirky” characters, one of the fandom’s most popular and fanarted being Todoroki Shouto. He’s as cool as he is hot; and at the 2018 Crunchyroll Anime Awards, he was even voted as everyone’s favorite Best Boy. Everyone’s favorite Sasuke Uchiha subsitute is an anime character with plenty of cult following and critical acclaim; and with Season 4 of My Hero Academia popping up in the Fall, it’s about time to dust off the ole trivia cards and run down some of the most notable traits of one of UA’s top hero prospects.

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10 His Quirk Is Half Hot, Half Cold

This should be one of the more obvious facts for fans, as the series is 3 seasons in, and Todoroki Shouto is in quite a few episodes. However, to those new to the series, Shouto’s quirk is inherited from the flame and ice manifestation abilities of his parents and is called “Half Hot, Half Cold.”

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It grants the left side of his body to manifest and control freezing temperatures and the right side to the same for burning ones. It’s often used to huge “degrees,” as he’s used his quirk to create both giant ice shards and powerful flames. A huge advantage (and the very genetic purpose) to his quirk is that one side allows him to regulate the other, allowing for a quirk that is both incredibly overpowered as well as sustainable.

9 He Is The Son Of Endeavor & Rei Todoroki

As stated earlier, there is a genetic purpose behind Shouto’s quirk, and the reason that there’s a genetic purpose is because he is the result of specific breeding. His father, Enji Todoroki, aka Endeavor, currently stands as the #1 Hero in the world of My Hero Academia; but through much of his career, he was regarded as the #2 to All Might. In an attempt to usurp All Might’s reputation in the next generation, Endeavor wanted to create an offspring that would be a more powerful version than him and sought out Rei Todoroki, a woman with a freezing quirk. After a long history of failed attempts (the nickname for Endeavor’s other children) and mental strains on Rei, Shouto was finally born.

8 He Has Multiple Siblings

In Endeavor’s attempt to finally breed Shouto, he also happened upon having other children. To date, Shouto currently has three named siblings in the series: Fuyumi, Toya, and Natsuou.

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As one can tell, these three don’t have Shouto’s “Half Hot, Half Cold” quirk and thus were not given the same strenuous treatment to become the ultimate hero. As such, Shouto was often prohibited from playing with his siblings during his childhood as well as other children, adding a few more tally marks to his growing mental scars.

7 He Got His Scar From His Mom

On the topic of Shouto’s scars, the one on his face is the result of sad, anime backstory stuff. One day, after his mother had a mental breakdown as a result of Endeavor’s abuse, Rei Todoroki would take a pot of hot, boiling water and assumedly dumped it on the left side of Shouto’s face, i.e. the flame one, in an attempt to lash out against Endeavor’s pride. As a result of this, Endeavor would have Rei sentenced to a mental institution, and Shouto would begin his long resentment against the man who turned his own mother against him.

6 He Can’t Control His Flame Side

Continuing the complex history between Shouto and Endeavor, as a defiant act against his father, Shouto has dedicated more than 10 years of his life to avoiding using his left in favor of using his cold, right one.

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As such, despite getting some means of personal closure after Deku’s pep talk during the Sports Festival, Shouto has found himself out-of-practice when using his flame abilities and is thus unable to control its exact degree. While on one level, this is a practical nuisance; but on another, it’s symbolic of Shouto’s strenuous journey to overcome his family history and finally take control of his own destiny.

5 His Hero Gear Is Practical

During his introduction, Shouto initially sported a white outfit and an ice casing covering his left side. While some may miss this distinct look, Shouto’s current hero gear is certainly more functional. During the midterm exams, he is shown sporting a blue jumpsuit and a handy utility belt that carries even light medical supplies; and during the provisional hero license exam, he even gets some spiffy wrist guards that allow him to further control and regulate his body temperature after attacks. It’s no batsuit, but Shouto is certainly no victim of putting style over substance.

4 His Name Contains The Kanji For “Burn” & “Freeze”

Here’s a fun one for fans of Japanese language fans. Mangaka have an infamous trait of implementing puns and references within the kanji of their character’s names and Kohei Horikoshi was no different with Shouto. The name “Shouto” is emblematic of his entire character and contains the kanji for the words “burning” (焦) and “freezing” (凍). For those wondering behind the thematic importance of the name “Todoroki,” there isn’t much. It’s just a widely used Japanese name.

3 He Is Enrolled In The Hero Course Through Recommendation

Image via: @helloclonion

One of the most enthralling elements of My Hero Academia’s first few chapters/episodes was seeing Midoriya Izuku struggle to train for and pass UA’s entrance exam. However, Izuku’s struggle to just gain enough points during the exam wasn’t a universal experience as four freshmen were able to get in through a special Recommendation Entrance Exam. This means that prior to joining UA, several students were already seen as commendable prospects to become heroes and were given a special test just to prove it. Fortunately for us, Todoroki Shouto passed at the top of the class, passing alongside Momo Yaoyorozu, Juzo Honenuki, and Setsuna Tokage.

2 He’s Ranked 5th In Class 1-A

As much of a golden child as he is, Shouto is currently not at the top of his class. He is, however, among its leading top 5. It should be noted, however, that the class ranking is based more on academic standing than on physical power and skill. If it was, Mineta (Ranked #9) would probably not be as close to Shouto’s rank as he is. The only kids who have scored better grades than him thus far are: 4) Izuku Midoriya, 3) Katsukia Bakugou, 2) Tenya Iida, and 1) Momo Yaoyorozu. As an additional fun fact, Shouto’s class number is also #15.

1 Despite Being #1, He’s Placed 2nd A Couple Of Times

Despite being the result of Endeavor trying to create the perfect child, Shouto hasn’t exactly been at the top of the game. Becoming a distracted, conflicted mess during the Sports Festival, Shouto would lose in the final round fight with Bakugou and end up 2nd in the overall tournament. It was also revealed later in the series that, during the UA Recommendation Exam, Inasa Yoarashi actually passed at the top of the class, leaving Shouto at #2. It’s only because Inasa didn’t actually enroll at UA that Shotou was seen as #1 so learning this was certainly a humbling experience to him. And, to add insult to injury and a variety of other insults, Shotou’s own conflicted, volatile personality would also cost him passing his provisional license exam. Alongside Bakugou, he was one of two students out of his class to fail. If Shotou is going to be #1, he has a long journey ahead of him.

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