My Hero Academia Finally Does What Fans Have Been Asking for Years

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for recent manga chapters of My Hero Academia.

Every fan of My Hero Academia has characters they like, and characters they love. Izuku Midoriya and his fellow 1-A classmates may be driving the story, but the tertiary characters that surround them have dedicated fanbases of their own, people hungry for their faves to get meatier personal adventures.

The best example of this would be Shinso Hitoshi, the purple-haired, constantly exhausted-looking aspiring hero also enrolled at Yuuei as a general studies student. He very quickly became a fan favorite as soon as he first showed up in Chapter 23, during the Tournament Arc, and now has finally gotten what he (and fandom) have been wanting for a long time.

Born with the power to brainwash anyone he talks to, Shinso spent his whole life ostracized from a society who thought his power would be better suited for villainy despite his own personal desire to be a hero. He's well aware of the fact that, in order to prove everyone wrong about his power, he needs to be advanced to the school's Hero department. Since losing his fight against Izuku in the hero tournament, Shinso's shown up here and there, with the anticipation from fans that his sporadic appearances were be building up to something. It wasn't until the currently in-progress Joint Training arc, though, where Shinso got the partial spotlight again, having spent the last handful of months being trained by Izuku's teacher Shota Aizawa in combat and armed with special capture tape and a device that mimics voices to trick others into answering him.

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While Izuku has spent the arc discovering that he's way more powerful than anyone initially realized, Shinso has been attempting to impress the staff enough to transfer to the Hero course. Despite some initial setbacks, namely losing both rounds he participates in, he's achieved his dream: He will indeed be in the Hero course when the second year of class starts.

The only caveat now seems to be which class he'll end up in, which the teachers haven't decided. For fans, though, the general consensus seems to be Class 1-A, with Izuku and the rest of the main cast. Before the joint course starts, Shinso declares to everybody that he's not there to make friends, but he unknowingly already has; not only has Izuku made him another of his pals, he got approval from Classs 1-A's resident clown Denki Kaminari. And if there's one thing that Kaminari has been able to do beyond generating electricity, it's make friends out of the surliest of people -- just look at Todoroki and Bakugo.

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Having been teammates earlier in the arc, Kaminari instantly took a liking to Shinso -- something every fan has since taken notice of -- and it's more than likely that he can friendship Shinso into their class. Plus, this would be a good way for him to reconcile with classmates he brainwashed during the tournament, actions he's admitted to feeling bad about.

On the other hand, it may be more interesting if he ended up in Class 1-B, a group that recurs in the book much more frequently. For one thing, Shinso's power isn't flashy or dynamic in the way most of the 1-A kids' are, though one could argue that the capture tape makes that a moot point. But he was also starting to find something of a friend in 1-B student Monoma, who's also taken a liking to Shinso, finding them something akin to brothers in arms for how they were both isolated from their peers growing up. Even if he ends up in Class 1-B , Shinso would still be in 1-A's orbit, but how he would turn out without Izuku and the 1-A kids constantly supporting him is questionable (though that would be a fun story arc to follow).

As for when that second year will arrive, who knows? It seems as though the semester is only about a quarter of the way through, and given the mayhem the 1-A kids go through, there'll likely be more complications before we see them promoted to Class 2-A. Still, this is a big moment for Shinso -- and the fans he's made along the way.

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