My Hero Academia Season 4 Gets Teaser, Release Date

Popular shonen anime My Hero Academia will return for a fourth season this October 12.

The announcement was made on the official My Hero Academia website. It was accompanied by a promotional teaser trailer. In addition, the website confirmed the arrival of a new character, Sir Nighteye, who will be voiced by Shinichiro Miki. No dub actor has been cast in the role as of this article.

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Funimation will screen the Season 4 premiere at Anime Expo on July 6. After that, Funimation will stream the series on its website as it airs in Japan.

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The highly popular shonen series is based on the manga by Kōhei Horikoshi. My Hero Academia features a world where everyone is born with a quirk -- or super power. One boy born without a quirk, Midoriya Izuku, idolizes heroes and wishes to be one, despite being powerless. After a chance encounter with his idol, the hero All-Might, Midoriya gains the power of One-For-All. Now sporting a highly self-destructive quirk, Midoriya enters UA Academy in hopes that he can learn to become the world's greatest hero.

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In addition to the new season, My Hero Academia will receive a second film this winter, following the international success of the first theatrical film, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

My Hero Academia Season 4 will start airing October 12.

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