My Hero Academia Season 4 Starts a New Era (Without All Might)

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 4 premiere, "The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A."

My Hero Academia is back for Season 4. Arguably, the most beloved shonen anime of the last five years, My Hero Academia follows Izuku Midoriya as he develops his skills in hopes of becoming the greatest hero of all time. Over three seasons, we watched Midoriya meet tons of colorful characters and vile antagonists.

Last season left Midoriya with a provisional hero license, ready to fulfill the legacy of All Might. However, it came with a colossal loss: All Might's Quirk, already waning after a battle with All For One, has finally failed him. In a world without All Might, villains of all sort now have an opportunity to reshape the world. And with the League of Villains finding a new recruit in the radical Overhaul, it appears as if Season 4 is going to be one insane series.

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The Next All Might

The opening focuses on All Might, honing in on journalists trying to figure out how to properly respond to the hero's retirement. All seems lost, as the press has little to no information to work with ... until freelance journalist Taneo Tokuda enters with a story.

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Tokuda looks at All Might's message at the end of his fight with All For One, "Now it's your turn," and concludes it's intended for the future generation of U.A. students. Tokuda believes All Might has a potential successor, initially thought to be of the Big Three (specifically, Mirio Togata). However, he also acknowledges that All Might spent a lot of time working with Class 1-A.

He comes to U.A. and sets up a potential interview with Class 1-A about "dorm life," which Aizawa finds suspicious, but Principal Nezu nevertheless permits. Tokuda makes sure to keep Aizawa from interfering, so Aizawa requests that Iida inform him if anything goes wrong.

A Day in the Life

Tokuda goes through the day, observing the students in their normal life. Most of this part of the episode is a quick reintroduction to each of the members of Class 1-A, in case the months-long hiatus between seasons 3 and 4 left anyone hazy on the characters. All of this is told with visual highlights from the previous three seasons, depicting the students at their best.

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From there, Tokuda narrows down the six who made it to the finals in the Sport Festival: Midoriya, Todoroki, Bakugo, Ochaco, Iida and Tokoyami. But, already, he has a sense of who is most likely All Might's protege: Midoriya, whom he views as the next Symbol of Peace to guide the future.

Midoriya and All Might

The episode cuts to Midoriya seeing All Might buying buns for Class 1-A (or, rather, being given a load of buns by grateful civilians after trying to get a snack at the store). Reminding Midoriya that he is to be the next big hero, All Might tells him he's going to go on an intense training regime.

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Tokuda talks with Midoriya about All Might, with Tokuda remembering about how incredible the hero was. He says that All Might saved his father from an exploding chemical plant nearly 20 years ago.

Tokuda admits he remains uncertain about a future without All Might, which re-establishes Midoirya's resolve. But, as if to further push Midoriya's resolve, he reveals a photo he took of Midoriya and All Might together (Tokuda's Quirk allows him to generate camera lenses from his body as well as print photos). Tokuda performed a great deal of research into Midoriya's past, from middle school to interviews with his acquaintances.

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He says won't reveal Midoriya's secrets to the world, but he wants to write to remind the world that there's hope. However, while snapping a selfie with Midoriya, he admits he plans to write a book about the whole affair after Midoriya assumes his role as the savior of the world. Tokuda returns with photos of All Might eating meat buns to satisfy the media's hunger for news.

How This Bodes for the Future

After the credits, however, we get a sense of what will come in the next episodes. We catch a glimpse of the League of Villains driving Overhaul to meet with Shigaraki. No doubt, Season 4 will focus on the upcoming changes to the world. While the first three seasons of My Hero Academia showed us a world established by the old guard, the new seasons, as teased at the end of Season 3, will focus on the new world being established by the next generation.

It also positions a new primary antagonist: Overhaul. This particularly sinister character appeared in Season 3, and, as fans of the manga know, is an incredibly terrible adversary with a lot of radical ideas about reshaping society.

But the upcoming season looks to establish life in a post-All Might world. While the prior arcs focused on the heroes learning the tricks of the trade, learning is over. It's time for Class 1-A to take their place in the world as heroes. Will they bring the world to a brighter tomorrow like Tokuda seems to believe, or will the League of Villains leave everything in burning shambles? There's a whole season of anime for us to watch to find the answers to those questions and more.

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