My Hero Academia: 5 Quirks All For One Would Love to Have (& 5 He Wouldn't Bother With)

Who's the big bad villain in My Hero Academia? This may change depending on which season you're watching since Tomura Shigaraki was the arch-villain in season 1 and the hero killer Stain was the terror of season 2. But by season 3, we met the most fearsome villain yet: All For One, a very old man with a whole shopping list of quirks under his command.

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All For One is a one-man army, and his original quirk of the same name allows him to obtain quirks from other people, often by force. He used this in the past to transfer quirks between other people, too, which plays a role in the history of One For All. As of now, All For One has not acquired every quirk out there, and among the good guys, there are some quirks he would definitely want to get, and some he wouldn't bother with. Let's review.

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10 Wants: Pop Off

Yes, really!  Minoru Mineta is a little jerk most of the time, but he's not stupid. Mineta knows how to use that grape-producing quirk, and with those sticky spheres, he can jump around the place like a rabbit, stick people or objects to each other, and more.

All For One would want that quirk so that he can easily capture and immobilize just about anyone, and he could easily set minefields with those grapes. It's a great capture weapon, and All For One would realize Pop Off's potential more than Mineta has so far.

9 Doesn't want: Copy

This is the quirk of Neito Monoma, a student in UA's hero class 1-B. Though annoying like Mineta, Neito is savvy with his quirk, and we've seen him borrow the powers of Eijiro Kirishima and Bakugo to great effect. This makes Neito fantastically flexible, but he has a 5-minute time limit on a given quirk.

Besides, All For One has so many quirks under one roof already, what does he need this one for? He can steal the best ones and ignore the rest. He wouldn't bother imitating anything.

8 Wants: Cement

The pro hero known as Cementoss can create vast amounts of concrete at will, not too different from an earth bender from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The practical uses for Cement are great, from repairing buildings to creating barriers, roofs, and traps.

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This is a fairly defensive quirk, and All For One could use it to block off the escape route of anyone trying to flee him. This, combined with Pop Off, would make All For One nearly impossible to get away from.

7 Doesn't want: Jet

This is a fun quirk, and the elderly hero Gran Torino can use it to leap around and travel with great speed. But as we've seen already, All For One can easily fight even All Might from a distance, up close, or wherever.

He doesn't need this level of mobility, in short, and the strain of jetting around at that speed might actually put some serious strain on his body. All For One has better ways to catch up to his targets or force them to come to him.

6 Wants: Earphone Jack

This quirk has limited hitting power, and Jiro has a modest constitution. But her earlobe-based quirk is a useful one, since it harnesses the power of sound in all kinds of creative ways.

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With this quirk, Jiro (and hypothetically All For One) can hear distant people or objects and determine their location, a great sensing tool. Any user of this quirk can also make soundwaves to blast apart the ground, or even inject sound and damage an object inside. With this, All For One could easily track down new targets.

5 Doesn't want: Dupli-Arms

Like Kyoka Jiro, Mezo Shoji can use his quirk to sense where other people are by using his body. He can extend bonus arms to use their eyes, ears, and mouths to communicate or observe the area.

Overall, though, All For One would probably like Earphone jack better, and he really doesn't need extra limbs with mouths or eyes on them. He can do just fine without that, and even with just two arms, his combat power is incredible.

4 Wants: Whirlwind

This is the windy quirk of Shiketsu student Inasa Yoarashi. Despite being a first-year, Inasa has shown incredible mastery over his quirk, and he can create gusts like hurricanes or tornadoes to blow around objects or scatter people.

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All For One could steal this quirk, then use it to blast away anyone who gets in his way or deflect incoming projectiles with ease. He could also combine it with Pop Off to scatter those sticky grapes all over the place.

3 Doesn't want: Frog

Who doesn't love Tsuyu Asui, our good froggy friend? She's a fan favorite, but All For One doesn't share our enthusiasm. While Tsuyu's quirk is flexible and has many powers, this arch-villain wouldn't see much use for any of it.

The long tongue is unnecessary, as All For One can capture people or strike them with much better quirks. As for hopping around, he simply doesn't need to, and All For One would not like how this quirk makes its user weak in the cold.

2 Wants: Erasure

At first, this may seem like an odd choice for All For One's quirk roster. He's so powerful, he wouldn't need to shut down an opponent's quirk to defeat them in battle.

But if All For One could heal his eyes or get new ones somehow, this quirk would be a useful one indeed. He could erase any opposing quirk that can allow for quick escapes or communicating with others, which would help All For One keep a target isolated and helpless.

1 Doesn't want: Outburst

This is the quirk of Ms. Joke, a pro hero and a teacher at Ketsubutsu hero high school. She can use it to make a person laugh wildly, and this lowers their cognitive functions in combat and distracts them.

That's fine and dandy, but All For One has other ways to capture a target, and he'd probably get annoyed at all that laughter anyway. With Cement, Pop Off, and Erasure, All For One can already capture just about anyone.

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