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One of the most popular anime series on television, My Hero Academia takes place in a world where super-powered individuals are relatively commonplace with characters developing special abilities, known in-universe as Quirks, to determine their superhero or villain persona. The acclaimed series follows a group of high school students as they competitively train to become the next generation of superheroes while being targeted by a secretive organization of the world's greatest villains.

With the fourth season of the anime premiering later this year, here's a list of the perfect gifts and accessories to look like your favorite U.A. High School student while preparing for the series' return this fall.

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One of the more striking things about My Hero Academia, visually, is its varied, bright use of color in the anime series. While students are all required to wear uniforms by their school, the striking design and linework make the kids' costumes leap off the page. For fans looking to expand their wardrobe, there is a whole line of hoodies and other apparel matching the design of the anime series.

Cosfly has released a line of hoodies that resemble the uniforms and costumes of the series of those wanting to fit right in with the students of U.A. High School. Made from polyester, the hoodies are machine wash and dry safe and light enough to be worn for much of the year while providing warmth during the colder months. Coming as a unisex cut, the hoodies are available in a variety of sizes giving fans the chance to subtly dress up as their favorite heroes and villains from the series.


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With a anime primarily taking place in a high school, tie-in merchandising to get ready for next superhero school year is something of a no-brainer. Just Funky has released a hardback journal matching those of the students of U.A. High School, complete with Japanese text on the front cover and the number thirteen as a nod to the series' main protagonist Izuku Midoriya.

With wide-rule lined pages to help aspiring students take notes diligently, sturdy hard cover, and a black elastic band to keep students' places within the notebook, this journal is the perfect but of officially licensed merchandise for the more studious fans of the series. It can also serve as a screen-accurate prop for anyone putting together a My Hero Academia cosplay.


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Being one of the most popular anime series in the world, a tie-in line as part of Funko's expansive Pop! vinyl figures was always going to be something of an inevitability. The toy company has released stylized versions of virtually every pop culture property in mainstream culture and My Hero Academia has its own growing line of the pint-sized, large-eyed figurines.

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With everyone from students Tsuyu and Deku available along with the different versions of the professional superhero All Might, much of the anime series' cast has received the Pop! treatment with 3.75 inch tall vinyl figures of their own. With nearly a dozen My Hero Academia figures are available, this musclebound All Might Pop! should appeal to hardcore collectors and casual fans alike and makes a perfect decoration for their bookshelf or desk.


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With the series returning well after the end of summer, fans might want to get gear to warm up in the colder months. Funky has released a line of polar fleece blankets, adorned with characters from the anime series and delicate enough to provide both warmth and comfort to viewers.

Coming in at twelve feet long and nine feet wide, the blankets are 100% microfiber polyester, making them durable and surprisingly lightweight with a Sherpa backing. Wrinkle-free, fade resistant, and built to minimize shedding, like the superheroes that decorate it, the blanket is designed to handle all sorts of situations and is both machine washer and dryer friendly. The blankets come in a variety of different designs for those looking to spotlight their personal favorite heroes.


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What better way to show off one's school spirit with gorgeously rendered canvas sneakers? Fortunately, designer shoe company Telacos has fans covered, literally, with a line of My Hero Academia sneakers, coming in a variety of sizes and spotlighted character artwork.

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With canvas tops and rubber soles, the sneakers come in either black or white laces and rubber bottoms with two different art pieces included on the side of each pair of shoes. Available in both adult and children's sizes, the sneakers showcase fan-favorite characters including Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugo, and many more. The artwork on the side of each shoe is show jaw-droppingly gorgeous, you'll be hesitant to get them dirty.

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