My Hero Academia: 5 Ways Ochaco Is Best Girl (& 5 Ways It's Momo)

The new smash-hit action anime My Hero Academia is already challenging the likes of Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece for "most popular Shonen series," and the hit series shows no sign of slowing down. Its three-season (season 4 upcoming) features a colorful cast of characters, terrifying villains, cool superpowers, great costumes, and much more. The entire series is a love letter to Shonen classic titles and Western comic heroes.

Meanwhile, most animes have a "best boy" and a "best girl," and in Hero Class 1-A, there's hot competition for each title. Two standout girls are Ochaco Uraraka and Momo Yaoyorozu, and there are fair reasons to name either young lady as "best girl." How do each of them get a claim to that coveted title?

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10 Ochaco: Her Adorable Relationship with Izuku

A person shouldn't identify themselves entirely on their relationship with others, but, then again, having good friends is very important! While Momo is popular enough, Ochaco has something truly special with Izuku. They have excellent on-screen chemistry and all kinds of fun scenes together, and things are getting pretty hot, really fast

Not to mention how Izuku's boundless grit and courage inspire Ochaco to reach new heights, while Ochaco offered a welcoming hand when Izuku first arrived at UA. They really make each other better, don't they?

9 Momo: Smartest Student

They say that "brains beats brawn," but, given her outstanding quirk and her position as #1 student in class 1-A, Momo truly gets it both ways. All of her classmates look up to her in the classroom, and she gets more than a few requests for study help for the upcoming midterms.

In fact, Momo's brilliance is what allows her to make the most of her Creation quirk since she must be brainy to understand how various devices work. That's how she can create an entire working stereo at will, not to mention gas masks.

8 Ochaco: Climbing The Ladder

While Momo is the top student and her quirk is arguably better than Ochaco's, Ochaco gets a chance to show her true grit as a hero in training. It's thrilling and satisfying to watch a protagonist work hard to grow as a person, and this is the core of nearly any Shonen lead. We see this with Izuku, but the same is true of Ochaco.

She begins the series as a simple girl next door, but she's covered a lot of ground really fast and nearly defeated Katsuki Bakugo in a duel. When Ochaco gets her first major triumph, it will feel 100% earned.

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7 Momo: She's A Real Beauty

Not that real life is just a beauty contest—far from it. But still, even in a room of well-built and stylish heroes, Momo is a real standout. Her costume isn't just provocative, but its design is elegant, clever, and distinctive. Not to mention how Momo carries herself with poise and dignity, and she has an excellent sense of fashion and style when outside of her school uniforms.

And besides, even the other characters see her beauty, such as when the pro hero Uwabami brought her (and Itsuka Kendo) on as apprentices, and starred them in a commercial!

6 Ochaco: Helping Her Family

While it is pretty much a given that all heroes and trainee heroes have noble reasons to walk this path, Ochaco's goals are especially valiant. Her family has fallen on hard times, and Ochaco can't bear the thought of her parents struggling like this. So, she aims to be a pro hero and support her parents with her earnings, and give them the life she thinks they deserve.

At first, Ochaco is embarrassed to admit that she's in it for the money, but, if it's to support her parents, well, that's nothing to be ashamed of.

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5 Momo: Creation

Another argument for Momo as "best girl" is that her quirk is outstanding! Most quirks are fairly straightforward in function; Mashairo's tail is an extra limb, Bakugo blows things up, and Jiro works with sound. However, Momo's creation quirk has almost no limit outside of the inability to make organic or living things.

No matter the situation, Momo can create something on the fly, and this makes her difficult to outmaneuver. Cannons, stereos, handcuffs, gas masks, shields... her inventory is deep. All she needs is to eat enough food to have lipids available to fuel this flexible quirk.

4 Ochaco: She's Fun

Momo is elegant and poised, but Ochaco is simply too much fun to watch on screen. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and it's heartwarming to see her get a bit flustered over her budding relationship with Izuku.

Ochaco gets more than a few gag scenes for that, and it's a great way to relieve the tension and show off her character a bit. Ochaco is many things, but dull or boring she is not! She can't even have a hero internship without getting teased a bit. Poor thing!

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3 Momo: Subtle Vulnerability

Ochaco isn't the only deep, multi-faceted girl in Hero Class 1-A. At first, it's tempting to say that Momo has it all; a genius student with gorgeous looks and an incredible quirk. Her classmates might think so, but the writers know better than to make her character so shallow.

Momo struggles with some insecurities, and she's rattled when Fumikage easily defeats her in the battle tournament. This self-doubt surfaces during her and Shoto's mock battle against professor Aizawa until Shoto talks her out of it, and Momo's confidence and passion come roaring back.

2 Ochaco: A Kind Soul

Ochaco is clearly a good student, but another way to describe it might be this: she is wholesome. Ochaco simply has outstanding character, and she's an upstanding citizen 100%. She easily accepts the lost and confused Izuku to the school, she sees the best in everyone and cheers them on, and she never acts out of malice, spite, or envy

Yes, Ochaco has her down moments, such as when Bakugo defeated her in the tournament. Yet, she's the "girl next door" type, and her wholesome spirits remain untarnished. This could make her a good source of moral support for others, and a proper role model.

1 Momo: Generosity

Ochaco is a kind and sweet girl, but Momo is, too, and she has a lot to offer. When the midterms drew near, some of the students dreaded this exam, especially Mina and Denki, the bottom two students in the class (#19 and #20, respectively). But Momo wasn't about to let her classmates flunk out! She was eager to accept their requests for study help, and she even invited them to her family's estate to study a bit. Momo even rolled out a cart of snacks and tea to keep everyone energized. Now that's going the extra mile!

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