New My Hero Academia Movie In Development for Late 2019

My Hero Academia Two Heroes

Following the international success of the first film, Boku no Hero Academia is getting its second theatrical feature.

Known as My Hero Academia to western audiences, news of the film was announced via the film's Twitter. This comes after the creators themselves made an announcement in a Japanese magazine, which was translated to English and posted on Twitter before being deleted earlier this week.

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According to post, the film is set to be released sometime in the winter season, which could range anywhere from late 2019 to early 2020. The post also reveals  that Boku no Hero Academia manga-ka Kohei Horikoshi will return as the supervisor for the film, reprising his duties from the previous outing.

No word is currently available on either the plot or concept of the film. However, it will theoretically take place after the prior movie and within the greater continuity of the rest of the series.

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Boku no Hero Academia recently won big at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards, rounding up several awards, including Best Anime Film for My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

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