My Hero Academia: 5 Reasons Mina is Best Girl (& 5 Why It's Momo)

Why is the current hottest anime series called My Hero Academia, and not just My Hero Izuku or The Rise of Deku the Hero? Because this anime is not only about Izuku Midoriya's quest to become the new Symbol of Peace, but it's also a "magic high school" story! Izuku is in a class of 20, and they're all remarkable heroes in training with unique quirks.

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One of the girls of hero class 1-1A at UA academy is Mina Ashido, the cheery girl with powerful acids. Another is the top student, Momo Yaoyorozu, who can create nearly anything from her skin and use it all in combat and other heroic duties. Both are wonderful girls, but only one can be crowned Best Girl!

10 Mina: funny references

All heroes need a cool name to describe who they are and inspire hope in others. Hero names like All Might, Gran Torino, Hawks, and Endeavor are pretty cool, but the students of class 1-A need some names, too. This is the start of their very identity as a hero.

Mina went for a pretty wild name: Ridley Hero: Alien Queen! Her acid is like the acid blood of the famous movie Aliens, but Midnight rejected it as being far too scary for a hero. What's funny is that the alien queen appeared in the second movie, directed by James Cameron rather than Ridley Scott's original film. It's a moot point, though, since in the end, Mina went with the name Pinky.

9 Momo: very flexible quirk

Quick! What kind of gear or weapon are you going to need to finish the mission? If you're on a hero team with Momo, you don't have to pack a duffel back or get something air-dropped via helicopter out on the field. Instead, Momo's creation quirk can make nearly any non-living item, and that's just as useful as it sounds.

Stereos, catapults, swords and shields, handcuffs... if she can imagine it (and know its inner workings), she can make it.

8 Mina: Matchmaker supreme

Sometimes, you're just certain that two of your friends belong together, and maybe you're tempted to give them a little nudge. Mina is like that, too... all the time! She'll take any hint that two people belong together forever and ever, and push it all the way.

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Mina's love detector went off as soon as Ms. Joke, or Emi Fukukado, arrived at the hero license testing center and promptly started hitting on Aizawa. It made no difference that Aizawa gruffly kept her at arm's length; Mina was already picturing the wedding in her mind!

7 Momo: Helpful tutor

Momo is the smartest student in hero class 1-A, and she could very well be the smartest in the entire school! Her intelligence is rated 6/5, according to official stats, and that's simply incredible. With that towering IQ, Momo can understand how anything is built, and that's essential for her quirk.

She also graciously tutored all classmates who wanted her help for the mid-terms, and she even served snacks and tea to keep everyone energized!

6 Mina: Practical gear for acid moves

Mina is a colorful and showy girl, but she's not shallow. In fact, like her other classmates, she designed her own costume with her quirk in mind. Using powerful acid is dangerous, so Mina made sure that her outfit's boots are made with the right material to resist corrosion.

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Those boots also have holes in the bottom of them, so Mina can secrete her trademark acid right through her footwear and slide around on it. The rest of her costume, meanwhile, is lightweight and simple so that she can move around more easily.

5 Momo: a real head-turner

Quick disclaimer: looks aren't everything. Still, good looks can boost your charisma, and this can help Momo set civilians and victims at ease when she arrives on the battlefield or a disaster scene.

And for what it's worth, Momo is an elegant dresser and quite stylish, too. She takes herself seriously and presents the best possible image. In fact, the pro hero Uwabami recruited both her and Itsuka Kendo for their charming beauty, and starred them in a commercial!

4 Mina: She's a skilled dancer

We haven't seen much of it yet, but Mina has a real talent for dancing. She's an elegant and graceful person, and she's pretty expressive, too. Why not show off a few dance moves?

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This translates well into combat, where Mina is very coordinated and balanced in her movements to evade her opponents and find the right angle for attacking. She defeated Yuga Aoyama in a duel this way, sliding around to evade her opponent's navel laser shots. A few acid globs damaged Yuga's belt-like laser controller, and he couldn't fight on.

3 Momo: team player

It is vital that a hero knows how to coordinate with their allies (and sometimes the police) to get the job done. All Might was strong enough to handle any villain, but he was the exception, and even then, he would probably want search-and-rescue heroes on the scene with him.

Momo is very cooperative, and she never goes into battle without forming a plan and sharing it with her allies. No one at UA abandons a friend, as Momo and her allies proved to Saiko Intelli during the hero license exam. And with that incredible quirk of hers, it's a good thing she's willing to share!

2 Mina: She won't suffer bullies

Mina has her ups and downs as a hero student; it's a tough career, after all, and anyone will suffer setbacks along the way. Mina is a tough girl, though, and she is ready to face those challenges head-on.

But bullying is a whole different situation! Anyone who mistreats or harasses their classmates will have to answer to this acid girl, and she did this in middle school before enrolling at UA. What's odd, though, is that she doesn't have much of a response to Neito Monoma's constant mocking and taunting. Instead, it's Itsuka Kendo who reins him in.

1 Momo: Inner fire

All of the students at UA are taking their training/education seriously, and even the students with poor grades or lackluster quirks are giving it their all. But few students can rival the sheer passion of Momo! You'd think that she would be quiet and reserved, but not quite.

More than once, Momo surprised (and possibly amused) her classmates with sudden outbursts of fiery passion, and it could rival that of any Shonen lead!

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