My Hero Academia: 5 Marvel Heroes All Might Can Crush ( & 5 He Couldn't)

All Might is the greatest hero in the world of My Hero Academia... or, at least, he was before his final fight with All-For-One. This mighty hero stands for all that is right in the world and was willing to stand up against the villains that dared to disrupt the peace of his city.

So, why don't we take a look back at his glory days and take a look at five Marvel superheroes All Might could crush in a one-on-one battle, as well as five Marvel superheroes he best stay away from. What better way could we hype up the Toonami Broadcast premiere of My Hero Academia than this?

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10 Can Beat: Captain America

Just like the Teacher of Izuku Midoriya, Captain America stands for Truth and Justice. His enhanced strength and powerful Shield have made this man a dangerous force to anyone who threatens America and the rest of the world.

Despite his amazing skills, if we're judging by pure strength, Cap was barely able to hold a helicopter from falling into the river in Civil War, while All Might was able to send a Nobu flying like if it was a member of Team Rocket. No offense, Cap, but we're not putting any money on you in a fight.

9 Can't Beat: Thor

The fact that Thor is a god immediately makes him superior to All Might. Thor goes up against frost giants, fire demons, trolls, and his brother, Loki, daily. That's not to say All Might wouldn't be able to but up a good fight, but, when you're up against a guy who can shoot lightning from both a Hammer and his fingers like he's Emperor Palpatine, you'd need to be a fellow god if you want to stand a chance against the Son of Odin. Sorry, All Might, but, unless you're worthy enough to lift Mjolnir, you're probably not going to last long against Thor.

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8 Can Beat: Spider-Man

Spider-Man would be a perfect candidate for All Might to train with his protege, Izuku Midoriya. Like Deku, Peter Parker inherited his abilities from another being. Since that faithful day, Spider-Man has shown off his Amazing powers, including strength, the ability to climb on walls, and using his Spider-Sense to detect incoming attacks.

Despite these incredible feats, Spidey wouldn't be able to take on All Might if they fought, even if Peter was an Adult. Sure, he's stopped a speeding train and a flying bus, but he wouldn't be able to fight someone who could make a crater on the planet.

7 Can't Beat: The Incredible Hulk

The Hulk is All Might's favorite Marvel Hero, as seen in the My Hero Academia promo for Infinity War. Like the Hulk, All Might can switch between a meek man and a giant Super Hero. Unlike the Hulk, Bruce Banner is a brilliant physicist who uses his intelligence to aid the Avengers when brute force isn't good enough.

However, when it's required, nothing will stop the Hulk in his path of destruction. The madder Hulk gets, the stronger he will become. Even if All Might looks like he was going to win, Hulk will get back stronger than ever. The guy once stopped an entire Helicarrior from smashing into the earth.

6 Can Beat: Iron Man

Iron Man has a lot of gadgets he could use to take on All Might. His signature armor can increase his strength tenfold, and he will have an advantage over All Might, as he can fly around. Hell, Iron Man has invented a Hulkbuster Armor that lets him take on All Might's Favorite Super Hero.

Despite these powers, All Might would still wipe the floor with Tony Stark. Stark is far too cocky when he fights and hasn't received the same combat training as All Might. So, the Symbol of Peace would be able to defeat Shellhead in a duel.

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5 Can't Beat: Wolverine

He's the best at what he does and what he does isn't very nice. Wolverine has existed on this earth since the 1800s. As he's grown, he's fought in WW II, gained adamantium claws, and has foughten Ninjas and villains, not of this world.

Wolverine's claws can easily slice through Hulk's tough skin, but Hulk's been able to regenerate from those cuts. All Might doesn't have a healing factor, and his attacks wouldn't do so well against a guy who can heal from anything, like Wolverine.

4 Can Beat: Luke Cage

Luke Cage is one of the strongest heroes on the street. His invulnerable skin makes him a nightmare for any hoodlums that threaten his neighborhood. His skin has also been able to take a hit from massive energy attacks.

However, that doesn't mean that he is invincible. He can be knocked out and suffer from internal injuries, which makes it nearly impossible for doctors to operate on. All Might might not have the same skin as Luke, but he can lay a punch that can knock Luke back to Harlem.

3 Can't Beat: Doctor Strange

While All Might has foughten against a lot of opponents with Superpowers, we haven't seen him or anyone in the world of My Hero Academia go up against Magic. Doctor Strange may not have the physical prowess of his fellow Avengers; he makes up with dozen of magical powers he can use. From shooting fire, rewinding time, levitation, teleportation, and more, we don't think that All Might could last that long when he's facing the Master of the Mystic Arts.

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2 Can Beat: Hawkeye

Hawkeye isn't a Super Hero in the traditional way that other Marvel Heroes are. He doesn't have any Super Powers, but he's made up for this by performing superhuman acts, like bungy jumping off a building and never missing his shots.

Even if they don't land on the opponent, Hawkeye always manages to make his shots count. Despite this, he wouldn't be able to last that long against All Might. If Black Widow had to run away to survive the Hulk on a rampage, what would Hawkeye do when he's facing someone who's almost as strong as Hulk is? Sorry, Clint, you'll always be the first in our hearts, but you're the last person we want in a fight against the Symbol of Peace.

1 Can't Beat: Captain Marvel

She's not just the strongest hero on earth, but Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. She's been able to go toe-to-toe with Thanos, destroyed a small armada of Kree ships, and much more. All Might is a compelling character, and he can lay the smackdown like some of the earth's mightiest heroes, but we've never seen what happens when All Might goes up against an army of aliens.

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